Barbados Wildlife Reserve
Barbados Wildlife Reserve
Barbados Wildlife Reserveを満喫するイチ押しの方法

バブル評価 5 段階中 4.01,143件の口コミ

イヴシャム, イギリス20件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 4.0
2024年4月 • 一人
Very pleasant hour spent here. I was one of the first in & it was quiet which was nice. I saw the monkeys, tortoises, peacocks & deer then wandered by the snakes, birds, etc.
It’s nice, very small and that’s okay as long as you know to expect that.
I watched ‘feeding time at the zoo’ 😂 well it was like that!! Heaps of visitors (too many?) all crammed in to watch. No need really as once they have their food, the monkeys wander all over eating it anyway.
Took a stroll to the ‘viewpoint’ & again probably my own expectations were too high. I hoped to see the East Coast view, instead I just saw a few tree tops 🤔
But I did then drive to Cherry Tree Hill which satisfied my view desires!! 😊
I liked the trip & would say it was worth it.
Ooh!!! Good footwear recommendation from other trip advisors was VERY APPRECIATED!!! Went in trainers and it was 💯 the right thing!!! Thanks!
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Wendy H
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2024年3月 • ファミリー
The monkeys were fascinating to observe. We arrived just after 11am when they were being fed. Wonderful to witness them roaming freely in abundance. We didn’t explore further as we had others places we wanted to see but for the monkeys alone 10/10
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arthur y
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2024年3月 • ファミリー
We have just returned from the monkey feeding tour with Beautiful Barbados tours.
Our driver was Glein, rhymes with Kalvin Klein, what an excellent experience being up close and personal to the green monkeys at feeding time.
I strongly recommend this tour.
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Crypto M
バブル評価 5 段階中 4.0
2024年3月 • カップル・夫婦
Seeing the many animals loose and in wild environment was great. Monkeys could come and go out of preserve. It was great to be up close and personal with these crazy critters
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Jules C
ブリッジタウン, バルバドス223件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 3.0
2024年3月 • 一人
Though the time spent here was a good experience, I left wanting to see more, more animals should be on offer, the sanctuary was nice and the animals able to move freely amongst humans was cool, especially those tortoises that was everywhere, as they're camouflaged to the pathways, be careful not to step on them, as I almost tripped over one, monkeys are quite popular with visitors, my favorite for sure is the peacocks as they're quite beautiful, a deer was just lying around minding his own business, there's a swamp with crocodiles, but hard to make out as they also are camouflaged in the water and don't even move to get a shot, the only downside to this attraction is not enough signage so you get a better understanding of the path to take, or not to take to avoid seeing those other reptiles that gives me the jibbies.
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ウッディンビル, ワシントン州32件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 4.0
2024年3月 • カップル・夫婦
Lots of tortoises around, very fun. Catching a glimpse of the wild monkeys outside of the feeding times was difficult but we were still able to spot a few. Most of then hang out in the parking lot across the street from the reserve. It is a bit of walking through the trails, you could do half and see most everything the reserve has to offer. If coming a shore from a cruise, just grab a local cab driver for a private experience, just be sure to leave buffer time back to the ship. It's about 40min away with some slight traffic.
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Vicki L
マルドン, イギリス50件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 4.0
2024年2月 • ファミリー
We enjoyed a couple of hours here while we were in barbados. The children enjoyed seeing the monkeys being fed (11am) and then enjoyed spotting the animals in the reserve. Lots of tortoises which our 3 year old son thought was brilliant! Our daughter liked seeing the snakes and the birds. Nice little trip
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ラティマー, イギリス12件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2024年2月 • ファミリー
An absolute gem, we’ve visited each time we come here, brilliant array of animals, and red legged tortoises, who are everywhere, the kids loved it, as did we, highly recommend.
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チェシャー州, イギリス68件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2024年2月 • カップル・夫婦
What an absolute must do experience.. we found out about the wildlife reserve via our car hire booklet and we knew it was a must, we’re a sucker for an animal or two! We arrived just after the reserve had opened at 10am and was informed to do a quick tour of reserve before heading over to the signal station to watch the monkeys feeding at 11am. We double checked and you are allowed back to the reserve after seeing the monkeys. We headed over, and it was amazing to see the monkey so close, snaffling down their breakfast without a care in the world. You can get super close to them, just respect their space and food! There is a member of staff present at all times, which is good as you can ask questions etc. once the monkey feed was done, we headed back to the main part of the reserve and had a proper good look at the other animals living there. The amount of tortoises is just incredible, we couldn’t believe how many of them there were! There are lots of other animals to see, not just monkeys and tortoises. We got another glimpse of the monkeys later on, when they came around to the iguana enclosure and was stealing the food from there, cheeky monkeys indeed!

Once we’d seen everything we could in the reserve, we heading across the car park back to the signal station, to visit that and the forest/nature trail. It’s included in the ticket price, which is really good. You learn all about how and what the signal station was used for and take in some of the views, and then we headed down to the nature trail. It was very hot and humid, but the information dotted around the trail is super informative. We loved the cave and its unexpected residents!

Overall, an amazing experience and would recommend. Try and go as close to opening time as possible as that seems the quieter time to visit and make sure you’ve got sensible shoes/sandals on, as both the reserve and trail can be uneven and slippery. We visited on a Sunday and the food/drink options weren’t available, but luckily we’d taken our own for the journey.

10/10 kids and adults alike will love this experience.
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Vicky S
ルートン, イギリス9件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2024年1月 • 友達
Amazing to see the monkeys, deer and tortoises up so close! They are fed every day at 2pm so a ‘must see’ when you’re here! Highly recommend
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