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The Villages, FL881件の投稿
2022年7月 • 一人
They get 3 dots mostly for the volunteer staff. To call this a museum is being kind. In my opinion, this is a jumbled display of old things with not many representations of the Mother Road. Most of what is displayed is not labeled, and seems to be placed in no particular order. They have a small gift shop with reasonable prices, and bathrooms are available as well as a picnic area.
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Jill D
セントルイス, ミズーリ159件の投稿
2021年10月 • カップル・夫婦
I like small town museums so I jumped out of the car and my husband said he would wait. I went inside and was greeted by a person with so much knowledge of Route 66 and the town. I went out and made my husband come look. Lots to see and cute things to buy. The were even selling home made brownies that were very good. My husband was pleased as he bought a soda for only a dollar. Stop to see this.
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Tom Medsker
トレントン, ミシガン州3件の投稿
We were looking for a place to have our picnic. We found picnic tables here under a big shade tree. The museum was very interesting too.
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フラッグスタッフ, アリゾナ州480件の投稿
2020年2月 • 一人
I wanted to learn more about the long gone Fred Harvey hotel. The museum is a volunteer operation and I was wRmly greeted. Admission is free, but leave a donation.
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Rebecca B
マウント・プレザント, ノースカロライナ州666件の投稿
Well my husband and I weren't expecting much but boy were we wrong, this place is worth the visit for the Route 66 enthusiast. This place is packed with history of Route 66 and the Ask Fork area. Their displays are very well done and the volunteers are right there for you if you have any questions. The prices are really good on the souvenirs they have for sale, my husband got a nice Route 66 hat for $7. This is a "free" museum but they do accept donations and I feel it's better than the Powerhouse Museum in Kingman.
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Ed D
スウォンジー, イギリス519件の投稿
Decided to do as much of Route 66 as possible and started at Ash Fork outside of Williams where we came across this amazing small museum staffed by the most wonderful of volunteers. Really helpful and not only set us on our way to getting the Route 66 passport but also directions to the longest existing stretch can never thank her enough. Please visit and support.
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2018年2月 • カップル・夫婦
The Ash Fork Historical Society Museum is a treasure. Not only are you able to step back in time to learn about Ash Fork's first settlers and history, but you also get lots of information about Route 66. The Museum also provides valuable information regarding traveling in AZ.
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ピネロロ, イタリア11件の投稿
2018年8月 • ファミリー
Un piccolo museo, gratuito, curato da John e dalla moglie che ci hanno dedicato mezz’ora a spiegarci alcune cose della Route 66. Veramente gentili con i bambini ci hanno regalato anche alcuni oggetti. Non vale la deviazione ma se siete in zona e avete un’ora di tempo andateci!
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Rick C
プレスコット バレー, アリゾナ州471件の投稿
2018年3月 • カップル・夫婦
Just popped in while in town. This is a very small local museum in the small town of Ash Fork. There is a small amount of local artifacts, a couple vehicles including a fire truck, gifts and such. Admission is free and they would love any donations.
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フェニックス, アリゾナ州45件の投稿
2018年1月 • 友達
Ash Fork, once a thriving railway hub is now run down, tired and abandoned-looking. The homes there look more like shacks than anything else and yet... there is a museum of all things.

We live in Arizona and had driven up north a bit to enjoy our beautiful state and we were driving through Ash Fork and came upon some signs pointing to a museum. Too intrigued not to follow we soon pulled up to the front door and parked. At first it's more of a gift shop as they are selling local wares (mostly crafts and jewelry) but the very friendly man walked us through everything. It's charming, historically accurate, well preserved and worth stopping to see. If you think you're going to the Smithsonian you're going to be disappointed but if you enjoy small towns and local history... especially railway history then you will be sure to enjoy this. Don't forget to sign the guestbook.
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