Savegre River

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Lautjie B
Costa Rica11件の投稿
2019年1月 • ファミリー
The river was sooooo warm... The kids loved swimming in all of the pools. Our guide told us all about the plants, painted the kids faces and made us all feel safe. From Start to finish, this was a highlight!
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Yuter F
ヴァーノンヒルズ, イリノイ州16件の投稿
We (4 adults, 4 teenagers) had a great time on this rafting trip. Being December and the start of the Costa Rican summer, the rapids were not too demanding. In my raft (we had 2 rafts), our guide Ryan (Cheers) was fantastic! There is one portion of the trip that they tell you, you can get out of the raft and float down the river on your back. I have to say this was pretty harrowing and I would not do it again. In fact, if I did it before my kids, I would have been hesitant to allow them to do it.
The bus ride to the top of the river is fairly long and bumpy. The restaurant and late lunch after rafting was very good and close to the water with a nice view.
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Jimmy A
サンホゼ, コスタリカ14件の投稿
El trayecto esta lleno de aventura asi como de vistas impresionantes, la calidad del agua es increíble, la naturaleza que bordea este ríos es simplemente majestuosa, hay que hacer rápidos en este rio y disfrutar de cada momento.
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イングリッシュタウン, ニュージャージー州68件の投稿
2016年12月 • カップル・夫婦
I was a little hesistant to try this adventure but it was great. The tour guides with us were all very helpful and friendly. We had great weather as we went down the river. My boat had only 4 people and we had to paddle a little. Not very strenous at all. Kinda wished it was a little more of cat 2 rapids than the cat 1. Spend 2 hours on the river with a short break at the 1 hour mark.
Very enjoyable.
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ココアビーチ, フロリダ州17件の投稿
Our day white water rafting here was the highlight of our trip to Costa Rica. These guys go the extra mile to make sure everyone is comfortable and entertained. There was never a dull moment with this crew. Highly recommend for everyone!
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ロサンゼルス, カリフォルニア73件の投稿
We booked Tukan Tours to take us from Jaco to Savegre River for some white water rafing. Our guides and driver was great, Didn't know that some parts of this river were class 4 rapids. In short, our raft flipped and everyone took a spill down the river. It was horrific and I felt humbled after the incident. Overall, I had fun rafting the Savegre but will not do it again, I highly suggest that you prepare yourself just in case you go overboard, stay calm and respect nature.

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Alx F
2015年9月 • 友達
Clean, safe, amazing, funny and wild experience with one of the most important companies in Manuel Antonio. No better way to enjoy this river keeping natural status of the enviroment.
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Shelley S
ピッツバーグ, ペンシルバニア州32件の投稿
2015年6月 • ファミリー
This was fun activity and close to Uvita. The crew was not the greatest. They were a bit cocky. When we went, the water was relatively low, so we had class I-III rapids, not class IV, which was good for our family. The guides make it sound like they usually try to flip the raft at least once, which we would not have enjoyed, when the water is at typical levels.
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Michael O
2014年6月 • ファミリー
this is a perfect river for newbie rafters. It has some great bumps, but they're essentially all followed by a flat spot, so should you come out of the raft, you're in calm water almost immediately.

Others have remarked about how beautiful it is, including the stop at the waterfall. True, true!

Tour guides were great!
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Diana B
ウェスト パーム ビーチ, フロリダ州18件の投稿
2013年11月 • ファミリー
These guys were awesome! on the drive up to the rapids, they would stop and pick various spices along the road. it was fun, educational, and we were there before you knew it. The guides "performed" for us and they also put out snacks for us with quite an elaborate setting!
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