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Paul Losordo
ボストン, マサチューセッツ州80件の投稿
2023年5月 • カップル・夫婦
Amazing attention to detail, attentive and responsive throughout the booking through followup after two days of touring Tokyo. Keiko was absolutely perfect match for an experienced travelling couple. We wanted an introduction to Tokyo neighborhoods and we got a great walk and talk. Keiko is empathetic, fun, thoughtful, and thorough. We plan to return to Tokyo and hope to explore more of Tokyo together! Highly recommended for experienced, curious, mature travelers seeking genuine experiences. Seeing the Buddhist and Shinto ceremonies alone were fantastic! Bravo!
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Dear Paul, Thank you very much for writing a great review! Please accept my apologies for not responding sooner. As a private guide and tour planner, I’m committed to providing the best experience to my customers from building a tailor-made itinerary to the follow-up to the tour. It was an absolute pleasure to show you around the big city passing through some less visited neighborhoods to discover their hidden charms. Having conversations with seasoned travelers like you is always stimulating and uplifting, and I have learned a lot from you. Thank you very much once again for having me as your guide and sharing your precious time with me. Hope you will come back to Tokyo and see you again. Sincerely yours, Keiko (
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Cinthia B
2018年4月 • カップル・夫婦
We had Keiko for a full day tour and she delivered a great day of information and wonderful sites for us. She does her research for the changing special events for the seasons. She knew that the Geishas were serving tea and cookies for only 1 more day during Cherry Blossom season, so we added that to our mix of interesting things to see and do. We let her make all of the decisions as to where we should go and what to see. She communicated via email with us before our trip and asked what we would be interested in seeing and we let her know that we were foodies and she had prepped special places for us to try during our day. I can not tell you how happy we were with our day with her in Tokyo! Spend your travel monies with Keiko, you won't be disappointed! Wear your best walking shoes, she can move like a fish in the water through Tokyo.... if you can keep up with her! (Private joke so Keiko knows it's Cinthia and Rich, miss you!)
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Dear Cinthia, Thank you very much for such a wonderful review! I am happy to hear that you enjoyed your day with me. It’s always a great pleasure to show what the life of Tokyo is like and the changing cityscapes with seasons. You came in the perfect timing for the cherry blossoms where lots of seasonal festivals celebrating the joy of spring were held. Email communication prior to the tour regarding especially what to see and where to eat is essential for me to make the most of your limited time. I tried my best to tailor the itinerary to bring you satisfaction and I was so glad to see you were happily surprised at the idea of enjoying a cup of tea served by Geisha. Thank you very much once again for having me as your guide. I hope the tips and info that I provided were helpful enough to swim(!) through the megalopolis on your own. It’s been a great honor for me to share time and good conversation with such amazing people like you! Sincerely yours, Keiko (
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ブリスベン, オーストラリア16件の投稿
2017年1月 • ファミリー
we are a family of 5 and wanted to see as much as we could in one day in Tokyo so we hired a private tour guide to do this. Mr Takaki was very knowledgeable and guided us through Tokyo and surrounding suburbs with ease showing us all the major sightseeing venues such as Tokyo tower, the imperial palace, electric town, a traditional Japanese garden and lunch in a cheap authentic Japanese restaurant. we couldn't have done any of this in the same amount of time as we definitely struggled with the train system and the language barrier. The train system was very hard to understand but with the guidance of our tour guide was able to get a rough idea on how it works. Overall it was a great experience and we definitely would suggest to anyone going over for the first time to get a tour guide for a few hours to show you the basics. My tips are, only go for a few hours as we went for 8 hours and the kids were exhausted by the end of it. The other tip is, do the tour on your first day as they will teach you how to use the train ticket machines and where to eat, how to order and a general knowledge of the area. Due to the new years holiday we had to wait until the second day we arrived so missed out on a lot of the knowledge the guide could have given us.
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