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所要時間: 240~270分
開始時間: 空き状況をチェック

  • 傷害保険
  • 無料でピックアップし、市内で降りる
  • ライセンス付き体験英語ガイド。
  • オートバイ、運転手、燃料
  • 高品質のヘルメット
  • 水のコーヒーとウェットティッシュ。
  • 必要に応じて雨のポンチョ
  • ツアーガイドとドライバーのためのチップ。
  • バイクツアーでの個人消費。

  • 旅行者の送迎サービスが提供されます。
  • ホテル送迎サービスが提供されます。 トリップアドバイザーの決済ページにあるホテルリストにて、ご利用のホテルが送迎場所に含まれているかをご確認ください。
  • 出発地点に戻って解散

  • 車いす非対応
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  • 予約時に確認メールをお送りします
  • 妊娠中の方にはおすすめしません
  • ほとんどの方が参加できます
  • 1回の予約につき2人以上が必要です。
  • お子様は大人の同伴が必要です
  • ドレスコードはスマートカジュアルです。
  • このツアー/アクティビティの最大催行人数は8名です

  • 開始日の24時間前までにキャンセルされた場合、全額返金の対象となります。

フエ・モーニング・カントリーサイドバイクツアーの料金は¥4,672~です。 トリップアドバイザーでフエ・モーニング・カントリーサイドバイクツアーの情報をチェックして予約
フエ・モーニング・カントリーサイドバイクツアーの催行会社はVietland Adventuresです。 トリップアドバイザーで口コミを読んで、他にもツアーやアクティビティをチェックし、Vietland Adventuresに問い合わせましょう。 トリップアドバイザーでフエ・モーニング・カントリーサイドバイクツアーの情報をチェックして予約

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Tanya A
2023年1月 • ファミリー
We had a great experience today on this tour away from the main streets and a bit further into the Hue countryside. The tour was made especially enjoyable with our excellent and knowledgeable guide Von who infused the trip with humour, insight and historical context.
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Dear Tanya A, Thank you so much for giving us a very beautiful review on Viator! Great thanks for Trusting and Choosing us for your tour in Hue! We are so happy when you enjoy the motorbike tour with us! We wish you have an amazing Vietnam Trip and see you again in the near futures! Kind Regards! Jimmy Nguyen
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Mo H
ビラリケイ, イギリス43件の投稿
2020年3月 • カップル・夫婦
We haven't been on the back of a bike for 40 years! It was fun and very safe.Jimmy was excellent and stopped the tour every time we got to something interesting to explain.His English was clear
Seeing day to day life brought home the life of those in the country in Vietnam.Really enjoyed meeting Jui the hat lady.
We had an excellent Royal coffee to finish the morning.We were impressed and pleased we've done it. Have a go.They are friendly and safe drivers.
Stu and Mo
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ワシントン DC, ワシントンDC地区21件の投稿
2020年1月 • カップル・夫婦
We loved absolutely everything about this tour! It was the highlight of our trip to Vietnam! Our guide, Mr Thanh, and his assistant driver, Mr Sy, were wonderful, cautious drivers and we felt very safe the entire time. I was even able to take pictures from the back of the bike of the stunning scenery around us. Mr. Thanh was extremely knowledgeable about the various places we visited and we learned a lot about Vietnamese culture. He also has a terrific sense of humor and was cracking us up all day! We cannot say enough positive things about this experience! It really is something special that you will not forget!
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Dear ComingtoaCityNearYou, Thank you so much for sparing the time to make such an amazing review for us on TripAdvisor! I am so happy to know you had a great experience on the motorbike tour with us in Hue! I am so proud of our staff to make your trip more enjoyable and memorable! We deeply appreciated you when you could recommend us to your family and your friends coming to Vietnam in the near futures! Best regards! Jimmy Nguyen Vietland Adventures
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Eva Lillegaard H
Jeg fortryder ikke, at jeg besluttede mig for at tage med på denne tur på motorcykel. Det var så trygt, som det kan blive der bagpå motorcyklen med armene rundt om en erfaren chauffør med smil på læben. Vi så ganske enkelt steder, vi aldrig ville have set, hvis vi havde kørt i bil, og fornemmelsen af den lune vind under kørslen var fantastisk i sig selv.
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2019年9月 • カップル・夫婦
My girlfriend and I had a tour with Jimmy and his cousin who was the other driver. It definitely exceeded our expectations and was a fantastic way to get a real insight into rural Hue / central Vietnam. Jimmy is a fantastic tour guide and ensures safety is his number one priority.

