Angkor Adventure Guide - Day Tours
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Angkor Adventure Guide - Day Tours


Melissa K
2015年1月 • カップル・夫婦
Lem Chantha stepped in for a different tour guide we had originally hired and he ended up being even better! His English is perfect and he was able to communicate clearly and comprehensively. He obviously loves and knows a lot about his Country - he has an incredible historical knowledge. He had great recommendations for restaurants and understood that we wanted an authentic Cambodian experience. Also, he is just a great guy and we enjoyed spending time with him. In fact, we still keep in touch with him and recommend him to anyone we know who is traveling to Cambodia.
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Dear Valued guest i really appreciate of your time to invest a useful review to me. i am very thankful this review. it is true that come from your heart and reflects how strong and good i am in my work of providing tour service. it is meaning full to other person that looking for tour on their holiday in Cambodia. one again , i wish you good luck your sincerly angkor adventure guide
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Ryan T
サンフランシスコ, カリフォルニア1件の投稿
2015年11月 • ファミリー
Lem is a great, personable guide, who speaks fluent English (but also learning Korean!) and is always ready to give information or just chat and never too pushy to rush from location to location or dwell for too long in a single one.

Lem was very inspired to inform us about Cambodia's violent history as well as history and lore associated with various pieces of architecture at Angkor Wat and Thom. He is very informative yet courteous, not seeming to shove information in our faces but only when we seemed interested. Additionally, he was very patient with us when we all too often lingered in various photo-worthy locations. When we were tired of all the temples, he even catered to our desire to see the floating village, a completely unplanned portion of the tour.

He never seemed angry, annoyed or distracted during the whole day he spent with us. He is very friendly, talkative, and open, enough for him to share with us his personal life and various pictures of his family.

If I ever go back to Siem Reap, I definitely would find Lem (or John as we mistakenly called him.... Sorry Lem!) for another tour.

Definitely recommend him for anybody visiting Siem Reap looking for an English, and hopefully Korean in the near future, personal, tour guide.
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Dear Sir Highly thanks thanks you for taking time to pose reviews on TripAdvisor page. i am please to your feed back to what i have done to you and your family. this is very importance to me and specially to future guests are looking to visit in Siem reap that they need my service. i hope one day i will meet you and your family and use my service again. wish you and your family all the best. thanks again. chantha.
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Ron W
フェルトン, カリフォルニア5件の投稿
2014年12月 • 一人
I was recommended his tour services by a dear friend of mine that visited Cambodia two years prior to me and I visited actually in 2011.
So if you want to see the sights get the history and actually get off the beaten path, Lem Chantha is the person to see.
I have referred his services to two friends of mine that have visited Cambodia since then and when I return I will retain his services again you won't be sorry.
If I can give him more than 5 stars I would.
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Choy T
2014年12月 • 一人
Went to Siem Reap twice and meet Chantha on my first visit in 2011.
He is ready with all the facts about the history to the general info of every day life of a Khemer.
Last year, I went back for the Angkor 1/2 marathon and he was there, participating too.
And off course, my personal guide for the 3 days, going all the way out of the Angkor Complex.
Chantha, well done and keep it up!
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Dear Choy how are you? i am so please to your feed back in my TripAdvisor page i am very thankful for your great review . it is wonderful that you spend your time to share your ideas involved with experience of my business. i would like to say thanks you again and again that you used my service during you came to Cambodia two time. wish you good luck and success in your work . thanks! chantha angkor adventure guide .
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2015年11月 • 一人
I toured the Angkor complexes with Mr. Lem Chanta as my guide. I was most impressed with his detailed knowledge, his ability to customize the discussion and tour to satisfy my personal interests, and to do so always with a smile! I felt as if I was enjoying the day with a trusted friend as opposed to a sterile Tour Guide!

Thanks Lem for making my journey comfortable, educational, and unforgettable! I will recommend your excellent service to all of my friends.
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Dear Ggaglia highly thanks it is very pleasure that you spend your time to write review in my TripAdvisor page. i am so appreciate of your time to invest a useful review to me. it is meaningful to the other costumers are looking for tour to Cambodia. i hope one day i will meet you again and you will stay more longer in Cambodia and still us my service and looking and waiting for you and family. wish you all the best . thanks! chantha. angkor adventure guide
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クアラルンプール, マレーシア2件の投稿
2015年8月 • 友達
We engaged Chantha for 3 days tour! From day 1 till day 3, the service provided by him was 👍👍👍👍!

In addition, he will arrange the places that we wanted to visit accordingly prior to our arrival in Cambodia and ended up we have visited more places than we planned.

Chantha is very informative and a playful tour guide to have during your siem reap trip. Detailed explanation about each cave, each temple, each crafting etc was provided during the tour.

Not only that, he is such a great photographer! During our trip, he has been our photographer and instructions were given on how to pose, which angle is the best etc! 👍👍👍

The 3 days spent with him made our Cambodia a memorable trip! Thanks Chantha!
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