Mount Ainos National Park
Mount Ainos National Park





2022年10月 • ファミリー
I hope this review can help some people since finding the peak was not how I expected it to be. So we parked up by the masts then you walk down the track it’s pretty obvious. Keep following the track past the picnic area. I think this is the confusion as some think the picnic area is it and that’s the view but if you are more adventurous you can walk to the top. If you follow the track it goes down for quite a while (longer than we expected) it was maybe a 15/20 minute walk down the track and then eventually there will be a notice board on your right and some red paint leading to a path up the steps (the board does say 4hrs but that’s if you do the whole circuit so don’t panic). Some of the stairs are quite steep and the rubble underneath makes it a little more tricky but you can take it at your own pace. When you get to the top of the stairs there’s a sharp right turning by a tree marked again with red paint on rocks. Keep following the red paint and it takes you all the way to the peak. I recommend getting the app all trails as it is clearly marked on there and you can follow that all the way up. We missed the turning and there is another turning further up on the right which will take you up to the peak. It’s a little longer and definitely more tricky. Both ways require you to climb over some rocks. Certainly difficult for younger children. Trainers/hiking shoes are definitely needed. Don’t go when it’s been raining as it can be slippery. We brought jackets with us and only needed them when walking down the track in the shade. Once we started climbing we were sweating and this was when it was like 22C in October. I would also suggest mozzie spray of some sort as there were a lot buzzing around. I would say it probably took us 45 minutes to get to the top but we did stop a couple of times to rest and also went the slightly longer way up. The road driving up isn’t too bad. If you go earlier rather than later you will barely meet a car. We were behind schedule and didn’t arrive until about 10/10:30 and we were the only ones there. When we came back at 12ish there was about 10 cars there. If your coming from the main road the 50, when you turn off the first part is a little tricky as we met a few lorries but it is wide enough. When the road splits further up, it’s like a Y junction, then that’s probably the worst part of the road as when we went, there was lots of rubble across the road. There’s also a few pot holes and it isn’t very wide. But once you enter the national park itself through the gates the road is absolutely fine. Wide enough just bendy. The horseshoe bends are the widest part. Just take it slow. Hope this helps as we were a little worried and confused at first. The views from the top are great. Lovely view of Ithaca, mountains of Greece and Zante. It’s also fun to sign the book not that there was much space in it when we went! And read a few others messages. It’s worth the walk!
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2022年9月 • カップル・夫婦
Roads up were abs fine and previous reviews I think over play the roads being tricky.
You can drive to the very top and then opportunities for great views at 5 - 10 min walk. But note there are no 360 views.
Ensure you go on a cloudless day to get the most.
Remember it’s cooler at top.
Recommend linking trip with visit to Valsamata and Monastery and winery in near by valley.
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romano v
ポルレッツァ, イタリア34件の投稿
2022年9月 • カップル・夫婦
Trekking non impegnativo, tranne nell’ultima parte in cui è consigliabile avere scarpe adatte. Si gode una vista meravigliosa . Lungo la strada a salire ci sono diverse aree di sosta panoramica, dove potersi fermare . Bisogna portare comunque tutto perché non c’è nessun bar o taverna . Volendo, il trekking può diventare impegnativo se invece di andare in auto fin sotto le antenne , si decide di salire dai paesi sottostanti. Lo rifaremo
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Ioannis Ktst
クサンチ, ギリシャ230件の投稿
2022年8月 • カップル・夫婦
Ότι και να πει κανείς για τον Αίνο είναι λίγο. Απαράμιλλης ομορφιάς βουνο με πράσινο και με θέα που κόβει την ανάσα. Εκεί αν είστε τυχεροί θα δείτε τα άγρια άλογα του Αίνου.
Το επισκεφθηκαμε απόγευμα Αυγούστου και είχε 17 βαθμούς κελσίου ενώ στο Αργοστόλι είχε 31. Αν έχετε την ευκαιρία αξίζει να δείτε τον Αίνο
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Heather C
ロンドン, イギリス50件の投稿
An amazing drive up the mountain to the satellite station. So high, your ears popped. Very steep and on edges in some places. Not for nervous drivers.
It was then a 30 minute walk along a gravel path and up steep steps to get to see the views. Unfortunately it was cloudy on 1 side but stunning down to the south of the Island. We could not believe the drop in temperature from the bottom to the top - over 10 degrees. Worth taking a light jumper and wear good walking shoes - not suitable for sandles/flip flops.
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pro golfer
グロスターシャー州, イギリス30件の投稿
We arrived at 6am to see the sunrise. We drive up to the car park near the big satelites then walked the rest. We were a bit confused where the stairs were, but they were quite far along and near a map showing all the different paths. We got to the top to watch teh sunrise, and wow. It was stunning. There is a book to sign. Great must-do.
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Sharon D
アムステルダム, オランダ1件の投稿
2022年8月 • ファミリー
Het is de moeite waard om deze plek te bezoeken. Ook als het weer misschien wat minder helder is. Wij waren er toen het bewolkt was. De mist die door de bomen zweeft, maakt het wat mysterieus.
Bij de parkeerplek met de antennes kun je nog het brede pad aan de linkerkant aflopen. Die loopt wat omlaag. Op een gegeven moment vind je aan de rechterkant een pad dat door het bos omhoog gaat. Volg de gele vierkante bordjes. Het is een flinke klim.
Daarna nog een klein stukje over de rotsen en je bent op het hoogste punt.
Daar kun je in een boek iets schrijven en bij goed weer heb je een prachtig uitzicht!
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ケンブリッジ, イギリス7件の投稿
2022年7月 • ファミリー
I don’t like heights particularly but found the drive up fine and no harder than some of the beaches we visited. We went at 08:30am and the road up was super quiet. Coming down takes no time at all and again we passed only a couple of cars. We parked by the aerials and walked about a kilometre until we came to the steps and red paint on your right which guide you up to the summit. I’m guessing that most children five years and up would be ok. Trainers recommended over sandals. We went mid July when the temperature was 30 degrees and were hot in just tee shirts. I used the all trails up on my iPhone (it’s free) but it really isn’t necessary. The views are lovely and it was a day well spent. This was one of our favourite days out from Poros. We also really enjoyed the Valsamis Cruise to Ithaca.
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Paula A
2022年6月 • カップル・夫婦
Voor veel mensen erg onduidelijk waar de top en mooie uitzichtspunten liggen.
Naar de top rijden gaat prima, over mooie verharde weg. Mooie uitzichtspunten. Boven parkeren bij de zendmasten. Vervolgen laat je zendmast achter je en loop je zand/ grindpad in. Gemakkelijk stuk om te lopen. Na ongeveer 350 meter kom je op mooi uitzichtspunt met picknickbanken. Dit is nog niet de de top zoals velen denken.
Volg pad nog ongeveer 1km verder. Loopt iets naar beneden! Dan bij bord, volg kleine pad omhoog en volg gele vierkante borden. Eerst stukje in bos omhoog. Laatste stuk klauteren via stenen/ losse steentjes naar top! Even klauteren maar uitzicht dan is prachtig!!
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Zara H
チェルムズフォード, イギリス30件の投稿
2022年6月 • 友達
Lovely views, nice breeze up at the top. You can drive most of the way up the mountain and park your car by the masts, the road up to there is narrow and windy but no worse than a lot of the other roads around the island. We followed the track off, past the picnic area, and downhill a bit. You bend round to the right and there’s stairs off to the right. Follow them up and then climb over the rocks and you’re at the summit. It’s a steep walk, but reasonably short, and we all managed it in trainers. Would visit again.
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