Paddington Green and St. Mary's Churchyard

Paddington Green and St. Mary's Churchyard (ロンドン)

Paddington Green and St. Mary's Churchyard

Paddington Green and St. Mary's Churchyard
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シドニー, オーストラリア11,539件の投稿
2019年7月 • 一人
Nice green area near Marlebone Rosd and a great spot to sit and relax.
Plenty of seats and a nice statue.
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マル デル プラタ, アルゼンチン7,384件の投稿
Lugar muy apacible para caminar y pasear
2019年5月 • 一人
Antigua parroquia que aún sigue funcionando de 1791, rodeada por un area verde muy cuidada y bonita donde se aprecian restos de lápidas que datan de esa fecha y hasta mediados del 1800 por lo que pude apreciar. La zona del cementerio ahora es un espacio verde público con algunos restos de lápidas
Lamentablemente no pude visitar la parroquia ya que no estaba abierta
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Paul S
アデレード, オーストラリア3,746件の投稿
Historic old church
Church of St Mary on Paddington Green. 4/5. This is a charming old church set in a patch of greenery close to the Paddington Basin. It dates from 1791 and is now Anglican, although it was originally Catholic. The services reflect a continuing Catholic leaning. The windows are almost all clear, and it has a fine organ. Just opposite the church is the parish hall. You would swear that the two figures on this wall were three dimensional, but they are flat and painted on. I enjoyed my visit to this church which has some welcoming people.
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James F
バンコク, タイ29件の投稿
Historical spot in the middle of urban development
2018年2月 • 一人
Curious to see this once rural bit of London. Well preserved small park with ancient plane trees - the Green - with St. Mary's church at one end of it. Quiet little piece of old London surrounded by London's relentless urban development.
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アデレード, オーストラリア3,638件の投稿
A pleasant open green space in a busy part of London!
2017年7月 • カップル・夫婦
We were staying in Paddington again for our most recent visit to London. Most of our days were filled with various exhausting tourist activities.
Having previously stayed in Paddington, we were familiar with many of the public facilities in the area. Consequently, on several occasions during this stay, we headed to the Paddington Green at the end of busy days, just for a bit of peace and quiet and to chill out for a while.
It was very pleasant just to sit on a park bench under one of the large trees and spend a bit of time soaking up the peaceful atmosphere of the green park.
St. Mary's Church stands adjacent to the garden area and provides a pleasant backdrop to the nice park area.
A great spot in Paddington for some rest and relaxation!
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スウォンジー, イギリス85件の投稿
Wonderful wedding service at St Marys on Paddington Green
2017年9月 • ファミリー
Lovely church convenient from Paddington Station, set near little park. Dignified service and such a relaxed atmosphere and wonderful welcome from Father Garry. . Organ and piano music are available and we enjoyed music of the flute and talented singers - great acoustics in the spacious light airy building there is seating in the upper floor ideal if you had a choir needing seating or a very large number of guests. Confetti allowed and we had a drinks reception at the rear of the church after the service while photos were taken in the churchyard. At a recent service service condolences were offered to the family of Michael Bond a former parishioner famous for his creation of Paddington Bear, and there is a metal sculpture of the bear in the nearby gardens .
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ロンドン, イギリス28件の投稿
A fairly standard bit of green space
2016年9月 • カップル・夫婦
I'm surprised to see that Paddington Green has - at the time of me writing this - a four star rating on TripAdvisor, as it is a very standard bit of green space. It's perfectly pleasant for a five minute walk if you're in the area anyway, but certainly not worth making a special visit for - especially when Hyde Park and Regent's Park are both pretty close by.

The park is next to a college and a very busy road, but is just long enough that you can get away from the worst of the traffic noise. There's a large patch of grass, some trees and a couple of old buildings including a small but pretty church.

Otherwise it's very ordinary - fine for those who study or work in the area, but not really anything to get excited by.
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アデレード, オーストラリア3,638件の投稿
An idyllic green space to escape to!
2015年7月 • カップル・夫婦
We were staying in a Paddington hotel and we had the opportunity to take a number of long walks through the suburb. Consequently, we became quite familiar with the area. Paddington Green was one particular spot in the area which we particular enjoyed visiting. It is a large open green space with mature trees and has a pleasant atmosphere. It also has the bonus of being located next to a nice church.
We found Paddington Green to be a great place to escape to, for a bit of peace and quiet. It was an immense and pleasant contrast to the crowds and traffic found along Edgware Road and Praed Street.
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アッシュフォード, イギリス1,130件の投稿
Nice quiet park to sit and relax
Very nice park I visit frequently as I am local, at times there have been verbally aggressive homeless people but can't be helped. Cosy and a nice place to relax
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lilian o
adoro igrejas
2015年7月 • ファミリー
sou cataolica entao visitar igrejas faz parte de qualquer passeio que eu faça
mas esta igreja me encantou pois vc paraece que esta em uma capela muito acolhedora
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