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Sukanya D
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Imagine driving over two hours to reach this place that has such colourful legends/myths associated wit it and also a Hindi movie...only to find it has been painted a startling white and the entrance locked with the caretaker nowhere to be found. I thought there would be a backdoor...turned out it was the guard's quarter or something and the boundary wall had just that one gate. I raised my camera above the gate and got some clear shots...that was ALL. The two- storied octagonal structure, with arched gateways and slender columns is crowned with a dome. Great architecture. Only the zoom of my camera enabled me to see it. We could not enter the lawn, let alone the tomb proper...and it is MAGNIFICENT. The tomb of her first husband Pieter Brueys was at The Dutch Cemetery nearby...but that was another disappointment. I really wish the restorers would take into account the fact that scrubbing and whitewashing everything is not really RESTORATION.
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Satyendra Garg
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2018年3月 • ファミリー
While in Chandannagar I was told about this beautiful Indo-Dutch Susana Anna Maria Monument on GT Road between Chandannagar and Chinsurah in Hooghly District of West Bengal. It is a beautiful monument though the subject of this monument Susana Anna Maria was an interesting character. Ruskin Bond wrote a story about her and it has been made a subject matter of Hindi Film. It is said that this Dutch woman married seven times and each time her husband disappeared. It is also said that historical facts do not support this common belief about her. Whatever the truth, the Memorial is beautiful, in an isolated place on GT Road.
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コルカタ (カルカッタ), インド126件の投稿
2014年11月 • 友達
The noteworthy memorial in memory of Susana Anna Maria is located on the Grand Trunk Road between Chinsurah and Chandernagore at Taldanga, West Bengal. It is an octagonal, two storey structure with a domed roof. It has arched gateways at each of the four sides of the mausoleum. On either side of the gateways are two slender fluted Corinthian columns with rectangular abacuses adding to the beauty of the structure. It is an excellent example of the Indo Dutch architecture.
The Dutch lady Susannah Anna Maria Verkerk married Pieter Bruyes and later an Englishman Thomas Yeats. Folk lore has it that Susanna Anna Maria had married seven times and each time her husband had disappeared under mysterious circumstances. This is not supported by the historical records. However this lore inspired the short story “Susanna’s Seven Husbands by Ruskin Bonds and later turned into a Hindi film.
The site is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.
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