Northala Fields

Northala Fields (ノーソルト)

Northala Fields
1-2 時間


リッチモンド, イギリス8件の投稿
Love this place
2021年1月 • カップル・夫婦
I absolutely love this place, it has always held a dear place in my heart because it’s where my (now) husband and I would talk about our future, getting married, having kids. We love coming here after having lunch in Boxpark, Wembley - it’s like our wholesome tradition now. The views are wonderful and I just love trying scoping out the views around London, this is a lovely area to have a chilled, low key day out with your partner, friends or a day out with the family.

I have always loved this park for so many reasons, mainly because of how in our early years of dating we would talk about our plans for the future and we would always have such a lovely, wholesome day out.

However the main reason I love this place even more is because it’s also where my husband proposed, all our conversations came full circle - so now, it forever has a very special place in my heart ❤️
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ハロー, イギリス302件の投稿
We arrived fairly early as I’d heard that parking can be an issue. However just after 9.30am we had our choice of spaces. What a lovely place this is. Two play areas. The one for younger children near one car park then a very short walk to the larger wooden frame. Slightly difficult for 3yo to navigate certain parts, but it is designed for older children so that is understandable. We climbed two of the four mounds, had ice cream, walked around the well stocked ponds and had lunch at the little cafe. Three hours filled in easily! We may have stayed longer too if it hadn’t been 28 degrees!! Well worth a visit.
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ロンドン, イギリス70件の投稿
Useful info from a local resident
I live opposite Northala Fields. It gets very busy at weekends, bank holidays and on sunny days during the school holidays. Parking is extremely limited and local residents don't appreciate their driveways being blocked or parked on, or parked cars blocking the local bus service. Please leave your cars at home and travel by bus. Plenty of those. The E10 goes from Ealing Broadway via Greenford to Northolt and stops right by the Fields. There are lots of buses that stop on the Ruislip Road (stop Adrienne Avenue, 5 minute walk up Kensington Road will get you there and save you trying to find a parking space). Or from Northolt Station, the 90, 120, 140 and 282 buses will take you to the Target Roundabout. And please take your rubbish home - the bins get very full, despite being emptied regularly. There are picnic tables by the cafe, which is near the children's adventure playground, so you can have a coffee and keep an eye on the kids. There's also another playground by the Kensington Road entrance. There are circular walks up to the top of the hills, but the paths are narrow and necessitate single file at times, but the views from the top are great - on a good day you can see Canary Wharf! There's lots of grassland for picnics, there's a fairground on bank holidays, fishing lakes and a boating lake and lots of walks. But if you go after heavy rain, some of the paths by the lakes can become full of puddles. If you want to avoid crowds, I recommend going before lunchtime - or investigate the countryside park at the back of Smith's Farm estate opposite.
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ロンドン, イギリス20件の投稿
Ealing Council does not seem to care about this place
2021年5月 • ファミリー
The location is fantastic but the council seems to not care about this place at all. Car parking is limited so you will end up parking on the street. Toilets were a big put off - lights not working, uncleaned toilets, no toilet paper, out of soap. Council needs to invest more in the upkeep of this beautiful location. They could also invest in a tower viewer (paid) to enjoy the view of the beautiful city landmarks.
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Super views
2021年3月 • 友達
We came on a clear but breezy day. The views were amazing. There is a basic cafe as well as toilets. There is an excellent playground for children.
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Jennifer P
ワトフォード, イギリス35件の投稿
Something easy to do :)
I mean if you can read the signs not to picnic on the platforms by the lake and if you go with the aim to have a nice time, this place is a sweet visit. There is a park for the kids, the hills they can run up and down on and there is one that has a path that twirls round that you can walk on to get to the top.. There is also clear paths around the park so buggies etc would be easy to get around. when I went there were kids mud sliding down the hills so if it rains, bring some rough clothes lol!
Just an easy and nice thing to do. I went as a little date and it was really nice to just walk around and chat rubbish if thats what you're into!
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Kelly W
ロンドン, イギリス7件の投稿
Great for an Outing
Northala Fields is a great place for a little morning or afternoon stroll. Even though parking can be a nightmare in the area, once there and you climb to the top of the mound, the views are great. Nice little workout too. The water was so calm and peaceful as well. This place has a lot of offer and explore. Definitely worth a visit.
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jacqueline s
hayes middlesex united kingdom16件の投稿
2020年8月 • 友達
Nice and relaxing enjoyed a picnic. Can be annoying when some old English man kept coming upto us.telling us to move if a fisherman came to fish. It also happened to my other daughter when she was bike riding with her friends. They both noticed that he did not go and speak to any other people in the park.
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Tàsh Maéling J
ノーソルト, イギリス21件の投稿
The hills
2019年10月 • ファミリー
The Hills as we call them are literally are a 10 minute walk for me.
Nice to go chill out when it’s hot if you can find a space to sit.
Think there could be more in there for kids to do
My criticism is that the cafe need to change their oil when they are cooking the smell coming from the cafe is awful, smell greasy.
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ロンドン, イギリス6件の投稿
too much dog poo to relax
Love the concept and the playgrounds but despair at all the dog poo left on the mound. Made for a very anxious running experience
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