White Lake Provincial Park


ワワ, カナダ32件の投稿
This place is first class! The staff is absolutely amazing!! I will go back again and again! It’s a very clean family oriented park and we had a blast there! The girls at the front desk made our camping trip absolutely amazing. This was my first time ever going camping and those girls made it the most positive experience ever! The park staff are all friendly they wave and say hello when they see you. No complaints at all..nothing but lovely sites, beautiful beaches, friendly campers and fresh air!
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ストーンウォール, カナダ7件の投稿
2022年7月 • ファミリー
LOVE this park. I’ve never seen cleaner facilities at a park. First time at an Ontario Provincial Park (although extensive camping experience) and would 100% come back. Couldn’t see any garbage in the park. Most sites are nice and private. Would be better if potable water at every tap, but at least there was potable water at the comfort station so could refill jugs when needed. Showers were impeccable and nice they weren’t coin op like Manitoba. Highly recommend!!
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Southgate, カナダ8,537件の投稿
2022年6月 • カップル・夫婦
Mocassin Flower Campground White Lake Park 4 of a 28 Day trip.

28 days 8 Ontario Provincial Parks
Travelling 2+2 2 dogs 2 humans almost 4000 km.

Front office non-existent a Park employee messaged the warden we were there the next day. We went to the office day 2 and someone met us there but they couldn't print out our site slip they didn't have access to the computer.

No map and very poorly numbered site as the post with the number facing the wrong way on a side corridor. Missed it at least 3 times had to walk to find it parking the RV as it was crazy driving in circles late afternoon.

No potable water boil water advisory waiting on a water system upgrade they have no idea when it is coming.

No black fly but the mosquitos were awful. On you walking, sitting wherever you were in 2 minutes like a cloud

We used a thermacell and multiple old school mosquito coils to make it bearable. When it wasn't bearable we sat indoors.

Site itself on quite a slope but very workable with a lovely view. Walked the loops around the park with the dogs not real water access water view.

Almost empty maybe the reason for short staffing. Would do this one again if we can afford the gas to haul. Costing $1 for every 2km

Great memories
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クライストチャーチ, ニュージーランド6件の投稿
2022年6月 • カップル・夫婦
Really a great campground in the trees. Newish and very nice bathrooms and showers (although some out of order, not a problem now - Earl June - but may be an issue when the park gets busy). Yeah, there were a lot of bugs but it turns out that ‘outdoors’ is where the live, so be prepared. The lake is beautiful and the provincial parks are gems, you’re lucky Canadians
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anne b
This was the worst campground we have ever stayed. No cell service, the water had to be boiled and very noisy. We listened to dogs barking until night and generators running for at least 3 hrs, for the two nights we were there. We paid for 3 nights but only stayed for two. We will not be coming back to this park again.
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ティミンズ, カナダ572件の投稿
We stayed here for one night and found the park to be clean and orderly. The campsites could use some brush trimming and the signage around the park could be better. Would stay here again.
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james b
ワワ, カナダ3件の投稿
Brought my son for one night of camping. Site was littered with the last campers empty bottles and food. Picked a beach lot ...small beach had broken glass, empty beer cans as well as an empty Hydrochloric acid container in a baby carrier sitting there. There was also the previous campers make shift fire pit on the beach. We set up camp and my son waded into the water by our beach. When he came out he had 6 small leaches on his feet ... not a swimming lake. We collected small small sticks off the beach and made a small fire in the previous campers pit. Within a half an hour the ranger came and wrote me up $180.00 ticket for an unsanctioned fire. No warning, no discussion. It was next to a lake where a previous fire had been made ... I didn't really think it was an issue. I could have put it out with a cup of water. I was calm and non-confrontational yet this ranger treated me like I was a criminal. I pointed out the Acid container in the baby carrier and he simply removed it. Pictures will be posted soon on Trip Advisor. What a disgrace for a provincial park. Oh, and no cell service, no toilet paper, no Ice, no pop machine.
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Doug F
2019年7月 • 友達
Only has ice once and awhile.
The water for the showers didn't work for 3 of the 6 days we stayed.
The train horn right across the bay goes off non stop, so if you want to sleep good luck.
Everything is over priced.
Will never stay here again!!!!
But has a beautiful view of the lake from site 164.
The road in is the worst road I've ever drove on!!
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アリストン, カナダ282件の投稿
2018年8月 • 友達
Bucket List: Visit every Provincial Park in Ontario. Since we only do Day Use I can not speak to the camping or fishing etc. We did not swim here but rather just stopped in for a look. The gate staff were very friendly and the lake was beautiful with a nice beach. It was a quiet park.
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Ontario, Canada125件の投稿
2018年8月 • 友達
Of all of the north shore provincial parks we visited, we received our most friendly and welcoming greeting when we arrived at White River park. There was a boil water advisory in the park and this was explained to us. Wish we could have stayed longer and explored more. Perhaps more fishing next time!
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