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  • Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda, Ireland Island, Bermuda アイランドツアーセンター(ドックヤードウォータースポーツセンターの小さな青い建物)
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    Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda
    Ireland Island, Bermuda
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    Captain Kirk's Coral Reef Adventures
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Matthew S
2022年9月 • カップル・夫婦
Great crew. Very friendly and helpful. All native Bermudians so able to give insight to the country. We really enjoyed ourselves
この口コミはTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、メンバー個人の主観的な意見です。 トリップアドバイザーでは、投稿された口コミの確認を行っています。

Departure on time 2pm and supposed to be 3 hours trip. Engine stopped working 5 mins after departure. No plan B. Wait 30 mins Kirk came and cannot fix it, wait another 30 mins another mechanic came and can not fix it. Ask us wait for the other boat till 4:45pm on their way back to pick us up. No apology no mentioning compensation. Terrible attitude when we try to ask him to help. No star to company but one star give yo the part time working guy - Ryan. He is a great kid and tired his best to chat with all of us. On the way back in taxi. Driver told us Kirk is kinda famous on not providing good service in the island. Writing this to hope you can avoid their service if you have other choice and don’t wanna ruin your vacation stuck while afternoon near the dock yard…
この口コミはTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、メンバー個人の主観的な意見です。 トリップアドバイザーでは、投稿された口コミの確認を行っています。
Hi Andy, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to leave this review and start off by apologising that you experienced a breakdown while on tour with us on 20 August. This is certainly not the experience we want to provide to our guests; however, even with regular maintenance boats do sometimes experience unexpected issues. Unfortunately at the time of your tour all boats and staff were out and therefore could not come immediately to relieve you. As the boat was otherwise fine and safe, and you were in a calm and shallow area, guests were given free refreshments, including rum swizzle, and invited to go for a swim while waiting. This happened at about 2:30, approximately 30 minutes after departure time. Kirk is the owner of nine boats and extremely busy, but he of course immediately dropped everything to come to see if he could fix the boat, and he brought a mechanic with him to help. Unfortunately, it was ultimately determined that the problem could not be fixed on the water. However, during the time that Kirk and the mechanic were trying to fix the issue, he stated that you repeatedly demanded to be given special treatment and brought immediately to a spot where you could catch a taxi. Given that there were 20+ guests on the boat and the only available transport was our mechanic's very small runaround boat, it was simply not a feasible suggestion. This was explained to you, but you persisted in demanding to be treated differently to the other guests, who were much more understanding about the situation. You were picked up at 4:30 by another of our tour boats, and dropped back to the dock just before 5:00 (your original return time). You were of course refunded in full, as the breakdown prevented you from doing what you had planned with your day. However, in exchange for this, our staff tried to make your wait time as pleasant as possible, including offering free drinks, talking about the island, and letting guests swim. We are very pleased that you had such great service from Ryan. We are also again sincerely apologetic that you experienced a breakdown on our boat - this is both very rare and very undesirable. However, given the circumstances, I believe that we did all that we could do to make the best of the situation is it was, and would argue that we provided the best service possible. Thanks again for the time you took to write this review, and I hope you enjoyed your time on the island.
この回答はTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、施設管理者の主観的な意見です。

We did a snorkelling and glass bottom boat tour with Captain Kirk's in February. The tour was a ton of fun! Our captain & guides (Zoe, Lauren, and Adrian) were great. We definitely learned a lot about what life is like in Bermuda. All members of the crew were very professional and seemed good at what they do! The snorkelling spot was beautiful. The boat ride itself was also beautiful. They had rum swizzles and soft drinks for the return ride. I would recommend this trip to anyone looking to get a lot out of a few hours in Bermuda.
この口コミはTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、メンバー個人の主観的な意見です。 トリップアドバイザーでは、投稿された口コミの確認を行っています。

Cathryn S
We had a great time - our captain and crew were amazing; very knowledgeable about Bermuda. The spot we were in for snorkeling was amazing!
この口コミはTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、メンバー個人の主観的な意見です。 トリップアドバイザーでは、投稿された口コミの確認を行っています。

Don't miss this beautiful, fun and informatiive (Thank you very much, Zoe and Mackenzie!) tour. If you've never seen coral before, you'll learn about many types and watch to watch out for when you snorkel later. The 3-hour tour was the perfect amount of time, although I'd never turn down extra time in the warm, aqua water. The guides gave us noodles instead of life jackets, which I preferred and offered options of staying near the boat or venturing out with a guide. It's best if you can swim though. We saw several types of fish and had a Rum Swizzle after snorkeling. These Bermuda-born ladies were amazing guides and answered all of our questions about Bermuda. I HIGHLY receommend this tour.
この口コミはTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、メンバー個人の主観的な意見です。 トリップアドバイザーでは、投稿された口コミの確認を行っています。

Friendly crew, great atmosphere, not too crowded - the perfect ingredients for a great laid back trip. The shallow draft of the boat meant we could float directly over the wreck of HMS Vixen to see the shoals of Bermuda bream swimming there. Fantastic afternoon on the ocean!
この口コミはTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、メンバー個人の主観的な意見です。 トリップアドバイザーでは、投稿された口コミの確認を行っています。

