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2019年4月 • ファミリー
I traveled to Japan for 9 days with family- 4 days in Kyoto, 1 day in Hiroshima and 4 days in Tokyo and travelled in mid-April 2019 i.e towards end of Cherry blossom. Before travelling we watched lot of YouTube channel guides and marked the places accordingly.

My background :
- Raised in New Delhi and experienced beauties of Himalayas (north India), to historic monuments in Delhi and surrounding cities which are outcome of 1000s of years of ruling by ancient Indian kingdoms to Mughal Empire (originated from Turkey) to British empire and their architectures.

- Grew-up in New Jersey/ New York and experienced beaches of Miami to Grand canyon in Arizona & Utah , to commercial Parks of Disney and beauties of landscape in my backyard (i.e Central park, Catskills , Poconos) where I admire all 4 seasons.

- I travelled across the world from Indonesia to middle-east, from European Alps of Switzerland to eastern Europe to Nigeria in Africa.

- Personally my interests are mostly in Natural Beauty (mountains, oceans, landscape) , Historic Monuments / Architecture, Food and overall environment (i.e safety, technology, ability to access, friendly to tourist irrespective of skin color , religion etc ) . BTW I am not into anime/manga video games

There is no question there are lot of things to like in Japan (depending on tourists background) and given my background and my interests from my point of view I found Japan to be overrated as a tourist destination.

To me interesting destinations are places which I will crave to go back (e.g I crave to go to Utah , Switzerland, Bali etc) but I am sorry I couldn’t establish that relationship with Japan because it didn’t give me any unique prospective. Because:

1. From Natural Beauty point of view I didn’t like anything which could compete or substitute my experience in other destinations
2. From Historic Monuments point of view nothing stood out as a wow factor. If I compare India there is soo much diversity in terms of monuments/architectures. E.g the Temple in Kyoto (Kinkaku-ji) was such a disappointment when I compare with Golden temple in India. But I do understand there is a difference between historic significance vs visual admiration.
3. Food - my experience with Japanese food in NJ & New York city ..they are very competitive to Japan BUT what I found exciting was amazing food choices in 7 eleven type of convenient stores were awesome. I also tried highest quality of Wagyu A5 and A4 beef … that was delicious but then that is not something part of daily diet. Overall Japanese food are known for high quality and balanced diet…but at the end of the day my comfort food is my Indian Curry :-) . In fact after few days we started looking for Italian and Thai food coz were tired of Japanese food.
4. The thing which I admired is their beautiful railway system, high standards in work culture , process oriented, safety and cleanness (public toilets etc) ….. US is far behind

If you have similar interest like mine then I suggest you should consider Indonesia, India , China , Cambodia …But Japan as a country you should also visit to experience specially for westerners who have never been to ASIA.
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