Hotel Cocal Casino

Hotel Cocal Casino (ハコ)

Hotel Cocal Casino


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Richie S
マイアミ, フロリダ州7件の投稿
how many people have had their belongings robbed from the room's safe? why because they have multiple keys and rob people
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ニューヨーク シティ, ニューヨーク州179件の投稿
Stayed Dec 2020- The place was fantastic. A friend and I book a two bed room suite and we were up graded when we arrived to a huge 3 bedroom suite. We stayed for six days. It was beautifully appointed suite with a grand room facing the ocean- Lovely. The room service was top notch, they gave us extra towels and keep our suite spotless, accommodated our every need. The bar and restaurant were also excellent, food was delicious, drinks were generous, great portions and fairly priced - made it difficult to go into town and eat else where when at the hotel there was such excellent quality, variety, and value with an ocean view. The front desk made all our reservations for day trips and transportation - it was exactly the the same price as in town with the added connivence and security of having an established local provider set it up for you. Frankly great hotel experiences are most often about the staff and the Cocal is no exception - it was the servers, maids and front desk that made this place a stand out - the people were outstanding. I am a seasoned traveler and I had a great here and will most certainly return,. Perfect hotel for gentleman seeking upscale accommodations with a safe and fun atmosphere. Highly recommend
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アトランタ, ジョージア36件の投稿
2021年1月 • 一人
The casino games are heavily in favor of the house. The modified the rules of blackjack so much that they call it Rummy. Getting a blackjack pays even money and if the house gets a 6+5+10 and you get an Ace+10 (blackjack) then they call it a push.
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I have been going to Csta Rica for a number of years. With friends or just by myself. You have to understand the country before you judge and you certainly have to understand the culture. DO NOT IMPOSE YOUR BELIEFS ON OTHERS, ESPECIALLY AS A GUEST IN THEIR COUNTRY. With that said, Hotel Cocal is a great place to have relaxing morning and afternoon and the food is excellent. The evening are for partying and it is considered one of the best in the nation. It is adult partying and adult activities. Especially weekends. I have many friends that work there both as staff and pro's. They have never ever offered me drugs, ever. Jaco has excellent hotels for families. This is an adult partying hotel. Enjoy.
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chris berner
2019年11月 • 一人
I visit Jaco alot and the "CoCal" and as a single man I always had a smile on my face while here. You folks planning your first trip to Costa Rica, do your homework first and read reviews on the Hotels you book. Remember this, that Prostitution is legal in Costa Rica and this is the main reason it is paradise for men coming to Costa Rica. Prostitution is Illegal in most the United States. So, always read your reviews before booking as bad reviews about to many single beautiful young ladies are everywhere, come on folks.
My View!
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シチュエート, マサチューセッツ州182件の投稿
Abundance of hookers, very sad to see so many "working" women this day in age. FYI Prostitution is legal in Costa Rica, but it is still very upsetting to experience as a female. If you stood still, you were approached by both female (and male) prostitutes offering drugs and sex. Stay away, don't go, especially if you have a family or small children. A memory I would like to forget. The Green Room is a nicer place to have a great drink, listen to live music and people watch.
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Gwai L
2020年3月 • 友達
Forget what you have read. Disregard any negative reviews for this location, as those individuals obviously have an developed sense of decency, that is bordering on pretentious.

Friday and Saturday nights in a large metropolitan city do no justice to the fun you will have at this casino.

The attentiveness that the variety of beautiful women will provide towards you when you are at the bar and casino is enough to make anyone return home from this trip feeling like the man God made you to be.

The entrepreneurial endeavors of the locals in the area is something to aspire to,as you will feel a fulfillment spending your vacation money here that any excursions would have an impossible time matching.

Do yourself a favor and visit not only at night, but during the day, to visit the restaurant, beach, and build lasting friendships with the locals.
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Mónica D
エラドゥラ, コスタリカ560件の投稿
El lugar da miedo, el casino es bonito, dicen que el restaurante es bueno, solo fui al casino, por Dios tanta chusma.
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Acea C
2019年11月 • 友達
I had a good time at Cocal’s Frog Bar.
I walked in and liked the atmosphere and the people.
Every one was friendly and kind.
The bartenders were as friendly as they were pretty. I enjoyed engaging them in conversation. That’s when they were not too busy.
The music was good and this place was in a great location.
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chris berner
2019年8月 • 一人
The CoCal is a unique hotel right on the beach in the center if town and within walking distance to everything. It is unique because in the evenings a crowd of beautiful working girls flock to the pool area and they are there to service all your desires as a single man. I would not recomend this hotel for families or couples who would not like this type of thing going on. The staff is excellent in what they do in every way.
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