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Mount Graham International Observatory





オーランド, フロリダ州67件の投稿
2019年6月 • 友達
ABSOLUTE MUST SEE FOR ASTRONOMY GEEKS! All day event with very limited availability so plan ahead. We tried to schedule but tour was booked on day we wanted. Called day before and were able to go due to cancellations! Short video, 1.5 hours to summit. Three telescopes, one "smaller" but still huge optical, one radio telescope, and "Large Binocular Telescope" which is presently the largest on the planet. Toured all three. got to talk to staff. 1.5 hours back down the mountain. Schedule well in advance and call back if it's already booked.
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Renet M
ツーソン, アリゾナ州37件の投稿
After 108 switchbacks and climbing a few thousand feet, we made it to the summit! The tour to the Observatory was relaxed, informative and full of facts.
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Monica M
Tucson, Arizona, United States25件の投稿
2018年3月 • ビジネス
Anytime you go up a mountain 9000 feet, looking down can give you a sense of fear., for those who don't like driving up, coming down is more scary than going up> Beautiful place to see. I wouldn't recommend it in the winter, gate closed upon arriving to dirt road after pavement ends. another 12 miles in to get to Riggs Lake. But I'll skip doing that again. Don't get me wrong it was beautiful but a very scary road if you drive a big truck.
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Tom S
ギルバート, アリゾナ州29件の投稿
2017年5月 • 友達
My friends and I really enjoyed the tour. Thanks to Jackie who schedules the tours, for keeping in touch and adding another van to accommodate our schedule. The tour guides are volunteers, and not scientists, however, they are knowledgeable about the telescopes, along with pointing out sights and history as we traveled up and down Mt. Graham. The guides asked the technical operators from two of the telescopes to explain the details and some of the research. The operators did a very good job, especially "Alex" on the LBT. The drive took about 90 minutes each way to go from the Discovery Park to the observatories. The altitude was not a problem for most of us, but the day we were there the temperature was in the mid-50s with wind gusts up to 60 mph, so dress in layers. The box lunch was fine and we ate it at the Columbine ranger station. The tour was worth the price and it was a full day experience. Discovery Park has exhibits about space and astronomy, including a "space shuttle" ride that was surprisingly fun.
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モリソン, コロラド州57件の投稿
2017年5月 • カップル・夫婦
Must have reservations for the tour. Box lunch provided. A full-day visit. Beware high altitude sickness if you come from coastal areas. From Colorado, we had no problems. Dress in layers! An impressive tour of mind-boggling observatories. Great tour hosts. Learned so much! Very worth the drive and effort.
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フェニックス, アリゾナ州2件の投稿
2016年7月 • カップル・夫婦
It was difficult to get a reservation. only once was I able to contact them and that was a lucky phone connection. After the initial contact, which I did make a reservation, I was not able to make contact with anyone associated with the organization and they never returned the many messages I left both by email and phone. The tour was not good either. They stuffed us in a van with 11 other people (it would have been impossible to squeeze 12 in this van). The temperature this time of year (middle of summer) was very warm and the air conditioning was working only intermittently. We saw the 1.8m vatican telescope and the submillimeter radio telescope which was okay but we came to see the LBT. This was the big disappointment. The lights in the telescope portion were turned off so you couldn't see anything. None of the tour guides could turn on the lights so essentially we did not get to see the telescope. It took so long to get a reservation and the poor vehicle condition, long drive up, and the fact you don't know if even you will be able to see the telescope, I would not recommend this tour to anyone. Pretty much a waste of $40 a head and a weekend.
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Dr Trish Sanders
カーピンテリア, カリフォルニア94件の投稿
2016年7月 • ビジネス
Amazing views of the Heavens and fantastic staff! It got a little cold as the wind kicked up in the evening and I was wishing I had brought a scarf. I took the moon picture with my IPhone through the telescope lens.
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パラダイス バレー, アリゾナ州51件の投稿
2016年5月 • カップル・夫婦
Wandered up Mount Graham on an early spring weekend. It's an hour & 45 minutes to Riggs Lake. We were surprised by this small jewel of a mountain lake. Crystal clear water, clean air & snow flurries! It's an easy walk around the shore path & many more hikes in the area. This is a gem.
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Amanda A
ピオリア, アリゾナ州89件の投稿
2015年10月 • 友達
I have traveled to Mount Graham twice within the last year. Both trips have been amazing. We stayed once at Roper Lake, and another was just a quick daytrip. We STILL have yet to do the Observatory! Mount Graham is a very place I could spend day at. The views are breathtaking, the air is crisp here and we have seen tons of animals including deer!! The plants alone make for spectacular photo oportunities! I LOVE Mount Graham!!!
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Fastmach B
サフォード, アリゾナ州147件の投稿
2015年6月 • カップル・夫婦
This is a must see trip. It is an all day tour to go see the observatory. You will go to Discovery Park for a brief orientation, then you will load up in a van and get a guided tour up Mt. Graham. There is a trained, volunteer guide that will tell you all about the mountain and the history of both the mountain and the trip of the telescope up the mountain. You will eat lunch at the Columbine Ranger Station. Then you will go to the summit to tour the three different types of observatories, including the International observatory. I believe the tour is currently $60 per person, and well worth it, as lunch is included in the price. The views are spectacular, and it is a great way to spend the day. Tours are usually Fridays and Saturdays, but I think they fill up pretty quickly.
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