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チャンドラー, アリゾナ州2,080件の投稿
2023年5月 • カップル・夫婦
If you’re looking for a set of ruins that doesn’t have a huge crowd, this is it. We were the only tourists at the place. There is an active archaeological restoration going on at the place. This place won’t take a lot of time. Getting down to the ruins took the most amount of time.
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ピルゼン, チェコ共和国1,003件の投稿
Počátky tohoto místa se datují 5000 let zpátky do historie, ale až za dob Řeků a Římanů město začalo prosperovat, patřilo do tzv. Ligy Decapolis. V době Byzantské zde žilo 25 000 obyvatel, což si lze nyní stěží představit. Je pravdou, že se naleziště rozkládá na mnoha vrcholcích a zaujímá velkou plochu, ale jen málo z něj je odhaleno. Jsou zde k vidění pozůstatky chrámu, divadla, fontány a základy několika domů. Výhledy na okolní krajinu - údolí Jordánu - jsou hezké, ale jinak je toto místo dost zanedbané. Archeologické práce zde asi stále probíhají, protože jsou tu porůznu rozházené nářadí, kolečka, haldy písku a všudypřítomné vlající potrhané plachty sloužící zřejmě jako přístřešek a ochrana před sluncem. To vše dojem z tohoto místa hodně kazí.
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アンマン, ヨルダン7件の投稿
2023年2月 • ファミリー
Lovely site in a beautiful and picturesque setting but minimally excavated. Would be a great site if more money and time was spent on it.
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ミラノ, イタリア19,131件の投稿
2022年12月 • カップル・夫婦
Situata su un promontorio in bella posizione, si parte dall’alto lungo un percorso che tocca una basilica e un tempio cananeo. Per il resto è ancora tutta da scoprire.
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サン ティティエンヌ, フランス1,759件の投稿
Pas grand-chose à voir si ce n'est le temple. Aucune indication sur le site.
Mais la route en venant d'Ajlun est magnifique.
Gratuit avec Jordan Pass
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ベルリン, ドイツ3件の投稿
Important place and very unimportant ruins.
The more important the officials on site feel: While the gates to the road are wide open, a pompous and extremely unfriendly guard in the visitor centre checks not only the ticket but also the passport, looking long and hard for the visa stamp, as if he were in charge of counterintelligence for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. An absurd person and a good example of how the place ( and the country) want to make themselves bigger than they are.
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トスカーナ, イタリア614件の投稿
2020年9月 • ファミリー
Posto lontano che abbiamo inserito nella visita di Umm Qays ma non merita assolutamente....
Pochissimo da vedere in un paese con tantissime altri siti da visitare
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アンマン, ヨルダン987件の投稿
The site itself is picturesquely set in a wadi on a number of hills. Given that there are remnants from the Greek, Roman, and Ottoman eras, it is also quite diverse. The different edifices (or what is left thereof) are in close proximity to each other. You don’t need to walk as much as in other archeological sites. However, the areal is quite steep, so be prepared for some steps and up-/downhill walk.
As for the infrastructure itself, the newly built museum and shop provides a quick overview. On the site itself, no explanation except for the names of the buildings is given whatsoever. Having a good guide (book) is required.
The way to the site can be a bit confusing as you will pass the (closed) back entrance first when you come from the Jordan valley highway, but need to drive another few hundred meters to get to the actual entrance with ticket booth.
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ミネアポリス, ミネソタ州1,444件の投稿
From where we parked (maybe the correct entrance), it was about a 15 minute hike to the ruins. A bit treacherous to get down to the pillars, and the guidebook was correct when it says that a bit of imagination is required to get the most out of the site. Important to archaeologists because it reveals evidence of 6000 years of continuous settlement, however, there’s very little to see. The pillars are a nice photo op, but it’s clear that they are later additions. We did this as part of a larger driving tour that took in Ajloun Castle/Forest Reserve and Umm Qais. Even then, we’re not entirely sure that it’s worth the loop out to see it. However, if you’re already nearby, then you could stop by. Best time of year to go is springtime for the flowers.
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Pella is located about 40 minutes south of Umm Qais on Route 65 and about 1.5 hours north of Amman, in the foothills of the Jordan Valley/River. It was originally a Greek town and subsequently went through Roman, Byzantine, and Islamic periods. Today, the city’s ruins which are predominantly temples, churches, and housing have been partially excavated (emphasis on partially). There are few Roman buildings – mainly remnants of an odeon, bathhouse, and necropolis.

Its biblical significance seems to be that the site appears to fulfill Jesus’ prophecy of a city of refuge. According to historians, the “Flight to Pella” in 70 CE represented the Church of Jerusalem’s flee to Pella after the ruin of the temple and Jesus’ followers seeking refuge while escaping Jerusalem’s destruction. It stayed there until its return during the reign of Emperor Hadrian, making it a secondary pilgrimage site for modern day Christians.

Pella’s visitors center is probably the largest and newest visitors center I have seen of all the archeological sites in Jordan. It was very impressive but somewhat of a shame that there were minimal visitors (at least when we were there). I am under the impression that this site attracts mainly those on pilgrimages. I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit Pella unless you have time to make a stop on your way to Umm Qais or are a historian or Christian studies’ scholar. Umm Qais and Jerash have more to see in terms of excavated work. Pella is somewhat skeletal in terms of what there is to see. I included a birds’ eye view photo of the site since many other reviewers have already provided close ups of what there is to see. Keep in mind it is a hike down to the site from the visitors center - the entrance is up on a hill.

One of the best attributes of this site is the spectacular view across the Jordan Valley.
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