Eglise Notre-Dame

Eglise Notre-Dame (ヴィムティエ)

Eglise Notre-Dame



パシー=シュル=ウール, フランス140件の投稿
Un bel ouvrage et une orgue d'exception.
2019年6月 • 友達
Visité a l'occasion d'un rallye touristique nous avons visité cette église et ses vitraux originaux. Z cettr occasion nous avions demandé a l'association des amis de l'orgue de nous produire une démonstration. L'orgue récemment restaurée est une Cavaille-Coll de mémoire la 2ème dd France. Rien que cela merite l'attention. L'organiste Simon Lauford est expérimenté et de talent mondial.Allez y z l'occasion d'un récital vous ne le regretterez pas
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Dany R
トゥール, フランス5,374件の投稿
2018年10月 • カップル・夫婦
Magnifique église Notre-Dame de Vimoutier, situé à proximité de l'hôtel de Ville et de sa vache, elle possède de belles statues.
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Rene A
Bretteville-sur-Laize, Basse-Normandie, France109件の投稿
visite a vimoutiers
2018年7月 • カップル・夫婦
lors de notre periple pour visiter le perche, arret a vimoutiers , visiter cette eglise notre dame, située dans cette ville, vitraux de grande qualité, elle a ete bombardée pendant la derniere guerre mondiale, , une visite a ne pas manquer quant vous passez a Vimoutiers
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Gordon W
ブロークン ヒル, オーストラリア1,571件の投稿
Another superb Gabriel Loire dalle de verre church
2018年5月 • カップル・夫婦
We visited this church in May as part of our endeavour to see as many Gabriel Loire churches (particularly using dalle de verre) as possible during our stay in France.

Whilst the Église Notre-Dame lacks the monumental glass windows of the Église Notre-Dame-au-Cierge at Epinal or the Église Saint-Lazare at Lèves, the windows are none the less beautiful and represent biblical scenes, scenes from the lives of saints (particularly the Virgin Mary), and scenes of life in Vimoutiers. A number of the images - particularly of the Virgin Mary - are very similar to those found at Epinal.

Again, the dalles are facetted and hand-cut. We are constantly amazed how Loire managed to convey such expressions with so few pieces of glass (for example, see the photos of Details of faces). If you look carefully, you can also find a depiction of Jonah inside the whale! (see detailed photo)
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サンドウィッチ, イギリス1,213件の投稿
L'Eglise Notre Dame
2018年2月 • カップル・夫婦
We often come into town to the market, This church is just to the back tucked away, it is a beautiful church with wonderful architecture and yes as others have described stunning stained glass windows which were destroyed as was the town itself killing at least 200 people in 1944, It was later helped by the people of Ohio with costs to repair and reconstruct the town as well has the help to to pay for the replacement of Marie Harels Statue which you can see in the square.
If you are near here have a wonder to view this beautiful piece of history.We are very fortunate to own a house near this very historic Town.
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マル ヌラ ヴァレ, フランス526件の投稿
Belle eglise
2017年11月 • カップル・夫婦
Grande et longue eglise de style gothique avec des beaux vitraux. La particularité de cette eglise est son orgue et son carillon qui sonne a chaque heure
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Françoise G
ラヴァル, フランス288件の投稿
Visite de la région
2016年8月 • ファミリー
Petit village très intéressant avec une église qui fut lourdement touchée par les bombardements de la 2ème guerre mondiale. Des vitraux de toute beauté. Surtout ne pas oublier d'aller visiter le musée du camembert et découvrir la vie Marie Harel. En un mot prenez le temps de visiter Vimoutiers et ses alentours.
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キャンベリー, イギリス6,303件の投稿
Amazing stained glass windows
2016年8月 • 一人
I visited this church at about 5pm and the light was streaming in through the stained glass windows. It was awe inspiring. I do not think I have seen such delightful windows before and the sunlight coming through was a true blessing.

To think that all the windows had been destroyed in the war was hard to believe. It was the designs of Gabriel Loire glass maker of Chartres that were chosen to replace them and the American International Pilots club that met the cost of most of these windows. The first being fitted in 1956

There is also some fantastic architecture too. The windows tell the tale of Normandy and the pays d'Auge with monks and even Camenbert.

If you have the time it is well worth having a look as it is truly beautiful and very peaceful. It is a very large building with the most incredible windows. Even if you are not religious you can admire the splendour inside.
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Nice small church
2016年8月 • ファミリー
It is a nice small church. As with most churches in France, it is free to visit and open all day to the public. If you are in town, go have a look.
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チェスターフィールド, イギリス2,352件の投稿
A lovely example of a typically Normandy church.
2016年8月 • カップル・夫婦
This is an unexpectedly large church in the middle of a small to medium sized town, (Vimoutiers), just over the Calvados border into Orne.

The inside is splendid with impressive architecture and interesting religious relics and icons.

The location is adjacent to the market square, with a good number of free car parking spaces.

Sunday mornings is obviously when the masses take place, so visit at other times if you would like to walk around undisturbed.

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