Antpur Ramakrishna Math
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Antpur Ramkrishna Mission Ashrama & Dhunipith - It is in Hooghly District. You may reach there from kolkata - Nivedita Setu/ Bally Bridge - Delhi highway - Dankuni crossing - left hand - then catch Haripal Janglepara road towards Antpur Ramkrishna Mission. This is the place where Swami Vivekananda & other 8 disciples of Sri Ramakrishna took oath before fire on 24th December that they took Sanyasa & thus formed the idea of forming Ramakrishna Mission. It was the birth place Swami Premananda (Baburam Maharaj) who was one of the 12 direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna. Further this place was taken over by Ramkrishna Mission in 1968. We visited this place for the 3rd time in this Durgapuja occasion. They had arranged Anna prasad for a token Rs.50 only. The arrangement was superb. Being Sri Ramakrishna follower, one must see this place. Hardly 50Km from Kolkata. There are some old Terracotta temples nearby also as per tourist attraction.
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Amolak Rattan K
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A very revered place where Swami Vivekanand had spent many years and many admirers go there to visit and pay their respects. Situated on the banks of River Hooghly, the scenic beauty is also enjoyed and admired by the tourists and visitors.
Governor Amolak Rattan Kohli
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Uday Kumar H
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2018年12月 • 友達
Ramakrishna Math, Antpur is located in the Antpur village, Hooghly district, West Bengal, India. This is the holy birth place of Swami Premananda Maharaj (pre-sanyas name Baburam), a direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishnadeva and was been sanctified by the holy presence of Sri Ramakrishnadeva, Holy Mother Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda ji along with other brother disciples.
In Ramakrishna Temple in RKM Antpur Nitya Puja (Daily worshiping) is offered.
During the first meeting at Dakshineshwar, Sri Ramakrishna treated Baburam as one of his own.
The salient feature of his training was “Example is better than precept”. He used to be always pre-occupied with work and used to say ‘let the performance speak and let the mouth shut’. Ramakrishna Paramhansa Dev wanted all-round development of the latent power of the monks and the Brahmacharis.
There, on the Christmas Eve on 24th December under a divine inspiration, the nine fellow-disciples led by Narendranath took the extreme resolution of renouncing the world collectively.
In commemoration of 24th December 1886 when Swami Vivekananda and other eight direct disciples of Bhagawan Sri Ramakrishna Deb took vow for “Atmano Mokhartham and Jagdhitya cha” with Remiciation and Service, Antpur observed this event in 2015-16 with three day long festival. Thousands of people participated in this celebration. Noon Prasad was distributed to about 20,000 devotees during the festival.
At Antpur on Christmas Eve, Dec 24th 1886, Swami Vivekananda along with eight brother disciples renounced the world.
Ramakrishna Mission, Antpur has performed many social activities like Allopathy Dispensary, Homeopathy Dispensary, Mobile dispensary, Cataract Surgery, Distribution of Spectacles, Blood Donation Camp, Weekly Dental Camp, Orthopaedic Department, Eye Department, Medical Relief, Mother, Child Care Service, etc.
I took many photos including the Aashram, Dunighar (where the nine Bhaktas were given mantras by Ramakrishna witnessing fire), a giant bowl (in which Khichuri or any other item for about 2000 people is prepared in special occasions, names of the nine Brahmacharis’ mentioning the pre-sanyas ans after sanyas names
At last I do mention that Antpur Ramakrisha Mission is worth seeing.
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