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エルカホン, カリフォルニア81件の投稿
Our guide drove us up to the top and let us walk around the amazing buildings and churches built there over the centuries. A must see if traveling to Spain.
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Francesc L
サン・フェリウ・ダ・コディナス, スペイン246件の投稿
Lugar mítico para todos los escaladores. Vías de todos los niveles, desde iniciación hasta niveles ya avanzados. Vias de nivel 7.
Recomiendo la via Eassy rider, una obligada, jejeje
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Greg Y
リッチモンド, バージニア州197件の投稿
2016年6月 • 友達
I really didn't even know what Montserrat was before this trip and was pleasantly surprised.

Even though I'm not particularly religious, it is a beautiful monastery and church in a beautiful location. High up in the hills we were a little disappointed that we were unable to use the funicular to get even higher due to a strike.

This turned into an advantage as we were able to walk right in to see the Black Madonna with virtually no lines as we arrived very early.

The entire church is a work of art and we were able to hear not only the boys' choir but also a girls' choir first.

The museum, often overlooked, is not to be missed as it contains works by many of the masters including the Impressionists and post-impressionists including Monet, Renoir, Picasso, Dali to name a few. I'd rate it a 5 for the artwork alone.

We bought cheese from the vendors and that was delicious as well.
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クライストチャーチ, ニュージーランド13件の投稿
2015年8月 • ファミリー
I really enjoyed my time at Montserrat. I spent half a day there and found it to be a very peaceful place. The views are amazing and the 2km walk I did was just the right length for time of year as it was starting to get into the mid 30's by lunchtime. Our group opted to take the lift to the top and walk down because of the heat on that particular day. Great place to take photos. Take heaps of water as the walk down and up is sort of steep so a great workout!
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ブラジリア, ブラジル25件の投稿
Acessível por trem, com bilhetes por cerca de 20 euros, chega-se a Montserrat. As montanhas de pedra surgem imponentes e vc as alcança pela cremallera ou por teleférico. Recomendo o teleférico! Atentar para horários, já que são disponíveis até as 18h somente, se não me engano. Existe a igreja e recomendo, mesmo para quem não é religioso, assistir a uma missa. Coral e acústica de arrepiar. Lembrar se portar-se e vestir-se de acordo. Há várias trilhas em que são sinalizadas as distâncias por toda Montserrat, variando em dificuldade. Apesar da subida relativamente difícil, vc é recompensado por vistas incríveis das serras e paredões de pedra. Por ser alto, venta muito e é relativamente frio. Calçados confortáveis são recomendadíssimos. Esperar o trem, sentada em um banco e tendo Montserrat como cenário foi surreal. Passeio de 1 dia, no mínimo.
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Janette K
シンガポール, シンガポール19件の投稿
2015年8月 • カップル・夫婦
It was nearly 12 pm when we bought the R5 train tickets for montserrat mt.
As we will definitely missed lunch..we did not buy the package deal ticket which included lunch as well.But i suggest if going early before 9 a good deal to purchase the ticket that includes lunch on the mountain.
Just head to metro station Placa Espanya..go to the train side..not the metro side.
Buy the R5 ticket to montserrat.The journey is abt an hr. Note that the R5 line towards Manresa is the correct one.
We encountered a weird guy..he pointed us to a waiting train which was the wrong one. Luckily we double checked with the passengers and a kind lady told us that it was the wrong train. Please be alert and only ask the tickets booth people if unsure. As we did not even asked the guy..please be alert..could be some scam.
Anyway we got on and got off at Monistrol de montserrat for the rack ride..but if you want to take cable must get off at Montserrat Aeri before Monistrol.
For those who has fear of heights..i suggest the rack. Just 15 mins ride to the monastery..rather scenic too.
There are 2 funiculars. One to Saint Joan and one to Santa Cove.Ticket price covers all these keep tickets ..don't lose it.
Do spend sometime in the souvenir shop..selling nice snacks..jams..yummy sauces.
By the time we reached placa was 530 pm..still in time for some shopping ..
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