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モビール, アラバマ州2,319件の投稿
We didn't know what to expect; Sports Art of course but that's a pretty broad category.
We enjoyed our free visit largely due to the Librarian (whose name I'm embarrassed to say I don't remember) there that day. She gave us an essentially private tour of the Library and of the many side rooms. Really brought the collection to life.
Spread out over two floors, there are many rooms to visit and some you can't. There seems to be a little of everything. Lots of Olympics memorabilia. For example: a full set of the artist's rendering of the 2008 Beijing Olympics facility signs. see photo
Only negative is that there could be a lot more signage for context.
Free admission and free parking.
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ダフニ, アラバマ州590件の投稿
2018年6月 • 一人
very unique sports sculptures place on the grounds. Created from recycled metal, they represent athletes in action. The artwork is throughout the building.
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Thomas M
リトルトン, ニューハンプシャー州5,113件の投稿
2018年1月 • カップル・夫婦
Bad News; Good News; The bad news was that it was a holiday, and so it was closed! The good news was that there were plenty of outside sculptures by Bruce Larson to view - all of them interesting. What we could see from the outside & the entryway we definitely want to visit when it is open. Their website says that they have what is believed to be the largest collection of sport art in the world! Looking at some of the art on their website we are just going to have to put it on our list to visit again.
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James B
フォーリー, アラバマ州230件の投稿
2017年6月 • 一人
This museum is a real gem if you like a wide range of sports. From paintings to sculpture to posters most every sport is covered. It is called the largest collection of sport art in the world. Hank Aaron, Sugar Ray Leonard, Carl Lewis, Wayne Gretzky, Arnold Palmer and motor sports are included in the collection. It's free and enjoyable.
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Peggy B
ディケーター, アラバマ州72件の投稿
2015年7月 • ファミリー
I carried my 6 year old grandson to this museum. For his age there were some items he did not appreciate as much, but I expected that. We both loved the sculptures of the various athletes playing different sports on the outside. Even though it was nearly 98 degrees outside, he wanted to see them all. On the inside he found the sculpture of Bear Bryant easily. He checked out the Daniel Moore prints of the SEC championships. Because of his age, he was not as interested in what I call the Olympics rooms. Down a hallway were humorous artworks on football terminology such as the "Shotgun offense". He got some of the humor but not like I did. I will take him again when he is a little older. It will be new to him all over again!
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Daphne, AL49件の投稿
2014年9月 • カップル・夫婦
If you are in the vicinity, definitely drive through to see the great sculptures on their grounds and if time permits, there are some very nice sculptures inside, too
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ケーティ, テキサス州3,308件の投稿
The museum is actually the halls of an office building so you encounter employees and offices. I kind of felt out of place, so it was a short visit. It is great that they offer the displays, but I would had personally felt more comfortable if it was a museum set aside in the building instead of having to aimlessly roam halls
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ブレバード, ノースカロライナ州104件の投稿
Heavy rains had us choosing indoor activities and this seemed interesting. We drove around the building and found what appeared to be the main entrance. Halfway up the stairs it says 'Visitors use door on other side'.

Dashed back to car. Drove to other side. Circled twice looking for the 'Visitors' door. Drove away with my $10 donation still in my pocket.
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ダフニ, アラバマ州103件の投稿
My boyfriend, sister and I decided to go to the Sport Art Museum. It was free admission (always a good thing). We all enjoyed the art and for it to be a free outing, we had a good time. My boyfriend loves baseball and knows a lot about sports, he really enjoyed it and loved explaining pieces of art to us. Nothing breathtaking, not TONS of art, but a nice place nonetheless. Visiting once is probably enough.
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Adam M
フェアホープ, アラバマ州290件の投稿
2012年8月 • 一人
I should explain the title by saying that although the museum does have a lot of sport related art, the building is primarily an online sports education school.
Do not expect to find sports memorabilia. The collection is mostly paintings and statues. There are a lot of items by artists who made pieces specifically for the Olympics. The gift shop does contain prints but is a little underwhelming overall.
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