Arctic Quest Sled Dog Adventures
Arctic Quest Sled Dog Adventures

Arctic Quest Sled Dog Adventures


Kelly L
2023年2月 • ファミリー
I booked the husky ride experience for my husbands birthday he loved every minute he got everything and more he assisted with the dogs and lots of up close and personal hands on time with the beautiful dogs Vickie was fab and also her little helper prin ( who is adorable ) a cracking cuppa and bacon bap around the fire to Finnish off a perfect morning thanks so much 😊
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Claire S
2022年10月 • ファミリー
Bought this as a Christmas present for my husband and son. They went today, and had an amazing time. Vicky made them both feel welcome and introduced them to their dog teams. After a safety brief and training it was off with the dogs round the course. They both said it was a fantastic experience (helped, I'm sure, by the bacon rolls and hot chocolate Viky made them) and I'm only gutted I didn't go!
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チャタリス, イギリス150件の投稿
2022年9月 • カップル・夫婦
Decided to treat this experience as a gift to my wife and we were both thrilled.

From the first moment we were looked after and treated very well, with Vickie talking us through what she was doing and why the whole time. We found it all fascinating and loved interacting with her and her Huskies and hounds. We also loved the experience on the rig riding around with the dogs, initially anxious about falling off but actually doing just fine. It was also fascinating to talk with Vickie about her experiences and skills with the dogs.

After a hot drink and lunch we went off e-biking up the local hill/mountain and enjoyed both the experience and searching for deer. Ultimately we got lucky with the weather as the last stretch back to the car was the only time we had rain - heavy and soaking rain mind you!

We loved the day and would really recommend this experience to anyone!
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jane p
Swindon UK19件の投稿
2022年7月 • カップル・夫婦
Fun morning with the huskeys and hounds! I booked this for my boyfriend who loves huskeys. It was great fun, brilliant to experience just how strong and fast the dogs are. Would definitely reccomend doing!
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Jemma F
2022年7月 • ファミリー
Amazing! We had such a fantastic time, with no idea that we would be interacting with the husky’s and hounds so much.
It was a truly thrilling experience.
Vickie was incredible, so lovely and accommodating, answering all of our questions, making sure everyone was safe and happy. Her dogs are her life, clearly, and the attention and love she gives them makes them the best they could be. Well done Vickie, we admire your strength and determination in all that you do.
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ロイヤルレミントンスパー, イギリス1,008件の投稿
Fantastic morning! Vickie is positive, passionate and interesting with a unique outlook on life. The dogs were amazing and we could get really hands on. It was a real team effort with us and the other couple on the experience. 4 people was a perfect number. Watching the others take their ride using a team of dogs pulling Vickie and a guest together was great and cemented our determination top ride solo on the trike cart. I was nervous but excited and the ride was brilliant fun. Vickie was vigilant for safety and care of the dogs, but not overbearing, and we were allowed to half the run by ourselves once she was confident we were safe and sensible. It was a real rush! We had a bacon sandwich and tea cooked on a camp fire after and talked about her completing and general outlook on life and had a lovely time in the sun surrounded by nature and fresh air. Just great!
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Cat D
2022年1月 • カップル・夫婦
What a fantastic morning. Vickie was super friendly and it was great to see dogs doing what they love.

You get the opportunity to get hands on with the dogs so it’s great for either spectating or taking part. We are splattered with mud, licks & paw prints and we left smiling from ear to ear

we’ll be coming back for more adventures soon xx
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Terry B
2021年11月 • カップル・夫婦
Absolutely incredible experience. Vickie is such an enthusiastic person that it's contagious. She is so instructive and informative and loves her dogs so much. And the dogs; absolutely gorgeous and so amazing to see running, and the general cuddles time. The ride was brilliant, both my wife and I had a great time, each choosing to do a different style ride but loving them both. Highly recommend and would certainly do again.
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ホークハースト, イギリス4件の投稿
Had a awesome day with Vickie and all the hounds - really enjoyed the experience . It was great to understand the dogs more and it’s brilliant to see how much they love to run and it was a thrilling ride !Vickie’s passion and professionalism made for an exciting adventure .
Once the dogs have run you can get up close and give them some love ❤️They are in tip top condition and obviously very happy!
Thank you and all the best with your future endeavours .
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Sasha B
オックスフォードシャー州, イギリス8件の投稿
2021年3月 • ファミリー
Both my sister and I had an amazing time taking part in the full mush. Vickie is such an inspiration, her knowledge and enthusiasm for the dogs is incredible. The mush was so much fun, we had a great time working our way up through calmer dogs to actually getting mush world champion dogs!!
We loved hearing all about Vickies travels, competitions and how she cares for the dogs.
Getting to have plenty of cuddles with the dogs made for a perfect morning all topped off with a hot cuppa and fresh cooked bacon roll.
I cannot recommend enough!!
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