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ハードン・ハイツ, ニュージャージー州6件の投稿
Our tour was magnificent and impeccably conducted by our guide, Giuseppe. From the tour van, to the magnificence of Toledo and La Mancha, to a great and considerate winery and restaurant visit to BODEGAS TIERRAS DE ORGAZ hosted by Elena Rincon- the day was perfect. Our family of four learned much from our tour and Giuseppe- we can't say enough about the day and Giuseppes ability to translate what we saw into true meaning for us. Great tour, wine, people and a great day. Bravo!
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Sara Finch
My husband and I absolutely loved our day trip with our guide Raul Orantes. We were picked up promptly near our hotel in Madrid and driven to two wineries about an hour outside of Madrid. At the first winery the man who worked there and Raul gave us a tour, and Raul helped translate Spanish to English when needed. We learned a LOT about the sobremadre technique there and the wine was so good we probably bought too much than we’ll be allowed to fit in our checked bag 😊. At the second winery, Raul gave us a tour himself and we had a wine tasting (so good - bought more wine) and an AMAZING lunch, multiple courses with dessert. This is a perfect daytime activity to get out of the city if you like wine even a little bit, and for wine lovers who want to learn something new. Thanks Raul!
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Natalie S
We are more than thrilled and grateful we booked our tour with this company. Giuseppe is a very professional and personable guide. We learned a lot about the country and regions we visited. The wineries are phenomenal. We have visited several wineries all over the world, but these two really took pride in their work and have fantastic products! Our tour ended up being private as no one else joined us. We had plenty of time at each site, got amazing pictures, and we are still talking about our experience! It was definitely the highlight of our trip. It is WELL worth the money paid. Highly recommend for couples, new or old. :)
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Hi Natalie! Thank you so much! We are really glad you enjoyed the Toledo Tour from Madrid with our guide Giuseppe. We hope to see you again soon! Best regards
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John S
ロックフォード, イリノイ州8件の投稿
Culture, cuisine, wine and good friends, what could be better. Three of us booked this tour. We were picked up at our Airbnb inMadrid and were driven to Toledo by our own private tour guide, Camillo. The itinerary inToledo was flexible. We stopped at a scenic point outside of the city. Once in Toledo, we went to the cathedral (besting the tour buses in) where we did an audio guided tour. The artwork in the cathedral was amazing, including a piece by El Greco. Not to be missed. We were interested in the gold jewelry that is hand made in Toledo so Camillo took us to a shop where we could see it being made and we purchased a few pieces. We then went to see another amazing El Greco and a synagogue.
From there we went to a winery for a winery tour, wine tasting and lunch. We learned a lot about Spanish wines on the tour. The wines were amazing. I didn’t realize such tasty wines were made around Toledo. Lunch was equally wonderful. We had a tasty cold soup similar to but creamier than gazpacho, a salad with roasted red pepper, an oxtail stew and of course a delicious wine. And dessert too.
We then stopped at a group of windmills. We climbed up one and learned how they worked.
Would highly recommend this tour.
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Hi John! Thank you so much! We are really glad you enjoyed the Toledo Tour from Madrid with our guide Camilo. We hope to see you again soon! Best regards
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コッパー市, フロリダ州5件の投稿
This tour was all around excellent. We were picked up from our hotel when promised. We were in a group of 5. The tour guide was knowledgeable of Toledo as well as wine. The winery was beautiful and we were given a tour from the wine maker herself. After tasting several wines, we had lunch in the winery's restaurant. The meal was filling and amazing...so come hungry. We highly recommend this tour!
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Thank you so much! We are really glad you enjoyed the Toledo Tour from Madrid with our guide. We hope to see you again soon! Best regards
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Nicholas Yared
クリティバ, ブラジル3件の投稿
Um passeio maravilho por Toledo, pelos moinhos de vento de Dom Quixote e outros locais, com um almoço espetacular após uma degustação de vinhos.

Nosso guia, Raul, além de ser extremamente receptivo e amigável, sabe fornecer qualquer informação necessária, fazendo um passeio de mais de 10 horas passar muito rápido, de tão bom.

Recomendo para qualquer um que esteja interessado.
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Hi Nicholas! Thank you so much! We are really glad you enjoyed the Toledo Tour from Madrid with our guide Raúl. We hope to see you again soon! Best regards
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シュガー ランド, テキサス州7件の投稿
Raul was a friendly and knowledgeable guide for our tour. We had 5 adults and 3 kids and all had a great time! Toledo was amazing and having someone who knew the area so well made the experience much better than doing it on our own. The wine and lunch were delicious, and we all enjoyed the beautiful windmills. Highly recommend!
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Hi Crystal! Thank you so much! We are really glad you enjoyed the Toledo tour from Madrid with our guide Raúl. We hope to see you again soon! Best regards
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Debbie G
カミング, ジョージア4件の投稿
A group of 5 of us join our wonderful guide Raul for a wonderful day of touring. Raul gave us a beautiful guide to the Windmills and the beautiful town of Toledo. We also had a lovely wine tour and a fabulous lunch at a local restaurant. Don't miss this opportunity! Book now.
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Hi, Debbie! Thank you so much. We are really glad you enjoyed the Toledo tour from Madrid with our guide Raúl. We hope to see you again soon! Best regards
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Ali H
My boyfriend and I chose to do the Toledo day trip and had the time of our lives! Our tour guide, Raúl, was extremely personable and knowledgeable of the city and wine/ the wine making process. His English was wonderful as well as his driving. We’d highly recommend this trip to anyone looking for an adventure in a beautiful, historical city. Easily one of the best things we did with our time in Spain.
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