Estrella Mountain Regional Park

Estrella Mountain Regional Park (グッドイヤー)

Estrella Mountain Regional Park
公園 • 砂漠
2-3 時間



The Estrella Mountain Regional Park offers a variety of hiking trails to choose from. There's a small fee to enter the park. We didn't have a lot of time but the ladies in the Visitor Centre provided us with a great option for our skill level and time available. They also provided us with some detailed maps which were very helpful. The trails are rocky so, I wouldn't want to try this in sandals. Bring a hat, sunscreen and water!
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2022年1月 • ファミリー
Great park for getting out the city a bit and enjoying nature. The hiking trails are generally well marked and graded appropriately. Some trails afford you quite a few of Goodyear and the greater Phoenix area.

Just beware - it is truly a desert. Trails are what you’d expect in such a place - rocky and dusty. Best to wear hiking boots. Bring lots of water.
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Dane H
グッドイヤー, アリゾナ州26件の投稿
Wide and clean walking paths through varied desert and foothill terrain. Mild to moderately steep climbs. Wonderful hill top views of the city lights at night and the immense valley during the day. Several entrances each with a different area to walk in. Parts of the park are accessible for moonlight night walks. Beware if you stray off of the walking trails as there will be a wide variety of small and large cactus. Keep any pets on a leash and take plenty of water for you and any pets. I like to take a small canvas square large enough for two people to sit down without worry from the cactus and little desert critters.
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Gwen C
プレスコット, アリゾナ州599件の投稿
2021年3月 • ファミリー
It was a beautiful warm March day. We hike the out and back Cold Water Trail. The trail is well marked and relatively flat, just a few river washes which added interest. Nice wide trail. Easy hike of approximately 4 miles. Slight elevation gain that offers beautiful views of the city and surrounding mountains . Saguaros, prickly pear and cholla cactus.
We are looking forward to hiking the other trails.
The volunteers in the Nature Center were very friendly and helpful with directions to trail heads. I will say that the black and white maps available are not easy to read if you’ve never been to this park before.
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リマ, オハイオ州3件の投稿
Although we had a map, the trails can be confusing. Seen two signs marking trail and we followed the signs, some how we ended way off what we thought was a short hike turned into a 2.5 hr., hike!
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Debbi D
mattapoisett, ma702件の投稿
This was very close to our airbnb and we went hiking here a couple of times. It is an easy place to hike and very few people around. We liked the baseline trail hike which was about an hour and a half and had some nice views. It was mostly flat and we saw a couple of road runners.
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Jerri L
ジョンストン, アイオワ州1,843件の投稿
2020年3月 • カップル・夫婦
Hiked a loop of 4.75 miles on a Thursday morning. There were very few people out (during the coronavirus pandemic) and the fresh air and natural beauty was welcome. We drive to the back of the park near the RV campgrounds and horse staging area and started on the rainbow valley trail - started off very smooth and flat then had a few uphill climbs although gradual, heading around the backside of the mountain. We then turned onto Dysart around 2.75 miles into the hike. Dysart had beautiful views of distant mountains and weaved through washes. We followed Dysart for another .7 miles then turned onto Toothater for the last part of the loop - another 1.2 miles. The entire hike took us under 2 hours at an easy pace. Well groomed and marked trails, some loose rocks, but not difficult to maneuver. Horses and mountain bikes can use the trails although we didn’t see any on this day. Trails would be great for beginners of either.
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グッドイヤー, アリゾナ州11件の投稿
For West Valley (Phoenix) visitors, this new regional park is great for relatively easy hikes. Wide trails, great vistas. Nice restrooms on site. Very easy to reach--right of off I-10.
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オースティン, テキサス州144件の投稿
2020年2月 • 一人
Stop in at the guide house after you pay $7 entry fee, they will highlight a trail that matches your preference. I did medium and 8 miles. Nice day, light wind, lots of sun. Trail met expectations for challenge.
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グッドイヤー, アリゾナ州92件の投稿
2019年11月 • 友達
We’ve hiked in the Regional Park a number of times on numerous trails. If you hike in the heat, bring plenty of water...and I would say do that anyway! Stop at the Park Center and grab a hiking map...and I’d you haven’t already downloaded the All Trails it, just in case you need some mobile help! :)

We generally start either at Rainbow Trailhead or at the expert bike trail. It’s especially beautiful during late Fen and March when the mountains are covered in desert blooms. (And for those weary of snakes, they are generally still hibernating!). We have seen a coyote and a bobcat on occasion...they have never approached us in any manner...

But stay alert and stay smart. And don’t hike with headphones. You always want to know what’s around you!

Enjoy. It is very safe if you stay on trail and easy enough that our young grandchildren have hiked with us (3 yea and up).
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