Margaritaville After Dark Nightclub Experience

Margaritaville After Dark Nightclub Experience

Margaritaville After Dark Nightclub Experience
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2023年8月 • 友達
This is the place to be. Great vibes, music, dancing and drinks. They had 3Djs and dancers in the middle of the floor showing the patrons the dance steps to the songs. Drinks needed a Lil more liquor to me but overall a 10 for me.
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Jim P
2023年6月 • 友達
We were robbed at the bar gave the barman $50 for two drinks that were $18 he gave back all $1 bills screwed up to make it look more and $20 was missing of course was denied. They are all thieves do not bother it’s a shame as most Jamaican people are nice but some definitely try rob tourists. Check your change before you move from the bar as they rob you!!!
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Had a blast here. The lifeguard on duty was extremely cognizant of my youngest that is not a strong swimmer. He watched him like a hawk and engaged with him to practice swimming to the side of the pool. The drinks were amazing and the staff was extremely reaponsive.
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Michelle N
ジャクソンビル, フロリダ州2件の投稿
2020年2月 • カップル・夫婦
My BF and I got dropped off there during a snorkeling cruise. The place was packed. I expected that because it's a tourist spot. Got inside and it crazy! This is definitely not a family friendly place. Walked inside, expecting to get greeted and showed to a table. NOPE! No helped. Server's were just walking around. Asked one for a table, he told us to try upstairs and walked away, (um how do I get upstairs?!?!). The place wasn't worth it.
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トック, アラスカ州1,093件の投稿
2020年1月 • 友達
Todo el mundo me hablaba de este lugar y aunque la vista es muy bonita no merece la pena desplazarse
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クライストチャーチ, イギリス20件の投稿
2020年1月 • 友達
We were charged $45 for 3 tequila shots!
Struggled to get served, watching locals being given priority whilst I stand there, when I finally did get served, $19 dollars for 2 rum and coke, think they make the prices up as they go along.
Constantly hassled by men here, did not feel safe.
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ロックヴィル, メリーランド州146件の投稿
This looked like a place that caters to college spring break groups or bachelor's and bachelorette parties. They are on the water and have some water rafts and a tube they call a long slide. There are even snorkeling trips that take you here. Not for kids and families in my opinion, there are better places to swim, eat and drink.
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Nic N
ダンディー, イギリス149件の投稿
2019年11月 • カップル・夫婦
This place looks like it'd be cool during the day. We went on a Sunday night and it was pretty empty. We were charged $20 for 2 frozen drinks with barely any alcohol in them. The vibe was a little creepy, but probably because it was so empty.
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2019年9月 • 友達
I booked the VIP experience at Margaretiville to help ring in my 40th birthday. The process started with multiple emails to Mr. Andy Scott, who was very informative and patient-he made sure to allay all my concerns. I ended up picking the ultimate package with entrance fees for 10, two bottles of alcohol (Hennessy white and Patron), decorated table and transportation from the resort. We were picked up on time and the van was clean. We did not know the van was not private and it made stops at 1-2 other resorts before heading to the club. If I did I will, I would have likely paid for a private transport. But the ride was fine, though crowed.

Once we made it to the place, a male asked for our party (Reggie?) and he explained the return process and directed us inside. There was a little misunderstanding where the front door attendant asked for entrance fee and wanted proof of our package, but once it was explained who we were, we were led upstairs.

We had a large table upstairs and it was decorated with balloons. I was given a sash and we took lots pictures. After a while we were brought our bottles with a nice bit of flair then the dancing began. There were two floors of dancing and by midnight, the place was packed and full of fun. We danced till 2 am and I must say, I can not remember the last time I had such a great time. The crowd was lively and friendly and the music was varied and made you want to dance. We went outside and some of my party bought the famed jerked chicken from the stands-they said it was well seasoned and with every penny. We were then directed onto our van and returned without incident. I think one of my best memories (outside of the dancing) was meeting Mr. Alan and having nice chat with him. All and all, this experience surpassed my expectations and I want to thank Mr Alan Scott and all the staff for helping me have the best 40th bday ever!!!
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カンザス シティ, ミズーリ61件の投稿
I really enjoy this spot when we travel to Jamaica which is quite often and on certain nights it is amazing. However if you don't want to be bother with a larger overbearing crowd don't go on ladies night. You cannot even find a place to stand, it takes forever to get a drink and the bar tenders are rude. I am assuming it is because they are overworked because the club is so crowed. If you choose a different day other than Thursdays .
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