Mount Ugo



Regie C
ラス・ピニャス, フィリピン116件の投稿
2018年4月 • 友達
As usual, it's with friends with common hobbies. It was a DIY event and again, it was I who organized. From Victory Liner Sampaloc, Manila (12am) to Aritao Nueva Vizcaya was a long night trip but when I closed my eyes it was short night sleep. We arrived at around 5am at Aritao, took our bfast, bought some items, snack and lunch. We met the rented a van (contacted before the event) for a ride to the JOP, Kayapa. There, we bought food to be cooked for the night (nilagang baboy), secure guide, register, took pees and begun our walk.

Cut the story short. 😂 It was one of the most tiring, loooooooong (100%), steep, rough road, flat, and coooooold (150%), trail/mountain. However, its has one of the best views, terrain trail (as there was villages along the trail), there was even a sea of clouds and pulag can be seen from a distance. One major problem was that it rained before we reach the campsite.... d*mn it rained hard during the night. So prepare for rain gears and cold temp.

The mountain, the journey was amazing. But never will I go back.
BTW, we stayed at Baguio on the 2nd night, again. 😆
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バギオ, フィリピン44件の投稿
2017年11月 • 友達
This mountain is amazingly one of the most difficult mountains I've ever hiked. It took us atleast 10 hours to reach the summit. It requires 2days 1 night for this arduous hike. People would most likely start the trek in Kayapa, Vizcaya which is the easiest trail but for our group we chose Tinongdan, Itogon as our Jump Off point - the usual exit point. I've seen reviewers leveling the difficulty of the climb as 5/9 but if you're starting in Tinongdan, the trail is almost uphill - you know what I mean.
Anyway, if you're choosing Tinongdan as your jump off point, you can arrange your hike with them, call the barangay hall in advance so they can arrange a guide and prepare your certificates. The guide is 500/day and you need to pay a registration fee of 200. The hike usually starts at 6AM. On the second day, after your descent from the mountain, you can get your certificates stating that you've enthusiastically hiked Mt. Ugo. Also, the staff in barangay hall always offer free tinongdan brewed coffee to their visitors and if you're lucky, they prepare "pinikpikan" or "watwat" for you. So enjoy!
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2016年4月 • 友達
Is an excellent place for a overnight hike since it a long way hike, almost 16 to 18 hours hike and depending on your pace and humidity. The hike consist of stiff hill, narrow pathways, rocky terrain, rolling hill and long open pathway. The path are mostly open terrain and to long exposure to the sun will drain your energy, so try to rest on some shaded part of the trail. Be sure to bring hat or anything to protect you from the sun. Sun block is an essential requirement, sun glasses and at least 2 liters of water. Do not forget to bring trail food along the way to restore your lost energy. You'll find two village along the way before and after the summit. The villager or natives are very accommodating to all hikers... and we thanks them for their warm welcome...
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Sabrina E
マニラ, フィリピン10件の投稿
2016年4月 • 友達
This trail has a trail difficulty of 5/9. Depending on your pace, the trail takes around 15-16 hours in total, making half of it on day 1. Camp site is situated on the summit and makes a great opportunity to star gaze during the night and to watch a beautiful sun rise in the morning. Make sure to ask for the water sources in order to refill. You're exposed to the sun quite a lot during the hike, sun block, umbrella or other ways of protecting you from the sun is highly recommended. Bare in mind that it gets cold during the night, depending on the season it can go from 2-16 degrees celcius, so bring warm clothes, sleeping bag and mat/insulator.

I enjoyed this hike very much and there were really good trails for trail running. The last 4 km were by far the hardest part for me, since it was a steep, narrow trail with complete sun exposure and absolutely no chance of resting in the shade. Be sure to rest in the shade before the 4 k mark, if it's a sunny day.
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バタンガス州, フィリピン17件の投稿
2016年4月 • 友達
Get yourself ready for this trekking experience. Our group almost took 17 hours (Traverse Kayapa-Itogon). I find it difficult going up since the way was too steep. But once we reached the summit it was all worth it. We set the camp there and slept til morning to witness the sea of clouds. We managed to see the sea of clouds but it was far away from our campsite. You could only see it in the distance. The temperature in the summit during nighttime is extremely cold, so ready your winter jackets, gloves, bonnets and warm sleeping bags. Expect sore legs for 2-3 days after this hiking.
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