セント トーマス 1 日ボート レンタル 37 フィート イントレピッド パワーボート

セント トーマス 1 日ボート レンタル 37 フィート イントレピッド パワーボート

提供:Sonic Charters


所要時間: 8 時間
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  • Sonic Charters St Thomas, Compass Point Marina Slip #27, 6300 Estate, Frydenhoj, St. Thomas 00802, USVI
  • Virgin Islands National Park Service Headquarters, 86M4+4G5, Caneel Bay, St John 00830, USVI
  • 5304 Yacht Haven Grande, Suite 100, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands 00802, USVI
  • Water Island, St Thomas 00802, USVI
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  • Sonic Charters St Thomas, Compass Point Marina Slip #27, 6300 Estate, Frydenhoj, St. Thomas 00802, USVI コンパス ポイント マリーナ
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St Thomas Full-Day Boat Rental 37' Intrepid Powerboatの料金はいくらですか?
St Thomas Full-Day Boat Rental 37' Intrepid Powerboatの料金は¥207,738~です。 トリップアドバイザーでSt Thomas Full-Day Boat Rental 37' Intrepid Powerboatの情報をチェックして予約
St Thomas Full-Day Boat Rental 37' Intrepid Powerboatの催行会社はどこですか?
St Thomas Full-Day Boat Rental 37' Intrepid Powerboatの催行会社はSonic Chartersです。 トリップアドバイザーで口コミを読んで、他にもツアーやアクティビティをチェックし、Sonic Chartersに問い合わせましょう。 トリップアドバイザーでSt Thomas Full-Day Boat Rental 37' Intrepid Powerboatの情報をチェックして予約

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This is an annual trip. 3rd time with Sonic and captain Patrick. He is the best! We traveled with our family and our friends who have 2 teens. Around Christmas the waters can become rough in the Virgin Islands. We have been to virgin gorda to see the baths before and they are beautiful but it is a long ride and I’ll say again the waters can be rough. So the last 2 years we have decided to stay around St John and their beaches. There are so many beautiful private beaches with crystal clear waters that captain Patrick took us to. He is very knowledgeable. We saw stingrays, turtles and many beautiful fish. To break it up we alway stop on St. John and grab lunch at Greengos.
Booking with Carrie is a breeze. You can’t go wrong with Sonic Charters! Tip bring some bread to feed the fish when your snorkeling, works like a charm
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We chartered the boat for the day. There were only four of us plus Captain John so everyone had plenty of room. John knew the history of every island and all of the best places to snorkel. Sea turtles galore. He also founds us a private spot with an active reef, hundreds of fish and a private beach. A day on the water we will never forget.
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Lamar M
Words cannot accurately express our satisfaction with our boat charter but, I will do my best. Carrie was very helpful with our reservation when we had problems with the Trip Advisor app. Patrick was our Captain. We have never been to the USVI and we were nervous about scheduling something that we had zero experience with. Our worries we’re quickly resolved. Patrick was friendly and professional. He advised us of suggestions based on what we wanted to do. Furthermore he was very knowledgeable about the islands both from a geographical and historical standpoint. When our 9 and 14 year old openly expressed their happiness with the day I knew we had made the right choice. When, not if, we come back we will employ their services again.
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2021年10月 • 友達
We had an amazing day exploring St. Thomas and Water Island with some great snorkel stops and a shipwreck!
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maggie t
セント トーマス2件の投稿
We had a wonderful and relaxing day with Sonic Charters! Our captain was knowledgeable and helpful in deciding where to go for the day. We had a lovely lunch on Water Island. The boat was in pristine shape and was perfect for our crew of friends.
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Rancho Cordova, California, USA19件の投稿
We had a great day with Sonic exploring the islands of the USVI. Booking was easy through their website. We met Captain Brent in the marina and off we went for the day. Brent did a great job of listening to our group of 8 to fit all of our requests. This also meant hearing that a few in our group get seasick and an idea we had for lunch wouldn’t be as fun as we thought. Brent took us to Buck Island to see the shipwreck and turtles. After snorkeling we went to Water Island and Dingy’s Beach Bar. They had great food and drink! The fish tacos were outstanding. After lunch we hung in Christmas Cove for a while.

We had so much fun we tried to book a second day, but weather got in the way. Carrie (owner) was easy to work with and I appreciated them not trying to push it when they knew the weather wasn’t going to cooperate.

Overall, highly recommend Sonic!!
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ハイポイント, ノースカロライナ州7件の投稿
2021年3月 • カップル・夫婦
Such a wonderful day on the water exploring all the great spots in St Thomas and St John! Pat was a great captain! Worth every penny spent! I would go back another day... or two if they weren’t already booked! We stopped for lunch at Lime Out, drinks at Lovango and many great snorkeling spots along the way!
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Jeff H
トレモント, イリノイ州22件の投稿
Sonic Charters was exceptionally responsive to our questions as we planned a group outing on Feb. 24. Carrie was great to work with as our date got closer. This was actually the second time my wife and I booked with them and we had great experiences both times. Captain Patrick was attentive and knowledgeable and answered all our questions throughout the day. He was also a lot of fun, clearly enjoying what he does. He made the experience for our group - most first time visitors to the USVI, really awesome. We couldn't be more pleased with everyone at Sonic and highly recommend this opportunity as an excellent way to see the islands. We'll be back a third time soon, hoping the BVI's will be opened the next time we travel.
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