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  • ある程度の体力が必要です
  • このツアー/アクティビティの最大催行人数は30名です

  • 開始日の24時間前までにキャンセルされた場合、全額返金の対象となります。

半日ロッククライミングツアーライレイビーチ、クラビの料金は¥18,140~です。 トリップアドバイザーで半日ロッククライミングツアーライレイビーチ、クラビの情報をチェックして予約
半日ロッククライミングツアーライレイビーチ、クラビの催行会社はThaiclimber Climbingです。 トリップアドバイザーで口コミを読んで、他にもツアーやアクティビティをチェックし、Thaiclimber Climbingに問い合わせましょう。 トリップアドバイザーで半日ロッククライミングツアーライレイビーチ、クラビの情報をチェックして予約

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Toni And Lewis (Veggie Travellers)
ロンドン, イギリス32件の投稿
Great morning of climbing! Me and my girlfriend were both beginners but were able to get stuck straight in! The guide spoke great English and was really funny! We felt very safe at all times and the guide was so helpful constantly encouraging us to push ourselves! Would definitely recommend this company to all ages and abilities!
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オスロ, ノルウェー3件の投稿
I was very hesitant to try rock climbing again since I’ve tried it twice before and both times ended with me terrified and sobbing. But these guys where great! I had an amazing time. I managed to reach the top on 4 out of 6 climbs whit great (and funny) instructors, and they also made me feel safe. I’m very happy and satisfied with the whole experience and I’m even considering starting with rock climbing as a regular activity. Thank you so much 🙏🙏
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Thank for climbing with as and we are happy you had a good experience!
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バーミンガム, イギリス15件の投稿
I wanted to try climbing in Railay as it is some of the most beautiful scenery with great routes. I was recommended Thai Climber by the hostel I stayed in and they didn’t disappoint. I was a complete novice to rope climbing but have bouldered before. Pat my instructor was really good at getting me to learn the basics of rope climbing and how to tie myself in, while giving me more advanced tips on how to climb easier as my footwork wasn’t my best. He was great fun to spend an afternoon with while being encouraging and making sure I and everyone else climbing around even though they weren’t with him, stayed safe. Would definitely use these guys again if I’m ever in Railay.
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Thanks a million for climbing with us ...we really appreciate and value you!
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Awesome guide, with excellent English. Amazing service in the shop.
Top notch, quality equipment. A great experience overal with clear instructions and routes picked tailored to your climbing experience.
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Thanks for climbing with Thaiclimber climbing and the wonderful review ....keep climbing!
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Reika N
It was my bf and my first time to do rock climbing. The coach were very supportive. We could enjoy and complete the task. The place was nice, by the beach. When you reach the top you could see the beautiful view from the top. There were no one else in the tour in the morning so we could have a private tour. After climbing, we could chill little around the beach. The beach was not big but very beautiful so many people come here.
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This is must do for all climbers (from beginner to expert).
My girlfriend who is a beginner had some fear and couldn't really climb up but our climbing guide was really good at giving tips on how to move, where to place feet and grab holds. without that the climbing experience would have been less fun for her. For me as a advanced climber it was really nice to climb in this paradise.

The people from this organisation were really helpfull, we had some trouble going from our hotel to railay beach, so i contacted them with whatsapp. I got good and detailed information from them and after our call he texted everything again just to be sure.
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Thank you for Climbing with Thaiclimber climbing ....we value every customer we have ...and would like to keep the spirit of safe and fun climbing alive...take care
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Mike S
My wife and I were recommended to give this company a try by our hostel (Blanco's Hideout (best hostel on Railay)) after we had a poor experience with another company (Real Rocks). We were looking for patient and friendly instructors that could work with us and not get frustrated with us. We found that with our instructors Cent & Park from Thaiclimbers. They spoke perfect English and were extremely patient with us which helped settle my wife's nerves and allowed her to be comfortable on the rock. If you are looking for knowledgeable guides who are exceptional at their craft and are willing to go above and beyond to make sure that their customers have an amazing experience then Thaiclimbers is the rock climbimg crew you need to book with on Railay beach.

Mike & Bree
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Thank for the the awesome review!
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James T
デンバー, コロラド州1件の投稿
My wife and I decided to make a last minute booking for a climbing excursion in Railay Beach as we had heard it offered some of the best climbing in Thailand. The team at Thaiclimber Climbing worked with us to coordinate transportation from Krabi to the beach the night before our excursion and it went perfectly. The climbing guide was knowledgeable, fun, offered assistance when needed, and did everything he could to get us as much climbing as possible in our half day. We visited two crags with incredible views of Railay. The equipment was reliable and safety their top priority. We cant wait to go back to Railay for another climbing experience and would do it with Thaiclimber Climbing.
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Thank for the support!
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Cindy M
Chambery, フランス13件の投稿
Je rêvais de tester l'escalade à Krabi (étant grimpeuse depuis 9 années), j'ai été ravie, le moniteur était super sympa, on rigolait bien! Il vous nettoie même les chaussons pour enlever le sable avant de commencer la voie! Séance d'escalade au top, pas trop de monde (on était 2 avec 1 moniteur). Cadre super en haut des voies, vue à couper le souffle!
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Je vous remercie
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David B
Best experience of Railay.
Where do I start with this review.
There’s lots of climbing shops in Railay. Thaiclimber are not the most visible shop but made up for that with a welcoming and charming reception at the store, the gentleman manning the shop, Tu, was inviting, exciting and funny. Compared to other stores that were quite dull.
After being sold the half day climb with no remorse - unfortunately when I went back later that day to fully book, I arrived just after close. Other shops were open but I wanted to do it with these guys.
A quick WhatsApp message to the English number on the board came with a swift response from a fluent English typer - he sorted it all out for me that evening to go the next morning, amazing service.
On the day I had a blast, our instructor Pon was awesome. He held himself at exactly the right tone, encouraging yet understanding, and funny in a low-key way. He picked the right courses and pushed us to do our best while helping us through any sticking points on the climbs.
We had quite a small group which was nice. Other groups in the climbing area were very large and their instructors seemed quite forceful - we could hear one instructor shouting at and pretty much mocking one of his students as he was stuck on the rock... it was bad. We were pleased to be with Pon! Pon remembered all of our names and took his own photos on his phone of the group, he came across genuinely interested.
When I arrived back at the shop, I received the icing on the cake, the shop assistant Tu, after I let him know I wished to paddle board next, walked me all the way over to the other beach right up to exactly where I was to rent the board from. He didn’t hang about for a tip or anything like that either, wished me luck and then headed straight back, honestly it was quite surreal.
Price was good and I think actually a little cheaper than the other shops.
A final note, they provided me with a helmet with an attachment for a GoPro on it already. I met another climber in the area, from a different shop, who also had a GoPro but wasn’t given a hat with an attachment, he ended up borrowing mind... it’s those small touches that made thaiclimber so great!
Couldn’t be happier to write this review. I’ve written some horrid reviews on here haha. But for this review I genuinely couldn’t fault one thing the entire experience.
Book in with thaiclimber on your trip to Railay, you won’t regret it.
And actually, why not WhatsApp them now to book in: +66 94 861 2079. How easy is that?
Check my Instagram @davidbissell_ to see my post about it with more pictures and GoPro footage :).
Thanks Pon (instructor), Tu (shop keeper) and ‘un-named provider of a smooth booking service’ (Whatsapp respondent) 🙌🏼
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Thanks Mate! you are awesome!
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