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所要時間: 4 時間
開始時間: 空き状況をチェック
ライブガイド:英語, スペイン語

  • エアコン付き車両
  • ボトル入り飲料水
  • すべての手数料および税金
  • 入場:Altun Ha
  • チップ(推奨)

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  • Belize City Fort steet tourism port
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ベリーシティからラム工場とベリーズのサインとプライベートAltunハ遺跡の料金は¥16,361~です。 トリップアドバイザーでベリーシティからラム工場とベリーズのサインとプライベートAltunハ遺跡の情報をチェックして予約
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  • 送迎サービスあり
  • 1
    Altun Ha
    立ち寄り:2時間 - 入場料が含まれます
  • 2
    The Belize Sign Monument
    滞在時間: 10分
  • 3
    Travellers Liquors - Belize
    滞在時間: 20分
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Natasha H
2023年4月 • 友達
Great tour. Thankful for the education we received. I can't wait to come back to such a beautiful area.
この口コミはTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、メンバー個人の主観的な意見です。 トリップアドバイザーでは、投稿された口コミの確認を行っています。
Royal Belizean A
Thank you for your review and we would love to have you back.
この回答はTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、施設管理者の主観的な意見です。

Jennifer Z
The tour was awesome. We had Percy as our guide. He was very knowledgeable and friendly. Transportation was easy. Only thing to be aware of is that it does get very hot while at the ruins so bring lots of water and highly suggest going as early as possible in the morning to avoid large crowds and the heat. Highly recommend the tour and ask for Percy.
この口コミはTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、メンバー個人の主観的な意見です。 トリップアドバイザーでは、投稿された口コミの確認を行っています。
Royal Belizean A
Wow! Very helpful review for future guest. Thanks for touring with us, we enjoyed your company and your tour. Looking forward to taking the rest of your family next time since we already met 9 of you guys. Best regards
この回答はTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、施設管理者の主観的な意見です。

Renardo G
ナッシュビル, テネシー州5件の投稿
We had an incredible time with Percy. It truly felt like we got to experience all of Belize city within 4 hours. We were promptly picked up from the airport, had a smooth/ cool ride to the ruins, stopped for a local lunch, stopped for Rum, sign pics then were dropped off at the water taxi! Also because we went in the afternoon we skipped all the cruise ship/ tourist traffic.

Percy was an extremely guide who educated us on both the history and future of Belize. We’ll definitely be back and Percy will be the first I reach out to.
この口コミはTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、メンバー個人の主観的な意見です。 トリップアドバイザーでは、投稿された口コミの確認を行っています。
Royal Belizean A
It was a pleasure hosting you in Belize and getting to show you a part of my country. Thanks for choosing us and I look forward to when you return! Thanks again for reviewing your experience.
この回答はTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、施設管理者の主観的な意見です。

Carla H
デトロイト, ミシガン州24件の投稿
2022年9月 • 友達
This was a great experience. Percy aka "Master P" was a great guide. The personal touches and knowledge shared made this experience spectacular. The ruins were outstanding, The Rum factory was delicious 😋 and the wine tasting by the side of the rode was quite the experience 😋 . I had to buy the sorrel wine it was incredible.
この口コミはTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、メンバー個人の主観的な意見です。 トリップアドバイザーでは、投稿された口コミの確認を行っています。
Royal Belizean A
Thank you for reviewing us! Come back again soon!
この回答はTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、施設管理者の主観的な意見です。

Joe B
2022年3月 • カップル・夫婦
Percy was an excellent tour guide. Answered all of our questions about Belize, Rum, the Mayan ruins and many other things. He was professional, knowledgeable and fun to spend the day with. The Altun Ha ruins were incredible to see. Worth the trip alone.
この口コミはTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、メンバー個人の主観的な意見です。 トリップアドバイザーでは、投稿された口コミの確認を行っています。
Royal Belizean A
Thank you for visiting and reviewing our experience. As a team, we are happy that we were able to satisfy your touring needs. Thanks again!
この回答はTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、施設管理者の主観的な意見です。

Fred D
The tour guide/owner of the company did an amazing job on our tour! On our way to our first stop he gave us insight on the history of Belize. He took us on the Altun Ha tour and gave us an in depth explanation of the history of the Mayans and answered all of our questions. The second stop of our tour was the rum tour, the guide shared the history of how rum is made in Belize followed up with unlimited tastings of different types of rum. We could have added a couple more stops but we didn’t have the time, if you’re interested in cave tubing or money sanctuary you should inquire about those as well. Overall great experience, I definitely recommend everyone do this tour with him!!! A great way to explore the Belize mainland.
この口コミはTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、メンバー個人の主観的な意見です。 トリップアドバイザーでは、投稿された口コミの確認を行っています。
Royal Belizean A
The greatest feeling is when we receive honest reviews from our satisfied customers. We ensure that each tour is specifically tailored to accommodate the needs of each passenger from the group. Thanks again for visiting Belize and for choosing the #1 tour company in Belize City, and we hope to see you again!
この回答はTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、施設管理者の主観的な意見です。

