Eden 1

Eden 1 (ブラックプール)

20:00 - 3:30
20:00 - 3:30
20:00 - 3:30
21:00 - 3:30
1-2 時間
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Marc j
Ace Night
2020年1月 • 友達
Very nice club. The staff and girls were all amazing. Especially Kaci and Andy. We was made to feel so welcome so we stayed in all night. Great place to visit on our annual pigeon event. See you next year guys
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Christopher J
Ripped off
Firstly the drinks are expansive. £11 for a round of three and one of them was a coca-cola.

The scouse 'dancer' greeted me and made me feel comfortable at first. Was going well until she isolated me from my party with another dancer and asked me for £40 for a dance from them both. She wouldn't take no for an answer and after what felt like eternity eventually got her money. The other dancer gave me her dance then when it came to the scouse women to dance, she quickly ran off saying 'back in a sec.'

Never saw her again and we were in the place for about 10-15 minutes. She couldn't bloody leave me alone when she wnated money off me and when she got it went AWOL.

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Mike A
マンチェスター, イギリス5件の投稿
Got smacked by the stripper that looked like Cheryl from Royle family after 10 years on crystal meth all because I wouldn't pay to see her naked. I'd probably give this one a swerve unless it's your thing
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Richard burton
ラムズゲート, イギリス2件の投稿
Fantastic fun and enjoyment.
2019年7月 • 友達
I came to Blackpool for a fun weekend away with the lads from Kent. Looking for a places to visit Online I came across Eden 1, reviews wasn’t the best but it was just what the lads and I wanted. First things first the reviews on here are so untrue, and why people put daft reviews on is beyond me. Myself and my mates had a great evening in this professional gentleman’s club. It was an evening with lovely staff from the doorman to the bar staff to the girls, also an evening where I felt safe and they respected and wanted our presence. One girl called Leanne was really nice, not sure if she was a manager or not, but she was very welcoming and always making sure myself and my mates was happy and enjoying ourselves, which we was!! Prices very reasonable for drinks and entertainment. I would highly recommend this place, it’s professional and entertaining, I for one will definitely be going back next time I’m up in the north west. If you’re looking for a good time in a friendly atmosphere where they put a smile on your face (at a good price), I would like to know of a better place. Honest opinion.
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Went in as my friend wanted to go in. Scammed out of loads of money.
2018年12月 • 友達
They took £485 from me in total for 4 drinks and a dance me and my friend. Total scam. Very upset. Took £250 from me before the drinks and dance then another £220 from me after. Hopefully police will help me with this situation.
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Jack L
Eden 2
2018年5月 • 一人
Card Scammer!!! I went to Blackpool for the Young Farmers AGM this year back in May. Who on God's Earth does that bloke, who probably runs it think he is? Some girl was stood outside, was saying it was a free entry, took me in there. I only wanted £30 worth. I wanted check my bank account, to make sure I had enough. Bloke came with me, to see my bank balance l, as I only had my card (nosey). They then took me into the VIP are where I did not want to go and thinking they were still going to charge me 30. Still said that I only wanted £30 worth, and he is someone, who thinks it is acceptable to empty people's bank accounts by charging me £300. Complete card scammer when I say that I only want £30 worth, does that mean add a zero on the end, empty their bank money that they have worked hard for, or actually charge £30. Will never, ever be going in there again. Charging me £300 when he even said that he was saying yes to 30, and I said it more than enough times. They wouldn't like it if that happened to any of them. So why do they think it's acceptable to do that to us? I will never, ever be going in there again. Avoid at all costs. Go to another one if you can help it.
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kieran r
リー・オン・シー, イギリス3件の投稿
2018年5月 • 友達
Went with my friends for a laugh away from home, it was going great girls are nice and then they took me and a friend to vip. I paid using card which was meant to be 55 pound but they scammed me and took 550pounds from my account. I realised this and now currently going through get refunded what i am owed.
I only suggest go elsewhere or if eden only use cash!!!
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Neil S
Great Sankey1件の投稿
Low life staff
2017年5月 • 一人
I attended last night. Initially made to feel welcome, and then had money stolen from me by one of the girls. When i raised my concerns 2 bouncers were called and despite my calm appearance they dragged me down the stairs whilst verbally abusing me. Avoid this hole!!!!
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Dean Porter
ロンドン, イギリス153件の投稿
Drinks overpriced
2016年10月 • 友達
The drinks are overpriced and the girls are ok, its deocor is ok but Heaven down the road is better, as your not going to be ripped of for prices as the price of drinks in Eden are about £6 whereas in Heaven their about half that it is in the Eden club.
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エジンバラ, イギリス1件の投稿
eden 1
2016年12月 • 一人
great club and great girls well worth a visit the girls are friendly and are chatty with a single visitor
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