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Mayank Rajput
ニューデリー, インド24件の投稿
I visited in december in akash ganga water fall which is very nice water fall with a huge crowd seen in evening.
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Vikas Singh
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It is one of seven holy theerthams in Seshagiri hills. According to legend, Akasha Ganga theertham originates from Lord Venkateswara’s lotus feet. All rituals of the Tirumala temple are performed with its waters, which indicates the great importance of this waterfall. It is said that in ancient times priests crossed the woods and traversed rugged landscapes to reach the waterfall and bring water to the Lord’s abhishekam early in the morning. However, when Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) began taking care of the temples of Tirupati, it created direct pipelines from the waterfall to the temple, simplifying the work to a great extent.

All the six locations can be visited in under three hours. You start from – SriVari Padalu. Then return back to Silathoranam. The Rock garden and Chakra Theertham is located within the same complex. From here you go straight to Papavinasanam. On way back you can visit Akash ganga and stop for some time on the Gogarbham dam bridge. You will be travelling a maximum distance of 25 kms.
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ベンガルール, インド1,140件の投稿
This attraction is unique as it has both Mother Goddess Anjani Devi and Son God Hanuman at the same place. It has water flowing near the temple and down. The water is so pure and tastes so good. Good place, need to walk down about 500 meters. Has lots of stalls for some attractive accessories shopping and lots of stalls to have snacks tea chats ...
Don't miss this. From Tirumala you get private cars or jeeps for Rs.600 for 3 place attraction visit in about 2 hours time.
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Sachin A
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This place is very near to Tirupati temple. You will feel relaxed here after taking Darshan at the temple. Just sit and watch the waterfall flowing in heavily.
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コルカタ (カルカッタ), インド798件の投稿
Millions of devotees visited Tirumala hills to pay their homage to Lord Venkateswara every year with a hope to get the blessings of the Lord. Apart from the main attraction, there are some tourist spots worth visiting. Among them Akasa Ganga is one such place we visited on the next day of our darshan,on 26.01.19, in the morning, after visiting Silathoranam,
Akasa Ganga, the sacred waterfalls, is situated at a distance of 2 km from Tirumala Bus Station & 26 km from Tirupati Railway station, Legend goes that the holy waterfalls are bathing Lord Venkateswara every day. Priests of the temple carry the water to the temple in the morning hours.
We had to step down to reach the water where water of the falls are accumulated & devotees were bathing there. The location is very charming with the greenery around and with water gushing out of the rocks & falls down . As it was winter , we found that the water was less.However, ascending to the road is a little painful to them who are aged compared to descend on the steep stairs. Local people run shops on both sides of the stairs with varieties of things.
Venkatadri or the popularly called Tirumala hills stretches to a vast area with a number of lakes, waterfalls, showers etc. This waterfalls is regarded as a thirtham to the devotees.We spent one hour there & went to our next destination, Papa Binasam.
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ベンガルール, インド154件の投稿
From the road it is half Km steps for the temple. There is fresh water flowing which is very good to drink. The Ganga temple is next to the falls. The bottom is bit dirty with debris. snacks here are a bit costly than Papavinasanam (next stop from here). The birds will be chipping and monkeys will be moving from here and there so be careful if you keep your luggage somewhere.
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ナグプール, インド176件の投稿
Akasa Ganga is a nice quiet place, located just a few miles from the temple it is said that Ganga Maa came on earth to give blessings to people coming in Tirupati. Nice place to visit
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チェンナイ (マドラス), インド321件の投稿
plenty of jeeps pick you and take you there, not expensive, challenge is the trek as it is a forest area. can be done when you are spending more than 1 day in tirumala and have time. small temple below and people stand and take bath under the water. can be slippery
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Chennai (Madras), India69件の投稿
It was quite a bit of trek but was worth the experience to stand in the water which was too cold but very refreshing. Good spot worth a visit.
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ガンジーダム, インド1,049件の投稿
It is 5 kms away from Lord Venkatesh temple or Balaji temple at Tirumala heel , on the way to Papnashini , since it is amidst forest area entry by 5 or 6 PM in the evening is stopped , there is natural stream of water flowing between rocks , believed to be sacred water , you require to get down by steps to reach water level , many people take bath , this sacred water is used for daily Abhishek at main Sri Venkateswara temple.
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