Revillagigedo Island, Orchard Lake
Revillagigedo Island, Orchard Lake

Revillagigedo Island, Orchard Lakeとその近隣エリアの人気アクティビティ


2017年8月 • カップル・夫婦
We spent the day in Ketchikan and vicinity- first on a boat with Allan Marine to Misty Fjords, which were not misty - making them even more beautiful because we could see them- and also walking around Ketchikan- interesting little town and some history there too-
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Lewis D
2017年5月 • カップル・夫婦
Alaska seaplane tours took us on a misty fjords seaplane tour that was out of this world. Ryan was our pilot and he was as cool as Humphrey Bogart on the African queen flying us into gods country. One of the best experiences of my life.
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Mary G
Livingston, Texas, United States14件の投稿
2016年4月 • ファミリー
this is the island on which ketchikan is located. take LOTS of money- very expensive... no coke in a glass, no ice, canned drinks and 6.00 hamburger (no fries included) lots of bars -
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Marlene S
ケチカン, アラスカ州83件の投稿
I feel sorry for cruise ship visitors, so much to see and do, you need a week to get good overview so the island. I have lived here for years and am still at awe from the beauty around me
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ファウンテン バレー, カリフォルニア131件の投稿
2016年6月 • カップル・夫婦
From the downtown area, one can drive north 18 miles to the end of the road to view the bay and other nature places. Driving south from the downtown, one can drive 13 miles until the end of the road where you can view secluded coves and other nature place. The drive was enjoyable and relaxing with the scenery breath taking. If you have a rental car, taking a drive around the island is worth taking.
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ニューデリー, インド594件の投稿
2016年6月 • ファミリー
The is the main island (no bridge connectivity with other islands but has excellent road network, bus service (students pay 0.50), super scenic, peaceful and safe. Hike, Walk, take a bus, ride a bike - it does not matter for it is beautiful rain forest everywhere. Ferry connects to the airport (carries cars). I personally find the air and water are very suitable. Wooden walkways are so attractive, comfortable and safe.

4 docks for cruise ships, lots of restaurants (fresh fish, beers etc), shops & stores and 4 grocery stores. Almost everything is expensive especially groceries.
Local natives plus cultural diversity are all over the inhabited area. No snakes or reptiles. Local residents are friendly, lively and helpful.

Natural attractions and activities include Creek Street along Salmon Creek, Deer mountain, Dude mountain, Ward lake, Totems, Silver King Lodge & Sea feast, George Inlet, zip lines, adventure karts, light house and float plane/boat ride to Misty Fjords. Wild life is interesting and worth the time, money and energy.

Weather is interesting and this is THE ONLY ISLAND WHICH IS TRULY ENJOYABLE WHEN it RAINS!! Rain is generally a pleasant sprinkle and one can comfortably walk and run. Bike pass allows walkers to walk safely. North and South of the island are very different. Explore to experience yourself.
I have met numerous people who have been coming here as visitors on cruise ships and seasonal workers for over a decade. Been to many other islands across countries but Ketchikan is surely incomparable.
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2016年5月 • ファミリー
The Island has multiple options for activities. Ketchikan, Saxman,and several pocket communities are located on the Island. Many activities have cultural interest and the Totem Art work is present in multiple locations.
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フレドニア, ニューヨーク州117件の投稿
2016年3月 • カップル・夫婦
The Island is massive compared to the inhabited area along the coast. I love the fact there is such a variety of wildlife sharing the Island with the Ketchikan peoples. Bear, mountain goats, deer, salmon, whales, seal, porpoises, eagles, birds galore, flowers of every color. What a great place to live.
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ロサンゼルス, カリフォルニア8,327件の投稿
2015年8月 • カップル・夫婦
You're on it and don't know it until someone informs you. The waterfront center & the 41 paved miles of road, you may visit. But that's only 1-2% of the Island. You need to fly around in a float plane, or better still a Helicopter ride w Randy of Ketchikan Helicopters to really see it. Amazing plea ranging from sea level coast to 3,000' mountains. Get outside of town & see it...
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Ron Dobry
ケノ, オレゴン州15件の投稿
2015年7月 • 友達
Amazing peaceful retreat for a week! Stayed at a Forest Service cabin with two old friends! Only saw two floatplanes and a partiel old beer bottle in six days!
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