Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef
Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef

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2023年12月 • ファミリー
The beach itself is beautiful, and the snorkelling is amazing, but the road to get there is absolutely awful! We ended up having to be towed by some local guys who stopped to help us - for context, my husband is a really competent, experienced driver, but our hire car was not 4x4 and we ended up getting out of the car so he could attempt the steep hill with some speed…still didn’t manage to get to the top even with when a local guy who drives that road regularly had a go! Considering how much Jade Mountain costs to stay at, I’m surprised they haven’t bothered to reinvest anything into the infrastructure to get there (I think most guests arrive by chopper or boat!) - I’d still recommend visiting the beach but would 100% recommend going in a 4x4 or with a local driver/taxi to avoid getting in the pickle we got in!
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Chân C
ラ・モット, フランス478件の投稿
2023年8月 • カップル・夫婦
Venus pour y pratiquer le snorkeling, la réserve marine est sincèrement quelconque : très peu de coraux, quelques poissons (murène noire, 2 ou 3 poissons coffres, 2 ou 3 perroquets…). Pour qui pratique le snorkeling assidûment, l’endroit est très décevant. A l’extrémité de la réserve le courant est particulièrement dangereux car très violent. Il est vivement recommandé de s’arrêter de snorkler bien avant d’atteindre la corde qui figure l’extrémité de la réserve, cote haute mer.
Sortie à 2, payée $340 depuis Sugar Beach, très décevante !
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エルモ, モンタナ州7件の投稿
2023年5月 • 友達
For visitors, there is a tiny stretch only where one can enjoy. The rest is not public. Water taxis and other pollution generating things around this beach.
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Brian M
ランバートン, ノースカロライナ州90件の投稿
We drove here and parked in the visitors parking lot. The staff were very respectful towards us as non guests and we were respectful towards the resort and their guests. Nice snorkeling area but the beach is a little crowded for my preference. Instead take the walk on a nice smooth road to Anse Mamin. It is almost deserted and beautifully kept. Also the snorkeling at the end back towards Anse Chastanet has some of the best plant life I have seen as well as fish and a turtle. We saw a whale breach off shore as we walked back around sunset.
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Jeffrey R
2023年3月 • カップル・夫婦
The entire experience was extraordinary, starting with our greeting at the airport. The welcome and orientation was pleasant and informative. Our room was perfect. Service throughout our 7 night stay was always friendly like family. The menu changed everyday with some consistent menu items. We traveled all over the Caribbean for 40 plus years, this is the best spot by far.
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2023年3月 • カップル・夫婦
Everything went nicely, with a lot of help of our host in View Fort, A Piece of Paradise that gave us support with everything happening on the island. Nothing would be the same without her!!! St Lucia people are very respectful with the tourists and the surroundings are clean anywhere you go. We enjoyed a few hidden beaches, took helicopter tour, did the two famous hikes , Gros Piton and Tet Paul,even the Project Chocolat and Sulfur Springs tours. All went amazingly and two weeks are more than enough to see all island landmarks. Is a great place to explore at least once in a lifetime, it would be a long review to tell how many things i experienced there, but if i ever go back a nice staying at a top notch resort would be the second best thing there for planning.
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Ashlyne N
ノース ベイ, カナダ274件の投稿
2022年12月 • カップル・夫婦
We were surprised as to how small the beach was, it was crowded with beach loungers and resort guests. The reef has some cool fish but nothing crazy. It was nice that it was roped off though. Right after snorkelling we decided to got to Anse Mamin beach, it was much nicer. You can’t see the Pitons from this beach.
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ランシング, ミシガン州857件の投稿
2022年11月 • カップル・夫婦
Not an expert on snorkeling in St Lucia but I think this is one of the best areas on the island to snorkel. If you are not a guest of Anse Chastanet or Jade Mountain, you can still snorkel here as the snorkel area is a marine sanctuary.

Most people staying at other resorts in the area get here by going on a snorkel tour. The snorkel area is just around the next bend of the Soufriere Bay. The boats can easily pull up to the snorkel area and let people off. The best area is roped off and away from the volcanic beach.

Tons of reef fish in a large roped off area. A nice touch is there is a ladder going into the roped off area, which makes it easier to get in or out.
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メードストン, イギリス1,178件の投稿
We didn't stay at Anse Chastanet, but we did come for a swim and some snorkelling on our boat tour. The volcanic beach is absolutely beautiful and the water is clear and calm. We saw a lot of fish and enjoyed our visit.
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This beach is at the Jade Mountain Resort. We did not stay at the resort, but we wanted to snorkel, so we went to the guard station. They let us park for free & we had to sign in, then they showed us how to walk down to the beach. When you reach the beach, go to the left & there is a roped off area with a dock. That is where you want to snorkel. We saw a beautiful Elk-horn coral, beautiful orange corals along the rocks & yellow barrel sponges. It was not crowded. There was a restaurant, but we did not eat there.
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