St James Parish Church
St James Parish Church
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Poolville, Texas183件の投稿
2023年4月 • 友達
Lovely and very interesting church. I recommend this stop. It doesn't take a long time, and it is free (although giving a donation is always good).
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James S
トロント, カナダ554件の投稿
2023年3月 • カップル・夫婦
One of the more interesting finds one comes across while wandering the streets of Montego Bay is Saint James Parish Church. Located in the downtown, only a few minutes walk from Sam Sharpe Square the church is both a local landmark and building of historical interest.

Construction commenced in 1775 and was completed seven years later in 1782 when the first service was conducted here. Services continue every Sunday morning for those so inclined. They are rather early though starting at 7:30am.

The massive stone walls of the church are typical of the time, when such places not only served as places of worship but also as those of sanctuary. Inside it is surprisingly cool. The first thing one notices is the magnificent pews and alter all hand carved of deep dark mahogany and the impressive stain glass window behind the alter which catches the sun.

To the left of the alter is a carved portrait of Mrs. Rose Palmer carved in 1794 by John Bacon. Mrs. Palmer was the mistress of Rose Hall plantation located to the north east of the present-day city and one of the churches parishioners. She is buried in the garden to the north of the church as are several other plantation owners.

Rose Palmer should not be confused with another local Annie Palmer also known as the White Witch who was the wife of the great nephew of Rose. She was according to local legend responsible for the murders of three of her spouses and several slaves before being murdered herself. It is rumoured her ghost still haunts Rose Hall Manor.

Aside from scheduled services the church is usually open to visitors. We visited it twice in the week we were there. The first time the massive wooden doors were open and we received a brief but informative tour. Sadly when I returned later in the week to take more pictures, it was closed and a local advised me the Priest was away on an errand but would return shortly.

Just north of the church and its graveyard is another small burial ground. A local advised me this is the old military burial grounds where British troops who passed away while garrisoning the town wee interred. During my second visit, workman were enclosing the grounds in chain link fence but hopefully there is still some access.

In this field is a simple high wooden cross with the names of locals who fell during the First and Second World Wars. As part of the British Empire many Jamaicans volunteered to serve during these conflicts and many did so with courage and distinction. Sadly, as in all conflicts not all returned home. As in all Commonwealth Nations Remembrance services are held here every November 11th by local government officials, military, veterans and local citizens.
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シカゴ, イリノイ州822件の投稿
The church is in the center of the town next to old town. Area around the church is not accommodating for tourists, just the busy center of the town with no coffee shops or restaurants. We saw craft market few blocks away. Inside of the church mahogany trim, balconies and benches are beautiful. Too bad we did not come during mass, steel drum music performed there might be very interesting. Tourist are brought to the church and taken back after visit, what a lost opportunity. Looks like archdiocese decided to built new building very close to the church, in the future probably hiding part of the building.
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ロチェスター, ニューヨーク州296件の投稿
We visited on a Saturday and there were quite a few people in and around the Church. Lots of history and remarkable elements including the old pipe organ, very old altar and pews, ornate carvings, stained glass, and the outside cemetery. Make a contribution and say a prayer when you're there.
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Bernd E
ヘルツォーゲンアウラハ, ドイツ687件の投稿
Im Rahmen der Taxi-Tour, die wir auf Jamaika gebucht hatten, wurden wir zur St. James Parish Church gefahren. Die Kirche ist nicht mit den prunkvollen Kirchen in Europa zu vergleichen, ist aber sehr interessant weil authentisch, auf alle fälle sehenswert.
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Stanislav T.
モスクワ, ロシア121件の投稿
2019年10月 • カップル・夫婦
Интересная церковь сохранившаяся до наших дней, построенная между 1775 и 1782 годами. В 1957 году она подверглась работам после землетрясения. Величайшая церковь Монтего Бэй, с кладбищем и надгробия 200-250 летней давности. Построена в форме греческого креста, имеет два памятника 18 века скульптора Д.Бэкона, резные лавки ручной работы из красного дерева, орган. Церковь является действующей, в ней можно послушать приход, насладиться другой религией и звуками органа.
Рекомендуется к прсещению.
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サンパウロ, ブラジル294件の投稿
2019年5月 • 友達
Lugar calmo e cheio da história recente da Jamaica.
Com o cemitério antes da entrada da igreja, o local tem um jardim aonde fica o cemitério.
Dentro a arquitetura simples, com a Steel Orchestra que rola aos domingos pela manhã durante o culto.
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Kathryn M
2019年2月 • ファミリー
The stained glass windows and eagle pulpit are beautiful Unfortunately, many of the old graves have been destroyed or have deteriorated. If you go to church, it is interesting to attend the service. High Anglican with a mix of Jamaican music, It starts very early I think 7:30 and it is a long service. One highlight is the "Pans of Praise" a steel pan band that plays in the loft on two Sundays per month.
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Mikael S
ストックホルム, スウェーデン377件の投稿
2019年1月 • ファミリー
Kul att se , men inget märkvärdigt - detta är inte ett måste - det är en kyrka på Jamaica.. Stämningsfullt men inget spec.
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ラングリー市, カナダ545件の投稿
2018年10月 • カップル・夫婦
Well worth the time to tour or attend church services here! The church was built almost 250 years ago and is very unique. Hand carved pews, wonderful stained glass & a unique organ.
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