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バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0308件の口コミ

Charles R
メルボルン, オーストラリア17件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2024年4月 • 友達
If a carpet could fly, this is definitely where you would find one. There is something almost magical about this place, as we moved from the main showroom down to a subterranean display area, with beautiful hand woven rugs at every turn. The owner, Ruth, spent time with us explaining the history, provenance and style of various rugs; and what the patterns symbolised. We didn’t appreciate that the craft of rug making was mostly mastered by women, and that each rug tells a story of its creator. This shop is well worth a visit, and will be on our list again next time we visit Goreme.
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Sandy F
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2024年3月 • カップル・夫婦
The extensive collection of rugs, pillow cases and accessories Ruth has personally reviewed and stocked, showcase the knowledge and taste of a knowledgeable trader. If you have the time, and I suggest you do, Ruth's extensive knowledge of carpets, tribal nuances, fabrics and processes is extensive and very informative. This is no 'see it buy it' stop if you want to really know and love the carpet that will be special to you for years. With patience and genuine care with no hard sell, Ruth, with the more than capable Usman, will show you as many carpets as required and the story of each of them. If you buy, you will have a lifetime of connection with that piece of unique culture. I know we have.
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ハウェア湖, ニュージーランド53件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2023年10月 • カップル・夫婦
There are many carpet scams in Turkey - this is NOT one of them. This is the best place to buy genuine carpets in Turkey at incredibly good prices. Ruth and her staff are highly expert and very helpful - no hard sell just patient advice. You’ll learn a lot. The collection is amazing and Siem thing for every price range. We had our carpets appraised when we returned to New Zealand and the appraiser could not believe the great price we had paid. If you want to get a carpet from Turkey or the region, I cannot recommend Tribal Collections enough - you will not regret this.
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Cathy F
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2023年10月 • カップル・夫婦
If you would like to buy a beautiful rug from someone who is truly passionate and knowledgeable and not pushy at all - find this shop!! I had a lovely experience here just speaking to Ruth and wandering through this truly magical place. I ended up purchasing 3 lovely rugs all of which Ruth could tell me the history which was fascinating. Thank you Ruth
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Ann R
シャーロット, ノースカロライナ州6件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2023年10月 • 友達
Great experience selecting several rugs, plus a few pillow covers and small bags for gifts. Ruth and her staff are helpful, polite, and easy to work with to find the style and price point. Recommend and would return!
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Barbara L
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2023年9月 • 一人
I spent two afternoons in the shop, and felt like I was in a high end rug museum. The owner is incredibly knowledgeable, credible, and a master of her trade. What is nice is that she has a full array of rugs to choose from for those with a limited budget to prices you would expect to pay for rare, collectible rugs. I’m sure I’ll be a lifelong customer.
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ロンドン, イギリス24件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2023年8月 • ファミリー
We purchased some beautiful cushions here. The first lot of cushions were so amazing that we came back twice more to make more purchases! Ruth and her team were so friendly and patient as we looked through all their cushions and took forever making our decisions. We would have bought more if we had more luggage allowance as the cushions really are amazing and very reasonably priced. Ruth knows a lot about rugs, cushions and life in Turkey. A must visit if you’re in Goreme.
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London, United Kingdom8件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2023年5月 • カップル・夫婦
If your in the market for a Turkish rug or carpet, then this is your spot and well worth the trek to find them.
We didn't buy this time (no luggage allowance) but we stayed for an hour chatting to Ruth and what a pleasure this was. Her stock and experience on Turkish flooring is reason to go and speak to her alone..... enjoy.
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So sorry I missed responding to your review but I so appreciate your comments and delighted that you enjoyed our time together . Please know you are welcome anytime you are next in Cappadocia . Many thanks again , Ruth
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バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2023年5月 • カップル・夫婦
We had such a lovely time meeting Ruth and seeing her lovely carpets. We have seen many carpet stores throughout Turkey, and I can confidently say that her selection is some of the highest quality and definitely best priced we have seen. Ruth is has an incredible wealth of knowledge about all of the carpets she sells, and she is deeply connected with each of the communities in the area producing these beautiful carpets.

Ruth’s store has every style of carpet you could possibly seek, from modern takes on classic styles, to traditional Hereke, to Persian carpets. What she offers, that is rare in other stores, is antique carpets and carpets from smaller villages throughout Turkey. Turkey has a very vibrant carpet making tradition, and each region has very striking and unique styles, techniques, designs, and colors. She really opened my mind to regions and traditions I had not seen previously.

We truly enjoyed our time in Ruth’s store and talking with Ruth. Visiting her store is a must while you’re in Göreme!
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Werner F
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2023年2月 • ファミリー
Best carpet shop in Cappadocia!!!
If you are looking to buy a Turkish rug on your visit to Capadocia or even Turkey then you should go here.
It’s a lovely shop nestled in alley in Göreme, very pretty and once you go in there Toni’s like aladin cave- you are spoilt for choice with Carpets and rugs. Antique and quality new ones.
Ruth is extremely knowledgeable and very welcoming, just go into the shop have a tea and let her explain to you about the different rugs. Best thing her prices re fixed - so no need to haggle!
I have bought a number of carpets from her over the last 25 years! Never bought a carpet anywhere else.
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