Gila Box Riparian National Conservation Area

Gila Box Riparian National Conservation Area



ツーソン, アリゾナ州813件の投稿
While we were camping in the area, we turned north on US Hwy 191 to go to the Gila Box Riparian Area. You'll head north and east on a well pave two-lane road for about 3 miles or so until you get to a viewing area on a mesa overlooking the Gila River. Spectacular view! You can go further on the road to picnic areas off the roadway, but BEWARE, much of the roadway AFTER the viewing area is narrow and oftentimes only capable of handing one way traffic. I had to back up on a steep hill to allow another vehicle to go by, as he was already coming down the hill. Narrow road with steep hills and inclines, go slowly. Interesting area and very pretty; nature at it's best.
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レイクサイド, カリフォルニア509件の投稿
Gila box is a bit of a drive out of town but it is a pleasant enough drive and the farther you go the better the scenery gets. The area doesn't seem to get a lot of visitors in late winter/early spring and it was very quiet and pleasant.
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ashland, OR, United States5件の投稿
2020年1月 • カップル・夫婦
A spectacular river canyon with nice hikes and good back country camping.
Worth visiting just to see the river.
Saw only lizards and birds at this time.
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Laura K
2018年12月 • カップル・夫婦
Very fun area to drive around. Would recommend bringing a map along. Maybe go to the BLM office and get some information. I haven’t tried that yet but it might be helpful. Can get a little lost on the roads. Area had nice picnic spots and camping. Camping is in an open area with no cover. Looks like an area for good fishing. Water was there year round.
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2018年9月 • カップル・夫婦
This area is easily accessible by hiking, or four wheeling, and in a car or truck with a high clearance. Come prepared with water and snacks, better yet bring a picnic basket. You can hear the flapping of wings by birds descending for a meal or a drink, It is common to hear the splash of wildlife in the water. I've seen raccoon, deer, javelina, coyotes, squirrels and the occasional skunk. This is a get-away.
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サフォード, アリゾナ州44件の投稿
2017年9月 • 友達
The Gila Box Riparian area is a well used summer retreat from the heat. Folks go tubing down the Gila when there is enough water. You can visit the picnic area along Bonita Creek for walks along the water. You can check out the historic Serna Cabin. The road in, gives you dramatic views from above. Later, some of the picnic turn-offs let you see the cliffs from below.
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Kally E
サフォード, アリゾナ州28件の投稿
2018年6月 • ファミリー
Don't take a small car - the road is rough rub the views are excellent. Bring water and a picnic. Take the drive slow. We love to wade in the water.
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Monica M
Tucson, Arizona, United States25件の投稿
2018年3月 • ビジネス
The Gila River is fun action fishing, if you enjoy carp, flathead catfish, tilapia,, bass,!!1 just beware of your surroundings especially when you have little children around there are mountain lions everywhere in this area. Other than that it's beautiful to fish and see the snow on Mount Graham.
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ミルウォーキー, ウィスコンシン州166件の投稿
This can be a little hard to find info about - even the person at the BLM office in Safford couldn't tell me whether the road was gravel or paved, or exactly how long it would take to get to Bonita Springs, or how to exactly find the trails they have handouts for, etc. (Something about "I'm the Forest Service, not BLM, so I've never actually been there.")

So - if you're not a hard-core hiker, or don't have a whole day to explore the Gila Box, but just want to catch a glimpse of the beauty here, here's the easy way:

From Safford head EAST on US-70 about 5 miles to E. Sanchez Road near the town of Solomon and head north - there will be a BLM sign at the intersection which you'll see coming from either direction on US-70..

Follow E. Sanchez to cross the Gila, past the sign for the Airport, past the sign for the Freeport-McMoran. In one spot, Sanchez splits in half with the right half being gravel and the left half paved...stay on the paved part. (Though you will later encounter maybe 100 yards of unpaved road - keep going.)

Soon you will come to the West Entrance with a big sign, a kiosk and a picnic table overlooking the Gila River Canyon. At that point your have 5 more miles to go to Bonita Springs BUT...I drove a little ways and decided I'd probably be doing it at about 10 mph. It's steep, winding and VERY narrow.

So I just sat at this point enjoying the view and the sun, and in 2 hours I only saw 2 cars go by. I really wish I'd gotten all the way to the Bonita Springs, but maybe I'll go back someday with a hiking group or somebody who knows their way around, and spend the whole day.

But if you just want a quick stop off US-70, for spectacular and completely different scenery, this is probably less than 30 minutes round-trip, including the time you spend taking pictures!
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ニューリバー, アリゾナ州41件の投稿
2017年12月 • カップル・夫婦
As a photographer, this place is truly "eye-candy!" In fall the Cottonwoods are pure gold and the hikes are outstanding in flora and fauna. This place has enough for all tastes, even the kiddos. Hawks, Osprey, song birds, Coatamundi, bobcats, mule deer, trout in the Bonita Creek and Gila River... and lots more. It is quiet and serene. We have not stayed at the BLM campground, but toured it between Christmas and New Year last week, it is outstanding! Waking up to the sights around you would be nothing less than exhilarating. We've been there several times and will return again and again.
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