Jamie W
The area we were taking to was beautiful. The staff, Captain Zoe, Kensie and Adrian were very friendly and knowledgeable about what ever you asked, Kensie makes a mean rum swizzle.
この口コミはTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、メンバー個人の主観的な意見です。 トリップアドバイザーでは、投稿された口コミの確認を行っています。

I felt obligated to write this review. I never write bad reviews. My family and I signed up for the Glass Bottom Boat and Snorkeling combo. We are all very good swimmers Preparing for the snorkeling the crew told us about how important the coral reef is. We are nature lovers and understand they are threatened and want to do everything we can to preserve them. They told us to avoid touching the coral as it can damage it, which we had no desire to do. They then told us that certain coral was poisonous to the touch and another type of coral was so sharp it would cut you. We then went snorkeling to see the coral.

What they did not tell us was that where we were dropped off, there was no way to avoid touching the coral. It was literally everywhere. We all remembered the warnings about the incredibly sharp and poisonous coral. My wife had a panic attack in the middle of the water and I had to save her. My daughter panicked and tried climbing on me to avoid the coral, which caused me to panic. Thankfully, we all made it out.

The crew had been very nice and I decided I would just tell the captain what had happened and suggest that, in the future, she warn groups about what we encountered. All of a sudden her face changed. What appeared is what I can only describe as a smile of condescension. She said it was very important to save the coral. I told her I understood, but she should still warn people for safety reasons. And I pointed out that my wife and daughter were in real distress and were in danger of drowning. She didn't care. She acknowledged nothing that I said and again stated, but we have to save the coral. She said it in the most condescending way.

Avoid this company. They do not care about you. They claim they are concerned about your safety, but they didn't seem to mind my family almost drowning.
この口コミはTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、メンバー個人の主観的な意見です。 トリップアドバイザーでは、投稿された口コミの確認を行っています。
Hi Lloyd, Thanks for taking the time to write this review. I have a clear recollection of your time on Bottom Peeper and our conversation following the tour, and unfortunately you have misrepresented the situation a little! The area we took you snorkelling is called King's Point, and the boat anchors over a sand bar where there is absolutely no coral. Guests are directed to snorkel (if they wish to) around rocks on the other side of the sand bar where the water is considerably deeper, and there is coral clustered around the rocks. We take approximately 300-350 snorkellers a week to this and similar sites - and other boats with similar numbers frequent the same sites; in ten years of working on these boats, I must say I have not had a complaint like yours before. During the snorkelling portion of the tour, we have one staff member in the water assisting guests, and at least one standing on the back of the boat observing guests in the water. At no point did your family ask for help or indicate the extreme distress you describe in your review - if at any point in the tour you had indicated you were in distress, or even asked for advice on how to snorkel safely over coral, the crew would have been very happy to provide you with assistance in the water. With regards to our conversation after the tour, you approached me and offered me advice on how to improve my tour. I was interested to hear what you would suggest, but you then explained that your wife and daughter were afraid to snorkel and told me it was important to tell guests that 'it's okay if they accidentally touch the coral'. At this point, it is entirely possible my face changed. I was disappointed to learn that our message of the importance of protecting coral had not gotten through to you! I tried to explain that we could not say this, as it doesn't matter if contact is accidental or not - the coral will be harmed either way, and our first goal is to protect it. Unfortunately, although I tried to explain this further to you, you became quite condescending yourself and repeated a few times what you had said before. I realised soon that I would not be able to get through to you, so I simply thanked you for the feedback and said I hope you enjoyed the tour. You never mentioned anything about your wife or daughter being in 'real distress and in danger of drowning'. I sincerely apologise if I came across as condescending - while a bit frustrated and upset by the conversation, it was not my intent to condescend to you. Given the chance, I would have explained that although the water is shallow at some sites, there is always plenty of space to go around the coral that you cannot swim over. However, snorkelling is not an activity for everyone, as some people get a bit nervous in that sort of environment. I'm very sorry you did not enjoy your time with us, but I am very glad to have the opportunity to clarify what happened. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your time in Bermuda. Thanks, Zoe
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This was a fun way to see the ocean life. The crew was great and very informative about the sights we might see. The rum sizzle was delicious, too!
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Peter L
The trip was cancelled the night before due to "lack of participation".
Not enough people signed up to make our trip worthwhile for them I guess.
この口コミはTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、メンバー個人の主観的な意見です。 トリップアドバイザーでは、投稿された口コミの確認を行っています。
Good morning Peter, Many thanks for taking the time to write a review. As you correctly surmised, not enough people signed up for your tour on 3 May to make it possible for us to run. As a business, we cannot afford to run tours if the number of participants is so low that our operating costs are significantly higher than the amount earned from ticket sales. Unfortunately, on that day, your party was the only one that signed up, and we chose to make the call to cancel the tour in order to allow you time to make alternate plans. We hope you can better understand the reasoning behind this decision, and hope to see you in Bermuda again sometime soon!
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