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Jennifer W
ツーソン, アリゾナ州37件の投稿
2019年12月 • 一人
I’ve never been to a mineral springs place before and was excited to combine a warm soak before and after a one hour massage. The staff are so friendly and helpful with scheduling and check in. Paul was my massage therapist and he impressed me with some new techniques that really helped release tension in my neck and shoulders. I plan to come back sometime with my husband, since I know they haveThe ability to accommodate pears and even groups of people. What a hidden gem in a small town. Not super fancy, as it seems like an older building in business. However, it was a great experience and I would recommend it.
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James V
グッドイヤー, アリゾナ州41件の投稿
2019年10月 • カップル・夫婦
My wife and I had the $115 full treatments. We weren’t asked but they assumed we wanted a couples set up. Shared a soaking tub and a room for our massage.
The “tub” is a step down square full of water that runs continually. Not very comfortable or peaceful.
The massage was a good quality with masseuses that knew how to hit pressure points and could find our sore spots-always good.
The furnishings and entry are a bit rustic.
Bottom line is that this is a great value but not a great experience worth driving out of our way to ever return.
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2018年11月 • カップル・夫婦
My husband and I had the complete package which included 3 hot tub soaks, full body massage, thermal wrap and reflexology. A wonderful 2 hr experience.
Therapeutic and relaxing.
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2017年6月 • カップル・夫婦
A perfect getaway when you need to reinvigorate yourself. The Full Spa Package starts with a ten minute soak in a private mineral bath, followed by a relaxing 50-minute body massage. The ten minute soak at the end leaves you feeling recharged and peaceful.

The staff is professional and very respectful of your privacy.

Definitely worth experiencing either by yourself, a loved one, or a friend.

This would be a great Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one.
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Jennifer H
パークス, アリゾナ州104件の投稿
2018年2月 • カップル・夫婦
Hubby is working in town and we were told about this place and it has really good reviews. We got a couples appt and did a full spa package. It was awesome. You get to soak in a private tub for about 10 minutes and then a 60 minute massage, another soak, foot reflexology and a hot wrap and finish off with another soak. We had Nancy and Bryant and they were amazing. We’re leaving Tuesday morning and wish we would have come earlier! We will definitely come been when traveling through.
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ミルウォーキー, ウィスコンシン州166件の投稿
2018年1月 • 一人
I was fortunate to book a same-day massage with Lee due to a cancellation opening. I get massage regularly, so I know what to expect, but what I DIDN’T expect was to get the best massage of my life in the middle of the dessert. Firm and responsive touch, attentive to some special problems I’ve been having. It was wonderful to have a 10 minute soak before and after the massage.
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オーロラ, コロラド州2,217件の投稿
2017年10月 • 友達
My mother and I visited this amazing place last week for the first time. I was visiting her on Tucson and decided we needed some time away and some pampering and found Kachina Minerals Springs Spa on Trip Advisor.
We were not disappointed from the reviews and so much enjoyed our day of pampering! The tubs were great, the massage, foot reflexology and wrap spa treatment was fantastic! The facility is clean and well maintained and very good vibes. The ladies who took care of us were awesome, friendly and great at their jobs! I cannot express enough how much we enjoyed our visit and my mother who recently lost her husband felt so well taken care of and relaxed when we left. It was just what she needed.
We will most definitely be back in the future.
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イーストワナッチー, ワシントン州396件の投稿
2017年10月 • 友達
Took advantage of the spa experience ($105) each and the staff treated us to the private mineral bath soak(s), full body massage which focused on areas of concern, sweat wrap and reflexology foot treatment. This is a very remote location but worth the trip and pretty drive through the desert. I wish I lived closer!!
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LeighAnn K
2016年11月 • カップル・夫婦
Kachina Mineral Springs Spa was a delight! We felt comfortable the minute we walked in. We chose the Full Spa Package & the staff couldn't have been nicer. The tub area was extremely clean and the mineral soak made sore muscles and joints feel incredible. My husband and I received side by side massages and each of us thought we had the best masseuse! Then it was back in the mineral spring. There was no rush and we enjoyed every minute of it! We will be back~ Highly recommend!
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ツーソン, アリゾナ州66件の投稿
2016年8月 • カップル・夫婦
This spa should be charging DOUBLE for each service they sell. The services go a little longer than the advertised time; the staff want to make sure you get an ultimate relaxing experience. We loved it!
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