Highlights are zipping through back ally’s and side roads alongside, seeing bunker hill with a great view over perfume river.

If your in Hue and want to have a safe tour with a bit of adventure thrown in, I would highly recommend this. Good way to support local small business!!
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Dear Taylor767, Thank you so much for such an amazing review for your motorbike trip on TripAdvisor! It is so thrilled to know you had an "Awesome Tour"with our tour company in Hue! We are so happy to make your trip more enjoyable and memorable in Vietnam! We deeply appreciated your recommendation! Have a great trip! Jimmy Nguyen Vietland Adventures
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Elizabeth A
2019年9月 • 友達
This was the highlight of my Vietnamese trip! I was very apprehensive, knowing the chaos of the traffic in Vietnam yet the leader and riders were professional and safety was #1. A totally amazing experience and way to see the town. Enjoyed every second of this - thank you all so much!
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Dear Elizabeth A, Warmly welcomes from Vietland Adventures! Thank you so much for sparing the time to make a wonderful feedback for us on TripAdvisor! We are very happy when you had great experiences on the motorbike tour in our city! Deeply appreciated you and your friends for trusting and choosing us for a part of your Vietnam Trip! Have a great holiday! Kind Regards! Jimmy Nguyen-Vietland Adventures.
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北京, 中国19件の投稿
My husband and I had an afternoon countryside tour in July. Jimmy was our guide and he was terrific. He had a lot of information and personal stories to tell. His English was good and he really enjoyed ensuring that we had a great time learning and fun time on the bikes. I ride a bike myself, but do not generally enjoy being a passenger, but I learned that it can be great with the right driver. Jimmy and his partner were safe but also made the biking component of the tour be a fun part. We enjoyed the many stops we had over the afternoon and especially loved the views and stories at the scenic stop and pagoda. If you're considering this tour, go for it! You'll be very happy to have had time outside of the city.
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Dear Ms BetsyG58, Thank you so much for spending the time to make a very beautiful review for us on TripAdvisor! I and my staff are very happy with your lovely comments there! Your great feedback is our big motivation for doing great job! Thanks again for Trusting and Choosing us for a part of your Vietnam Trip! Could you please recommend us to your family and your friends visiting Vietnam in the near futures! Thanks and kind regards! Jimmy Nguyen-Vietland Adventures
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olivia w
My sister and I had a private tour the two of us around the Hue countryside. It was beautiful and so much fun. Our guides (inc Jimmy) were amazing and had loads of great information to share. Even on a hot day it was still good fun and got a lovely cool down on the motor bikes. Would recommend to anyone looking to see Hue and have a short space of time to do so. Took around 4 hrs and we had time before our 1pm bus to Hoi An.
Thank you for a great morning.
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2019年5月 • 友達
We did the tour on recommendation and really got to enjoy it. Jimmy and his friend were kind and always in the try to make us feel comfortable. We got to meet local people with interesting personal story. If you like also riding a motorcicle then this is Just the right tour for you! :)
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Andy M
ロンドン, イギリス3件の投稿
We had a great morning exploring the local countryside around Hue. We felt very safe with our guide and driver.
The commentary was informative and relaxed. We felt like we had a real insight into local life.
They even pay for extra insurance on your behalf to cover what your travel insurance may not already.
A great price for what you get from the tour and the experience.
I would highly recommend this small company.
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