ウォーターフォール ホップオン ホップオフ トロリー グレー ライン

ウォーターフォール ホップオン ホップオフ トロリー グレー ライン

提供:Waterfall Hop-On Hop-Off Trolley Tour/Shuttle - An Open-Air Experience - Fun for the Whole Family


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キャマス, ワシントン州95件の投稿
We are local and have seen the waterfalls so wanted the narration of the tour.
It was great. We caught the trolley at headquarters in Corbett. FABULOUS. We rode to the end and then off at Multnomah Falls Lodge for a nice breakfast. Prefer lunch to breakfast but we caught the first trolley at 9 am so lunch not offered yet at Lodge.
Great to chat with other travelers on the trip. Highly recommend especially if you don't want to do a lot of walking. Brochure shows how far of a walk for either a long or short walk to view each falls. Was a bit cold on first ride as all shady but we were prepared and even brought seat cushions.
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グラストンブリー, コネチカット州34件の投稿
2022年8月 • カップル・夫婦
We thoroughly enjoyed the trolley ride to see the waterfalls along historic Route 30. Because we were in Portland for a conference, we only had the morning, but this was just enough for the 90 minute-2 hour ride. If you can allow for more time to truly hop on/hop off, we would recommend you do so. The recording on the trolley was very informative and the driver very helpful in answering our questions. And always be prepared for an unexpected rain shower and a cool breeze in this part of the country.
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Alfred L
2022年6月 • カップル・夫婦
Great for us 70+ as we don’t really hike. The riding views were wonderful, but because we took the last tour (4:30) we didn’t have much time to walk around. I’d suggest no later than the 4;30 tour.
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Heather S.
マイアミ, フロリダ州380件の投稿
This was a great way to visit several trails or just enjoy the scenery. The drivers were all very nice and the pick up and drop off locations are easy to find. My only objection was the times of pick ups as you are stuck in an area for an hour so if you just want to picture and don't want to hike, then you will be waiting a while. If you hike and you miss the pick up, you will have to wait for the next shuttle. So that limited the amount of trails and waterfalls we could see. Otherwise, it was nice not having to hassle with parking and permits. The trolley plays a recording with information about the area that I found helpful and interesting. The trolleys are well maintained and there is tons of parking at their Corbett lot. All in all, I would do it again.
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ブルームフィールド, コロラド州50件の投稿
I can't recommend this activity more. I'm originally from PDX and have been through the Gorge a million times. The trolley gave us a close up and leisurely trip. We scheduled lunch at the Multnomah Falls Lodge. It was so great to have admission to the Falls included in our very affordable ticket price.
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Thank you for the review, we are glad you enjoyed your trip.
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ノースフォートマイヤーズ, フロリダ州156件の投稿
What a great transportation system this is to see the falls (including Multnomah)! We ordered our tickets online, saving us a couple dollars, but regardless, this is a super alternative way to see the falls without the traffic jams and parking lot hassles! And our driver offered all kinds of historical information throughout the route. It was so easy. Hop off. Take pictures. Visit gift shop (Multnomah Falls). Hop back on. Visit the falls you’d like. Stay on board if you choose to bypass a few. The trolleys are open air and a truly delightful ride. To us, this is simply the smartest and most economical way to visit the historic Columbia Gorge waterfalls area.
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