The Station House

The Station House (ダーラム)

The Station House
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Neil K
リバプール, イギリス609,094件の投稿
Cullercoats Brewery ale's
2021年11月 • 友達
My twin brother Stephen and I were pub hopping around Durham when we chanced upon The Station House Pub and what a great find .
Located under one of the spans of the magnificent Durham Viaduct, its housed in a wonderful looking building, the interior is fantastic, pubby decor and furnishings, brew vats prominently on display and plenty of seating options spread throughout this pub, its just a really good micro pub to chill out in.
We were here on a Thursday night, pub was busy with a great atmosphere, the barman made us so welcomed ,we ordered ale's from Cullercoats Brewery, these were served in excellent condition, we just kicked back, chilled out and soaked up the great vibe in this busy and popular pub ,while sipping our ale's.
I must say the ale we had was great, a well crafted ale bursting with taste, very easy to drink on a hot night, it was just so good being in such a lovely pub enjoying a quality brew.
We really enjoyed our ale's in here before we moved on and although our visit was only fleeting for a first time visit to The Station House Pub we were totally impressed.
The Station House Pub is easy to locate along North Road.
Opening hours are;
Tuesday to Thursday, Open from 4pm.
Friday, Open from 2pm.
Saturday, Open from Midday.
Sunday, Open from 4pm.
A wonderful micro pub,most definitely well worth checking out if you're in the area .
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Stephen Kelly
リバプール, イギリス13,251件の投稿
Wedge Shaped Micro-Pub Under The Railway Viaduct.
2021年9月 • 友達
The Station House is a fantastic micro-pub on North road in Durham that offers a very good range of cask and craft beers.
Housed in a wedge shaped building under the railway viaduct'this brilliant micro-pub was opened in 2015 by C.A.M.R.A members and has gone from strength to strength.
With a very traditional pub interior and lots of interesting features and brilliant seating options throughout the whole interior it's a great place to unwind and relax and have a couple of beers.
We went to this brilliant micro-pub while we were walking towards the train station and decided to go in here for a few craft beers from the Cullercoat's brewery which where superb and well priced.
The Station House is a fantastic micro-pub and well worth visiting and very easy to get to from Sutton street bus stop its a minutes walk away.
(This is my first review of the Station House)
Opening Hours.
Nearest Bus Stop.
Sutton Street bus stop.
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Mick W
シェフィールド, イギリス128件の投稿
Proper pint with no hassle
Only a few minutes from the mayhem of the city centre, a chilled out (rocking chairs in the window seat), proper pub, with great choice of ale and cider. Certainly worth the short walk.
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Glenn F
リンカーン, イギリス42件の投稿
Good range of real ales
2021年6月 • カップル・夫婦
Dropped into this place after a meal out. Staff was friendly and there was a chilled out feel to the place. Good range of ales. Sipped mine in a rocking chair. Can't say I've done that before in a pub. We will no doubt drop in again during our stay in Durham.
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Mark Davies
ダーラム, イギリス11件の投稿
Good little pub
Nice, friendly little bar serves good real ales, I had an Allendale which is a good beer. Was nice to chat some of the regulars, all socially distanced.
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Vicky S
Lovely little bar with great real ales
2020年8月 • カップル・夫婦
Great little bar. Lovely real ale and whiskey selection. The guy that served us was super friendly and really knew his stuff. If you like ales then defo check this place out.
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Vanessa D
サンダーランド, イギリス35件の投稿
Not your usual station
2020年3月 • カップル・夫婦
Five beers and five ciders on offer from behind the little hatch-there is no bar, as well as a selection of savoury pastries. All beers served straight from a barrel. Single malts are also available. Seating is very communal with large bench tables to accommodate all. Board games also available to pass the time. In previous visits the train timetable was on show for those who were waiting to collect a passenger or waiting to board.
Great place.
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The beebloke
ハーン・ベイ, イギリス77件の投稿
Reasons to be cheerful but just 3 stars
Perhaps I am being a little mean in only giving 3 stars, after all the beer was great and the pub was welcoming to out of us town visitors. It got a knock back for personal reasons I will not go into here as it should not affect anyone who visits on a different day.
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Gregg P
Terrible customer service
2019年8月 • カップル・夫婦
Appalling customer service! asked to be quiet because "you're annoying and I'm the landlady!". Definitely not a place to go if you want fun. Smells like a foisty scout hut and neither beer nor cider were nice. Will not be going back. Probably only welcome to virgins and nerds. Non regulars dont bother going!
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David F
ダーラム, イギリス5件の投稿
The Best of Both Worlds
2019年1月 • 一人
I recently moved to Durham from the US and have been trying out various places to drink. My favorites tend to be old-school local pubs, but these have two drawbacks: first, the clientele tends to be a bit older and second, the beer is often not well cared-for. This place has all the advantages of such pubs* but with a younger crowd and owners who really know and care about and for their beer. They have fostered a real community of regulars who come to eat, chat, play board games, discuss books and, of course, drink beer and cider. The place is reasonably large but feels intimate; the staff are friendly and knowledgeable; the prices are reasonable; and there is a decent selection of snacks (including a vegan sausage roll sourced from nearby Bean Social, plus guests are welcome to bring in their own food).

*the minor exception is that it's in an old furniture store, not one of these buildings that's been a pub since the Roman Empire or whatever. If you're looking for that kind of charm in Durham, you should try out The Victoria.
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