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Sukanya D
コルカタ (カルカッタ), インド999件の投稿
INR 50 per head to walk into park is a bit much PLUS parking for the car. The Park itself is large but not maintained very well. The grass needs trimming. No flower flowers at all. The river-view area is peaceful. Could sit there for a bit..just watching the River flow. There are slides etc., for the kids but there weren't any kids...just a few college- going couples who actually bought tickets to enter the Park...I thought locals would enter, free! There is an entire canon on display. ..and giraffe models. I see giraffes wherever I go these days. Bizarre. The Cannon-barrel slide-through chute was interesting but the grass growing around it was proof the Park isn't a favorite with kids...or may be it is the after-effect of the pandemic (The Gandhi Ghat was still closed) and that is why the Park looks a little run down. ..although the best part is that it is stray dogs.
This Park is adjacent to the Governor House and there is a semi-ruined Semaphore Tower that can be seen near the entrance. That was really something (not to mention the statues of British colonial bigwigs in the Park attached to the Governor House.(back to the wall, unfortunately)
The Mangal Pande Park houses a tomb but there is no way of knowing whose it is...the plaque has been whitewashed.
There is a restaurant inside the park, a Shiv mandir (temple) and a tea/coffee kiosk. There is a Pay and Use Toilet (INR 5/-) with running water.
Bottomline: This is just a park. Apart from a bust of Mangal Pande there is nothing else that relates to the man who fired the first shot to end colonial rule in India. Wish there was a museum or a park it is unimpressive. So, I wouldn't drive 2 hours from home to see this park However, if I am in Barrackpore and need a place to sit peacefully...well, I know where to go.
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Tamali R
コルカタ (カルカッタ), インド71件の投稿
2020年1月 • ファミリー
Adjacent to river Ganges this park is big in size with children play area, joggers park , picnic garden etc..area is under military camp so safe ..entry fee is rs 15/- per person above 5 years of age .. picnic booking is also done .. restaurant facility is not there...boat riding option is there @ rs 300 per boat for half an hour ..but maintance could be better .. lord Shiva & Sri Hanuman ji temples are there inside the park ..what we didn't like is picnic groups are doing fun dance feast in one side & beside the ghat "Shraddha" (funeral rituals)puja is taking places not a good feeling for eyes & mind..
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Rakesh s
コルカタ (カルカッタ), インド852件の投稿
2019年7月 • 友達
Park is at the bank of river hoogly. Beautiful park with wonderful surroundings. The place is very nice and clean.
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Soumyajit Saha
コルカタ (カルカッタ), インド399件の投稿
2019年1月 • 一人
Mangal Pandey Park is located on the banks of river Ganges in Barrackpore. Nearest Railway station is Barrackpore railway station. Here many people and couples come to spend a good time.
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Amolak Rattan K
ニューデリー, インド3,027件の投稿
2018年12月 • 友達
Mangal Pandey had revolted against the British for bringing some bullets which were coated with Animal fat of cows or pigs. This offended them religious sentiments of Indian. This revolt ignited a major Revolution of 1857 . Subsequently Mangal Pandey was hanged on a tree after a summary trial lasting less than a month.
Governor Amolak Rattan Kohli
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Amolak Rattan K
ニューデリー, インド3,027件の投稿
2018年12月 • 友達
At this place is the statue of Revolutionary Mangal Pandey who had revolted against the British on 9th March 1857. He was subsequently court Marshalled and hanged on a tree in the nearby area . His story inspires the present generation. Must see place.
Amolak Rattan Kohli
Former Governor Of Mizoram
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