Magical Bar Hopping Japan
ナイトツアー・パブめぐり • 文化体験ツアー • ナイトツアー • グルメツアー

Magical Bar Hopping Japan


Tommy was very friendly and his knowledge about Japanese History is excellent.
Even thought we had to cancel our plan to go to Japan this year. With this tour, we feel like we are actually there.
We highly recommend this tour.
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Pat R
2020年2月 • 一人
Hee and Maho were great hosts! It was also a good group that made it feel like just a bunch of friends hanging out. We got to see some bars that you wouldn't normally find on your own, and had some great drinks and food. I would definitely recommend this tour!
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Nick G
2019年5月 • 一人
When you turn up on a tour and its just another guy, the guide and yourself your expectations drop very quickly. In this case a cool funky guide was needed and his name was Sho..The night started off with some nice food and drink and by the end of it 3 drunk guys who had eaten some crazy random foods and only had the last train to stop the night from going on. not sure why these tours are not getting higher numbers, its well planned and well marketed but I wont complain as I found out small numbers mean a better night as everyone agrees on what to eat and do next
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Hi! Thank you for taking our Shibuya Bar Hopping Tour and your time to leave us a nice review! We are so glad to hear you enjoyed the tour with our guide, Sho! We usually have plural groups on a tour but, honestly, sometimes we get just a customer. But we believe our guides are very entertaining and can bring you a blast even though you are just with your guide. So we are really happy that Sho and your review to him prove our guides quality. Thank you so much, Arigato :) MagicalTrip Team
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2019年6月 • 一人
Did the tour with Rai as our guide. Rai was a great guide and showed us to 3 places that I would have never knew existed if he didnt show us. The places we went to all served great food and drink and this would be a recommended tour for anyone.
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Hi! Thank you for taking our Bar Hopping Tour and your time to leave us such a nice review! We are so glad to hear you had a nice time with our guide, Rai! We hope to see you again on another tour of ours! Arigato :) MagicalTrip Team
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Kyla V
ロサンゼルス, カリフォルニア2件の投稿
2019年5月 • カップル・夫婦
Highly recommend ! We went on a Saturday night and it was super fun, esp experiencing Shibuya’s more local bars with everyone out and about. Our tour guide Marina was very helpful and the people we met on our tour definitely made the experience. Only regret is that we did it later on in our trip. We loved the places they took us to and would have loved to go back !
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Hello, Thank you so much for your kind words! We are so happy you such a great time in our Shibuya Bar Hopping tour! and that you could learn and experience so many new things about Japan and Japanese night life thanks to our tour. Our guides, like Marina , are really passionate and sweet. We are really proud to have her in our team. Please, come soon to join us again! Cheers! MagicalTrip Team
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Lisa H
サンフランシスコ, カリフォルニア2件の投稿
2019年4月 • 友達
I did the Shibuya tour with a group of friends and were excited to visit bars we wouldn’t go to on our own and learn a little bit about the local experience in Tokyo. We have done many food and drinking tours in other countries and assumed we would have great food and drinks and also learn a lot from the guide.

Food & drinks: 4/5
Decent food and plenty of drinks at all 3 stops. Not sure if we would have chosen ordered cheese as the first dish for a bunch of Americans and Australians, but we thought it was funny. We also had some great wagyu beef sushi. We didn’t expect to be wowed by the food as it’s a bar hopping, so rating this high because it’s a good deal in terms of quantity, but that should be table stakes for a tour like this.

Bars: 2/5
We were underwhelmed by the “local experience” and felt that we could have gone to any of these bars on our own. We’re we’re also really turned off by the fact that 2 of the 3 bars had a laminated “bar hopping tour menu” and several other tables with other tour groups. The tour prides itself as not being touristy so this really detracted from that.

Guide: 2/5
Our guide was Kei, who was very friendly and even helped us find a great karaoke spot after the tour. That said, he didn’t do much “guiding” or tell us much about Tokyo and local life. He just showed us to our tables, helped us order, and ate and drank. Also expected stronger communication skills.

Overall, this tour is a good deal for people who might not have traveled a lot, are traveling alone, or don’t feel comfortable popping into izakayas on their own but not sure if all of the 5 star reviews accurately reflect our experience.
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Hello, Thank you very much for the honest feedback. The satisfaction of our customers is always our top priority and we really appreciate your honest feedback towards our tour. We will try to improve the quality of the venues and guides based on your feedback. We extend our sincerest apologies on behalf of our team for not being able to provide experience that is good enough to reach your expectations. Thank you for choosing us. Yours sincerely, Magical Trip Support Team
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arman m
2019年3月 • カップル・夫婦
If there's a six star review then this magical trip to shibuya bar hop with Tetsuya-San has it. He was well informed, accomodating and best of all guided us through then dizzying izakaya bar scene in the heart of Shibuya. Kampai Tetsuya-san!!!
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Thank you so much for taking our tour and gave us such a nice review! We are really glad that you had a nice time with Tetsuya! Magical Trip team
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サンフランシスコ, カリフォルニア8件の投稿
2018年12月 • 一人
I went on the bar hopping tour in Shibuya and had an amazing time! Not only do you get to find cool places to eat / drink in the city, you also get the opportunity to meet some awesome people! I would def recommend this as a fun activity. Sho was an awesome tour guide! I will def recommend this experience / tour guide to any friends who visit Tokyo in the future.
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Thank you so much for joining our tour! Glad to hear you had a nice time with Sho :) We can't wait to spend a great night with your friends too!! Thank you for your great review! Magical Trip team
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2019年2月 • ビジネス
I had a wonderful time at this event on Wednesday, 2/13. Ryoma was a fantastic guide and made sure everyone in our group was having a great time! The food was really good and there were some interesting drinks I wouldn't have known to try otherwise. For food at the bars, I had the whale bacon, wayyu beef nigiri sushi, and the beef with cheese. We shared food family-style at the last bar, so I also tried the mushrooms (SO GOOD!) and fried chicken. It was really helpful to have the customized menu with descriptions in English. I would highly recommend this tour :D
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Thank you so much for joining Magical Trip!! Glad to hear you had a nice time with Ryoma! Hope you had a nice time in Japan :) Magical Trip team
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2019年1月 • 一人
Tetsuya was a wonderful tour guide with an inviting personality! He had a deep knowledge of the areas we visited, and made the trip a lovely experience. I also made good friends with those that attended. Good food and a fantastic guide with the chance of making great friends; you can't miss this tour!
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Hi, Thank you so much for your kind words. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us—and we agree, Tetsuya is truly a passionate guide to have on our team! He knows Shibuya like his own home:)! Thanks again! Please, If you have the chance, come soon to join us again! Cheers! The MagicalTrip Team
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