Heather G
アレクサンドリア, バージニア州5件の投稿
I was traveling to Belize for work and only had a few free days to do some tourist activities - thankfully Percy was very flexible in being willing to provide a private tour! Percy's pre-tour communication was very prompt and thorough and he arrived at my hotel to pick me up right on time. Percy was knowledgeable about the many cultures that make up Brazil as well as the ruins and where to take the best photos. We had a chance to chat and had a great time!
この口コミはTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、メンバー個人の主観的な意見です。 トリップアドバイザーでは、投稿された口コミの確認を行っています。
Royal Belizean A
Thank you for your review. Prompt pick up, professional services and a good time are just some of the few guarantees when booking us. Each guest is treated like an individual family member and will always receive the ROYAL treatment!
この回答はTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、施設管理者の主観的な意見です。

Chris S.
ハートビル, オハイオ州5件の投稿
2020年1月 • カップル・夫婦
Very good tour, ruins were very interesting. Our guide Percy did a great job explaining the culture and was a pleasure to talk with during the tour. The rum tour was just ok would have liked the people there to do a better job.
この口コミはTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、メンバー個人の主観的な意見です。 トリップアドバイザーでは、投稿された口コミの確認を行っています。
Royal Belizean A
Thank you for your honest remarks. We have looked into this matter and are pleased to let you know that this will never repeat itself. We would like to note that the employees at the factory are known for their professionalism and exceptional services and products. Therefore, please contact us via email to further specify exactly what you were unhappy about at the rum factory. Please, we would like to know as soon as possible.
この回答はTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、施設管理者の主観的な意見です。

アルバカーキ, ニューメキシコ州98件の投稿
Percy was the second tour guide ever to arrive in our hotel lobby early! Much appreciated. He was full of knowledge that he shared on the drive to Altun Ha, as we walked the ruins, and on the drive around Belize City afterwards.
この口コミはTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、メンバー個人の主観的な意見です。 トリップアドバイザーでは、投稿された口コミの確認を行っています。
Royal Belizean A
Punctuality, professionalism and enthusiasm are at the core of all our guides. Thank you for reviewing us and we hope to hear from you soon.
この回答はTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、施設管理者の主観的な意見です。

Marie Charles
ロサンゼルス, カリフォルニア16件の投稿
Our family of 14 ported in Belize during our 7 day cruise with Carnival. Percy with Royal Belizean Adventures worked with me via email during all of the preparations. He was always very professional and quick to respond anytime I had a question or concern.

On the day we arrived, our cruise ship was an hour late but Melanie with Royal Belizean Adventures patiently waited for our party to navigate thru disembarkation via tender boat. She greeted us all with welcome arms and a smile reassuring our excursion would be a success even with the delay.

We explored beautiful & amazing ruins while learning many historical facts from our guide Melanie. We stopped and ate an incredible lunch at a quaint hidden gem of a restaurant with cold beer on hand for a very reasonable price!! Then we toured a local rum factory where we had the pleasure of watching the staff bottle rum from start to finish while sampling the finished product. We wrapped up our tour with Melanie at a small park with the Belize sign. The kiddos in our group were thankful for the chance to run around while parents climbed on the Belize sign for a fun photo shoot.

All in all, if I win the lottery - Melanie and Percy with Royal Belizean Adventures will most certainly rejoice in my winnings because of the memorable experience they provided 🥰🥰 and when we return to Belize - we will most certainly request another private tour with Royal Belizean Adventures directly!!
この口コミはTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、メンバー個人の主観的な意見です。 トリップアドバイザーでは、投稿された口コミの確認を行っています。
Royal Belizean A
Dear Jordan, your group has a family in Belize now! The experience you had is what gives us the genuine passion and love for tourism in beautiful Belize. Mel and Percy were extremely happy and thankful for the chance to spend the day with such nice people. Thanks again for visiting Belize and for choosing Royal Belizean Adventures for all your excursions in Belize. Looking forward to your return so we can take you deeper into the plenty of un-touched jems throughout the rest of the country.
この回答はTripadvisor LLCのものではなく、施設管理者の主観的な意見です。


ベリーシティからラム工場とベリーズのサインとプライベートAltunハ遺跡、提供元:Royal Belizean Adventures