Norman Island Caves
Norman Island Caves

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ディピア, ウィスコンシン州473件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2023年11月 • カップル・夫婦
Snorkeled at the Indians and the Norman Island Caves on November 30 as an excursion through Celebrity Cruises. The tour had approximately 50 participants.
Of the two locations, Norman Island was our favorite. The water next to Norman Island was very calm and the clarity/visibility at the site was excellent. There are three caves at the site, two of the caves are rather shallow but the third extends quite a way into the island, so far that after exploring the entrance of the cave and swimming deeper into the cave, we decided to turn around due to the lack of light and the narrowness of the cave. We are avid snorkelers and enjoyed the uniqueness of the experience.
The Norman Caves area was large enough that it accommodated a group this size better than The Indians site. The marine life was similar at both sites. We did see a few Moon Jellyfish here which are interesting creatures to observe and present minimal danger to snorkelers. A few individuals saw a barracuda at the site, but we did not.
The Indians site had some interesting coral, but the water was choppier, and we were instructed to stay on one side of the rocks as the current is strong on the opposite side.
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シエスタ キー, フロリダ州1件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 1.0
2023年8月 • 友達
On a recent trip to Norman Island our group visited The Caves.
Lighting was terrible.
Didn’t accept American Express
No bears. One star.
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バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2023年5月 • 友達
Snorkeling off Norman Island was really good . Plenty of variety of colourful fish to see . Good visibility.
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Drew S
ロンドン, カナダ167件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2023年4月 • ファミリー
This is a great spot to go snorkelling.

Things you’ll see
1) Seahorses (you’ll have to look very close to rocks)
2) Turtles
3) Tropical Fish
4) Coral Reef if starting to rebuild from the last hurricane
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Doug R
トワンダ, イリノイ州60件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
Snorkeling at the Caves is great. Lots of interesting fish and even some sea turtles. Several cruise boats were moored the day we stopped. There were large groups of swimmers and snorkelers around and into the caves.
The water is deep so be as strong swimmer or have some flotation support.
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ビクスビー, オクラホマ州13件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 4.0
2019年12月 • ファミリー
The wind was up and the sea was rough. The tour operator was VERY clear that the ride was going to be rough and we would likely not get to snorkel the sea caves. We were offered a full refund if we didn’t want to venture out, so I can’t complain that we didn’t get to snorkel the caves. It was obviously too rough to be safe there, so we went on to an extended stop at Treasure Island/Pirates’ Bight.

That stop was very pretty and relaxing, with a small, but interesting reef and a restaurant/bar. Overall, we didn’t get the full experience, but the tour operator made the most of the circumstances. Weather happens. I appreciated the up-front info from the tour operator. Less scrupulous operators would have just said nothing and gone forward knowing they would skip part of the tour (or worse let us get in the water in unsafe conditions).

Even under less than ideal circumstances, I felt like we got our money’s worth.
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バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
We snorkeled here and were blown away by the sea life we saw. Schools of fish in the hundreds that swam very close to us! The sea life in the caves is excellent but be careful. It gets very dark and the tide can be quite strong. Definitely the place to snorkel if you get the chance!!!
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Peter R
ボストン, マサチューセッツ州2,216件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
We were told that the Norman Island Caves inspired the book, Treasure Island, by our crew on the Cruz Bay Watersports BVI snorkel cruise. This was our snorkeling stop following a walk through the Baths of Virgin Gorda. Our boat anchored at the caves along with about a half dozen others, and we dove in and swam over to the three caves to explore. The first cave goes back the furthest, about 90 feet. They are all shallow water and inhabited by fish. It is hard to see underwater in the far reaches of the 90 foot cave although when you lift your head out of the water you could see to the end of the cave pretty easily when your eyes adjusted. It was a little spooky but fun. Around the caves there were some pretty nice tropical fish to watch. I consider this a must do if you like to snorkel
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トロント, カナダ682件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2020年1月 • カップル・夫婦
The Caves are an absolute “must do”. In fact, if the waters are fairly calm, you can avoid the craziness of the Norman mooring site close to the Willie T and Bight and moor your vessel near the Caves. The snorkelling along the shoreline and in the caves is just outstanding.
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マートル ビーチ, サウスカロライナ州30件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
Our family (ages 13 - 70+) highly recommends exploring at least one of these three water-filled caves located at the base of cliffs. It is a very different experience snorkeling into the caves and we really enjoyed it!
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