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7 friends and I did a tour with Javier in Kyoto while visiting Japan for the Rugby World Cup. It was a great evening & definitely took us to places we would never have gone on our own. Good chance to try local drinks & food too. Only downside was that some of the bars were tiny and as smoking is still allowed indoors in Japan, it was a little unpleasant but that’s not a criticism of the tour, just a point of note which others might like to be aware of
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Vanessa V
レジーナ, カナダ39件の投稿
2019年6月 • カップル・夫婦
What a great way to get to know the true heart of Kyoto. We went into bars and restaurants we never would have felt comfortable going in as "tourists." We were so pleasantly surprised at each establishment how we were welcomed and enjoyed interacting with the locals. My husband and I were the only ones on the tour, so we got a personalized tour. Glen was a great guide. Highly recommend this experience!
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サンフランシスコ, カリフォルニア176件の投稿
My wife and I were the only people on the tour, and we both had a good time as well as learned more about the city. The food was good, and the bars he took us to were small, which was what we were looking for. Thanks Peter!
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Trish T
ブリスベン, オーストラリア4件の投稿
2019年4月 • ファミリー
Family with older children (20/21). Our guide Peter was knowledgeable about Kyoto and Japanese culture. Enjoyed seeing some little back street bars and trying local cuisine. Good tour for trying something a little different.
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2019年3月 • 一人
As a solo traveler passing through Kyoto for a couple of nights, I thought it would be a smart idea to get a local’s sense of the fun places to hangout. Robert did an amazing job customizing our tour to show me the Kyoto that I wanted to see. Don’t hesitate about going on this tour. It’s a great time!!
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2019年2月 • 一人
It was a perfect way to spend my last night in Kyoto.Peter,our host,took us to some amazing small local bars that I would have never found.We got to try some of the local food while of course enjoying some great beer and sake.We also got to meet some of the locals who made us feel at home.The tour finished at an awesome rock bar rounding off the experience perfectly !Highly recommended !
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Ella R
2018年12月 • 一人
Peter is an amazing host and showed me a lot of local spots that I would not have the courage to go into as a solo traveler. Peter created a fun and friendly atmosphere! would highly recommend for solo travelers!
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2018年12月 • 友達
This tour was absolutely awesome. I wanted to go back the next night! My buddy and I flew in from Korea to Japan for the weekend and wanted to do something fun so we booked this tour. Best decision ever. Peter, our tour guide, was cool, laid back, and very knowledgeable (he spent over 20 years in Japan). He took us to eateries/sake places that we would never have found. These places were very unique and absolutely delicious. Not to mention Peter knew bunch of the locals with whom we joked, drank sake, and even sang! So much fun...we had an absolute blast. My buddy and I were in Asia for a couple of weeks but this was by far the highlight of our trip. We decided we would take our wives/friends back in the future so they can experience this for themselves. Peter, thanks again for the great memories...we already miss Kyoto and hanging out with you. - Paul (and his buddy Randy)
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2018年12月 • 友達
My buddy and I were in Kyoto for the weekend and spent one evening with Peter. We are pretty adventurous guys but Peter definitely showed us some spots we would never have ventured into on our own. We ate some amazing local delicacies and really enjoyed learning about and drinking the Shōchū. We met several locals along the way including a few expats which really made the night even more enjoyable. Peter had us feeling like rock stars and the photos were a great touch! Highly recommend this tour and would take it again if I am ever back in Kyoto.
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Terri J
シドニー, オーストラリア6件の投稿
2018年10月 • カップル・夫婦
Great night with a great host. We got the ultimate local Kyoto guided tour of drinking and eating spots that a tourist doesn't get to experience. Met some awesome locals and a really fun night out. This is a Must Do when you are in Kyoto.
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