Alamo Cinema Drafthouse
Alamo Cinema Drafthouse




Padmaja P
2023年3月 • ファミリー
It was an amazing experience. Waiters would serve straight to you and it tasted wonderful! The quality of the screen in amazing and the quality of the chairs were just nice!
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Phil W
バーグ, ルイジアナ1件の投稿
2022年5月 • カップル・夫婦
Don’t go here
My wife and I were able to get out of the house for a Friday night date. Went to dinner in one loudoun waitress too long to get us our check. Walked over to Alamo as we were walking up the steps in the actual theatre mind you the previews were still playing a manager or someone asked to see my ticket. He then proceeded to tell me he’s sorry and that they don’t allow you in if you’re late. I had a small argument with him since there were multiple people getting up and walking out to use the bathroom and even some people coming back in from doing same. He just kept saying he’s sorry and that’s policy this happens in early 2020
I havn’t been back there since there are plenty of other movie theatres in the area and quite frankly are much nicer and you don’t have the smell of ketchup and cheese right next to you from people eating.
They lost atleast 20 visits since that time for me and friends as well as when I bring the kids and we spend upwards of 50 or more dollars on drinks

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Carmen L
2021年11月 • カップル・夫婦
It had been many years since I last visited this Alamo Drafthouse. Quite frankly, I think it’s overrated. Sure, it’s nice to have a full food and drink menu to order off of from your theater seat, but the seats are not comfortable by any stretch of the imagination. They’re not the extra wide or reclining type. Additionally, I was in Theater #2 and it was freezing, enough where even the males in our group said it was cold, so bring a coat and pants even if it’s fall or winter since they don’t regulate the theater’s temperature accordingly.

One thing I REALLY disliked was the fact that there is ZERO cell service once you’re inside (our group had multiple carriers and no luck). I get it, they don’t want you texting or talking, but what happens in the event of an emergency? They do, however, have free WiFi, which you could use to make a phone call. But that’s not a solution to not having access to make or receive an emergency call.

As for the food, it was sub par but it came out promptly. They have a number of “bottomless” snacks and drinks, so those are good deals.
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ランズドーン, バージニア州7件の投稿
Great seating that you can pick on your own. Alcoholic beverages served, along with food. You can get a bottomless soda or iced tea for $5, bottomless popcorn for $8. There are several other food items in the price range of $6-12. They do offer some very good food - but it is somewhat expensive. Includes multiple pizzas (also available with Cauliflower Gluten-free Crusts for an extra $3). several delicious burgers and chicken sandwiches, Lump Crab Cakes, Penne and Meatballs, Chicken Tenders, Hot Dogs and Fish & Chips.There are 3 brunch items available before 2:00 pm. Along with Shakes (and Adult Shakes), cookies, coffees, and a good selection of bottled and draft beers.
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ヒースズヴィル, バージニア州369件の投稿
2020年2月 • 一人
If you have the Alamo app they give you a free movie ticket on your birthday. What’s not to love about that. The bar is a great place to wait before or after your movie as they have 24 unique craft beers on tap along with bottled beers.
The seats are exceptional nice, service for food and or drinks is fast and efficient and their endless popcorn is a great offering.
First run movies along with monthly special showings. Fun for everyone.
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サイケスビル, メリーランド州165件の投稿
2020年1月 • 友達
I would have given this experience a 4 out of 5 but the food was ok and service was not very good. With a group of friends all sitting in the same row and things were just getting all messed up. Confusion with what people had ordered right from the beginning. Drinks getting mixed up throughout the movie as well. Soda refills took really long to get and half the time they were not the correct soda. Also, after all was said and done we were all charged incorrectly due to all of the confusion with who ordered what. Movie was good seats are super comfy but food and service was not very good. Go there with the expectation your going to see a movie with an opportunity to order some ok food instead of normal deep fried or microwave regular movie theatre snacks.
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Arturo Q
ウィンチェスター, バージニア州21件の投稿
I think the Alamo Drafthouse is a really cool concept (albeit not original, there have have been several drafthouses opened and closed over several years in DC/Metro area). I really think the food used to be better, nowadays, not so much but the portions are decent sized. I do like the idea that when the lights go out, they expect it to be QUIET in the theater.
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マートル ビーチ, サウスカロライナ州268件の投稿
So, the fixed seats at this Alamo Drafthouse are not the most comfortable, but these guys set themselves apart by playing special "movie shorts" prior to the main event and by continuously offering and serving food and drink right at your seat. We go to this Alamo every 6 or so weeks because it is a unique experience and a nice night out. Do prepare to spend $50-100 per couple if you plan to eat and drink while watching the movie. Yeah, it's a bit pricey, but spurge every couple of months or so for a genuinely different big screen movie and food experience.
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アッシュバーン, バージニア州27件の投稿
I have been multiple times, with a very consistent experience. Online ticket purchase and seat selection is great! The view from everywhere we have sat is great. Staff has been very helpful. The food is actually really good. And best of all I love that this place enforces the quiet rules. I stopped going to movies for a long time because I hate paying so much only to be annoyed with people around me talking or lighting up their phones. Alamo takes the rules seriously and it creates a very enjoyable experience.
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Ethan M.
アッシュバーン, バージニア州81件の投稿
2019年11月 • ファミリー
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is by far one of my favorite movie theaters! I love the unique concept of getting served at your seat with a gourmet menu. I also love how the previews relate to the movie you will be watching. Alamo is a fantastic movie theater. It is definitely one of the best in town!
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