Puppet Theatre Barge

Puppet Theatre Barge (ロンドン)

Puppet Theatre Barge
1-2 時間


エリア: Paddington / Maida Vale
  • Warwick Ave• 徒歩3分
  • Royal Oak• 徒歩7分
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マンチェスター, イギリス18件の投稿
2021年8月 • ファミリー
A brilliant bit of alternative family entertainment away from the crowds. Lovely, intimate puppetry and storytelling. We watched Brer Rabbit and it was brilliantly done. The barge is amazing and Prices were really reasonable. We wanted to take the canal bus from Camden to little Venice but it was fully booked so book that in advance in good time for the show.
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ロンドン, イギリス292件の投稿
It felt good seeing all those string puppets again, reminded of the old skool days.

an amazing show.

check it out
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Brilliant. Perfect for little ones. Sing along to nursery rhymes. Gentle relaxing entertainment with rhyming story lines
2021年8月 • ファミリー
A gem for little ones tucked away in Little Venice. A warm gentle space for little imaginations with lots of fun moments. We saw Town Mouse Country Mouse with my just turned 4 year old, and we enjoyed singing 10 green bottles and Row row row your boat. There’s an interval and a toilet and we were able to pay on the door as it was fully booked for his age group online. Definitely recommend.
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John M
ブロムズグローヴ, イギリス183件の投稿
Fantastically fascinating for children and adults
We took our grandchildren aged 5 & 3 to see My Shadow and Me by Drew Colby on a Saturday morning and it was quite brilliant - fascinating, funny, and very clever. An hour is enough for their ages. And we enjoyed wandering around Little Venice and surroundings before and after the performance.
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バーミンガム, イギリス350件の投稿
Completely unique
2019年3月 • ファミリー
I came here with my mum and adult brother as something a bit different to do on a day trip. The boat is surprisingly big and you can see where ever you are sitting. As lots of families with young children attend it can be quite loud and chatty during the show but it doesn't detract from the performance. The stories are so clever and the skill of the performers is incredible. A completely unique way to spend an hour in London.
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バンヴリィ, イギリス32件の投稿
Magical Puppet Theatre
Enjoyed an excellent performance at the Puppet Barge. Beautiful puppets - the puppeteers are very skillful making them have emotions and come to "life" with a few pulls of strings. Highly recommended.
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リッチモンド, イギリス21件の投稿
Magical wonderment
2018年8月 • ファミリー
Wow 😮 just been here today to watch red riding hood. It’s just so enchanting, magical and quirky loved it so much.Perfect nourishment for my inner child, highly recommend it to everyone. I think they could have announced the beginning, interval and ending just to add to the drama but what a truly lovely experience.
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Glad you enjoyed your visit. We generally only announce the interval and a bell is rung to announce the start of the show and the start of the 2nd half... We hope to see you again. Thanks for the lovely feedback.
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ロンドン, イギリス11件の投稿
Is this for children?
2017年6月 • ビジネス
Is this establishment for children? It requires some joy.
This presentation of the Puppet Theatre Barge, is from an adult perspective.
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Hello. Looking at the date of your review, you must have seen Red Riding Hood. The production is recommended for 4+. How old is your child? We have productions that are tailored for 3 to 8 year olds, there's one coming up in Richmond, it's The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. This may be more suitable for a young child... Generally speaking all our productions are tailored for children. It is only once a year that we present marionette shows specifically aimed at adults. This year in September we will be showing The Butterfly's Spell by Federico Garcia Lorca. I hope you can visit again in the future. If you're interested in shows specifically tailored for young children, October half term in Little Venice would be a good time to visit (of July in Richmond). All the best.
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ロンドン, イギリス1件の投稿
The Little Christmas tree - A Lovely poignant show
2017年12月 • ファミリー
Delightful experience for me and my family, this is a new tale and had some interesting modern twists as well as traditional Christmas warmth. The venue is charming and totally unique and the experience was for us was a moving start to the festive season
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Very happy to hear you enjoyed our brand-new production. Looking forward to your next visit. Thank you!
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David B
ロンドン, イギリス51件の投稿
Simply Dreadful
2017年9月 • ファミリー
Took the pantomime loving grandchildren along the towpath to the Richmond Puppet barge.Lovely sunny day and a sense of anticipation was in the air - we were all looking forward to some skilful action in Aesops Fables.
What a letdown ! - curtain rose on a moth eaten mangy lion - badly made a long time ago - moving jerkily and disjointedly as though someone was operating it for the first time without instruction.
Mostly just two puppets at a time were careering around the stage in a pointless story about the fox.
Not a laugh or a cheer from our dumbfounded children,who were more puzzled than involved.
The Hare and the tortoise was similarly slow paced and tedious with no interpretation of the original language to make it easier for kids to understand.
With puppeteers this bad - give me punch & Judy anytime.
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Dear David, I am sorry you did not enjoy your experience on the barge. The production you saw was not brand-new, but the show is rehearsed and the marionettes are well looked after (lion is not moth eaten though luckily!). The puppeteer operating lion in the show you saw has 11 years experience with marionettes and I can assure you that no one operates marionettes for the first time with no instruction in our theatre. However, string marionettes are very different from pantomime, so perhaps you did not enjoy the movement that can be achieved with strings. Regarding the language used in these very well known Aesop fables adapted for the marionette stage, with the marionettes enacting the story through mime, we believe that even the little ones can follow it. If you are after pantomime, you are not going to find it in our theatre. However, we have a contemporary brand-new marionette production called The Little Christmas Tree at the moment and Joey's Circus Comes to Town coming up in the new year (you will find traditional characters like Punch and Judy, all on strings!). I hope you will visit again.
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