Chitradurga Fort

Chitradurga Fort (チトラドゥルガ)

Chitradurga Fort
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Gopikrishnan S
One day trip from Bangalore
2021年8月 • ファミリー
We (group of 5, with parents) left Bangalore at 8:30AM on a hired cab. Breakfast enroute around 9:30 AM. Got lunch (Upadhya veg, recommended as we couldn't find many great places in the town) before taking detour from the highway to the town. Fort is just 10min from the highway. Reached the fort post lunch at 1:00 pm. Hired a guide (400₹). Spend good 4:30 hrs including the climb to the top watch tower (weapons store).
Had an amazing and relaxing time with family. Left at 5:30 pm, reached Bangalore by 9:30pm.

Great drive and a great place. Will recommend and will go again.
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ベンガルール, インド8件の投稿
7 Suththina Kote! The impregnable fort!
If you are a lover of history and heritage this place is a must-visit! Though born and bred in Karnataka, it took me 46 years to visit this classic piece of history. Took me a full 5 hours to just go around the place! Its sprawling to say the least! And exudes a sense of rusticness that is unmatched.

I drive from Bengaluru to Chitradurga and the road was quite good. It takes about 3.5 hours to reach the fort from Jalahalli. There is a good KSTDC hotel nearby (Mayura) just near the entrance for excellent breakfast and coffee.
The payment mode is made digital, and I feel its good because it avoids corrupt practices. Though the idea is good, people struggle to make payment. Ample parking space for cars is made available. The environment is pleasant and quite clean. Guides are also available.

It is better to carry drinking water as there are one or two small shop inside, and no other drinking water facility is available. Fortunately, we got chilled buttermilk packets when we visited.

You will need about 6 hours to watch all the places. Overall, a great place to visit.
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Manivannan J
ベンガルール, インド83件の投稿
Lovely visit, stunning place
2021年2月 • ファミリー
Awesome place to visit for those who love history... Great place to teach children on history as well. Very neatly maintained, good arrangements for drinking water and rest rooms. Really enjoyed the time..Be mindful of guides who ask for their service, bit it's there buisness. Parking could have been better...
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Kaushal Kayal
ベンガルール, インド131件の投稿
Absolutely stunning
An absolutely stunning fort - built over huge boulders that are reminiscent of the more famous Hampi. Both were once under the control of the Vijayanagar kings though this was built by the Nayakas ( a principality that broke off into an independent kingdom towards the end of the empire ) with notable additions made by Hyder Ali.

Its strange that such an impressive & superbly maintained fort is not part of the usual tourist circuit...the monument has so many facets to it - the architecture of its temples, the unique topography that in itself is a photographer's delight & offers opportunities for the more adventuresome, inspiring folklore at every corner, stories of how an almost impregnable fort eventually fell to its enemies...if you can withstand the heat ( the mighty Mysore army did much more!! ), make the effort & explore this fort - time has provided us the opportunity to do at leisure what great kings once had to sacrifice entire armies for.
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weyeskay w
Fantastic Place.
Travellers need to devote one full day to see to see this fort. One of the BEST forts in India but not very well known
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ベンガルール, インド23件の投稿
Must vist awesome fort
Amazing fort, Picturesque , Must visit post monsoon to see greenery. Should visit post 3:30 PM as it will be less hot and during rainy or monsoon or post monsoon season. Had visited around Sunday priviliged to see Koti Raja performing Rock climbing and descend.
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ヴァンス, フランス1,828件の投稿
Courage, ça monte ferme !
Attention : il faut prevoir env 3H pour la visite minimum
C'est le fort historique du Karnataka. Dans un cadre superbe de rochers, comme on en trouvera à Hampi.
C'est sur la route entre Chikmagalur et Hampi
Commencé au 12ème et renforcé au fil des siècles, c'est finalement devant les anglais qu'il est tombé.
Tout visiter peut prendre 2 jours ! Mais nous avons fait la partie principale : on passe 7 niveaux de murailles, très hauts murs sans mortier, avec des couloirs coudés qui renforcent la défense et des hauts escaliers. En haut se trouve les restants d'une des forteresses et des temples
C'est relativement intéressant mais il ne reste pas grand chose.
Quelques belles photos à faire
Peu d'explications sur place
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Luciano S
ミラノ, イタリア1,611件の投稿
Una fortezza" d'acciaio"
Sette cinta di mura che si dipanano lungo e intorno a una serie di colline: e un nome locale che è tutto un programma, Fortezza d'Acciaio. Ma le possenti mura concentriche, le munitissime porte e tutti gli accorgimenti escogitati dai progettisti (cisterne, granai, magazzini per provviste, non furono sufficienti alla fine del 1700 per bloccare gli inglesi. Oggi il forte si mostra in tutta la sua possanza e anche con i suoi 18 templi, le belle strutture architettoniche e i decori, i vasti panorami. Per chi vuole c'è anche la possibilità di una bella arrampicata su una delle colline, favorita da orme scavate nella roccia a mo' di scala. Si puo' visitare anche la cavità, che si apre dietro un piccolo portale, dove la leggenda dice che la moglie di un soldato, lasciata per qualche ora a far la guardia alla botola che dava accesso a un tunnel segreto collegato con l'esterno, bloccò l'assalto dei nemici facendoli fuori uno a uno con violenti colpi inferti con una pesante pentola, finchè non scatto l'allarme generale.
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Aragorn S
ベンガルール, インド9件の投稿
This is one of the most impressive forts i have been to in the country. Quite well kept. Spread over a massive area (was told about a 1,000 odd acres) ... requires most of a day to explore it. Spent about 3 hours there (starts shutting down at 6 pm). The remanants of once functional temples, palaces are well preserved for the most part.

Please do take a guide - they are govt. authorised and the one we hired kept us hooked with his tales of valour, history of the fort, conquests.

Wear comfortable walking shoes. A cap would be recommended - not a lot of shade . There's a small canteen midway into the fort and water / tea / snacks can be purchased.

Ask the guide (after the tour I guess) for a way up to one of the watch towers. There's one with a precipitous climb and some others with a slightly easier approach. The views from the tower(s) are quite impressive.

An impressive heritage place, and good to see it being maintained well. There are dustbins all along to reduce littering.

Highly recommend visiting the fort if you are around Chitradurga. We made a trip from Bangalore just to see it (after hearing and reading about it). Was well worth it.
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ベンガルール, インド27件の投稿
Here's the best time to visit the fort! (And some other tips)
This is a fabulous tourist location, a hidden gem in central Karnataka that receives little of the attention and glory that goes the way of the magnificent ruins of Hampi.

But this, nonetheless, is a crowning gem of historical significance.

We noticed the majority of the climb (nay, trek) faces the east. In other words, after the sun comes up at seven in the morning, the sun's glare can be somewhat daunting. Your pictures will come out well, but you'd be squinting because you'd be staring at the sun. Instead, visit between 4:00 and 6:00 in the evening, when the majority of the tourists has left for the day, and the setting sun's gentle light has bathed the fort in a glow that's perfect for picture-taking.

In addition, pack a snack or a tiffin, and spread for yourself a little picnic when you're tired of walking and climbing. There's a store at the top where you'll get ice cream cones.

Finally, before visiting, read up on the history and the significant details of this magnificent relic, and you'll have the option of declining a tourist guide's services. It's not because you'll save the couple hundred bucks; it's because, without a guide around you to prod you and keep you moving while rambling off facts and details that you may not care about, you'll be able to slow down your pace and make sure to enjoy the peace and serenity while taking your time to stay as long as you wish.
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