7stanes - Glentrool

7stanes - Glentrool (ニュートン スチュアート)

7stanes - Glentrool


ペイズリー, イギリス5件の投稿
Excellent service and coffee
2021年4月 • カップル・夫婦
Stopped at the wee cafe for a cuppa as the other half had forgotten the flask... was provided excellent service by (I think their name was zooey). They were friendly and made an excellent coffee without burning the milk. Covid safe and definitely hit the spot.
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julian H
ワイモンダム, イギリス323件の投稿
car parks confusing but well worthe the trip
the view from the stone both down and along the loch with the hills around was superb. The car park at the bottom said 100 metres and it was more like 300 so go to the top. Do NOT park and PAY at the visitor centre , miles away and all the car parks near the stone albeit along a narrow and bumpy road are FREE so rather odd all round but do not be put off . Some interesting history here , heavily pro scottish but hey we are in Scotland!
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Lowton, イギリス7件の投稿
Great walks
Great walks with colour coded paths, marked out by wooden poles, so you know you are on the right track. Spectacular views to be had.
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ピカリング, イギリス94件の投稿
2020年8月 • カップル・夫婦
We had a lovely day here.

First we did the long walk around the loch. Beautiful views and a very varied walk.

We did the raiders trail in the car which was a good way to see different places and stop off in places we wanted to look at. We stopped at Otter Pool which was beautiful, especially in the sunshine.
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Nicola C
キルマーノック, イギリス4件の投稿
Views and History, idyllic.
2020年6月 • カップル・夫婦
This was an unexpected day out but well worth it. Go past the main car park, past second car park as far as you can go (my partner cannot walk too far). There is a wee path to the right of the Merrick trail follow that and there it is! Goosebumps on seeing the stone, views are spectacular and the loch was so still it was idyllic. Gorgeous get away spot. You should definitely see this.
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Maureen P
Newton Stewart, United Kingdom102件の投稿
The Glen
2019年5月 • ファミリー
Walk with buggy and family. But if a walk to lick trool but you can take car. Bruce's stone start of Merrick hill climb. View over lunch great. Other side has part of southern upland walk and battlesite where Robert the Bruce defeated an English army. Back to visitor centre for tea. 7 stands routes bur bike hire at kirroughtree centre if needed. Check galloway forest park for times.
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ニュートン スチュアート, イギリス10件の投稿
Glen Trool
2019年11月 • 友達
Lovely walk along the yellow trail, a couple of hours of autumn colour and staggering views.
A pity that the visitors centre is now only open at the weekends, but still worth the visit.
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Visitor center completely let down by rude staff
2019年9月 • ファミリー
We had a fantastic time at Loch Trool camping in the forest with family (4 adults and 2 kids under 6YO)
We decided on our way home (3 hour+ drive) we would stop and have a quick bite and drink together before going out separate ways.
Facility’s in the visitors center where clean (I have absolutely no issue with it being a men’s and women’s toilets.)
Little gifts and stuff all reasonably priced and loved being able to sit and watch the birds on the bird table by the window.
Unfortunately the attitude of the male staff member was disgusting! We couldn’t order latés with our food as he “could only do so much”
We had only ordered 2 baguettes 2 sandwhiches and 2 jacket potatoes with three hot drinks and the rest where from the fridge. Food was ok but nothing to write home about.
When it arrived at the table there was one baguette missing and the response we got when we asked for it was “you only ordered one I can show you the order if you like”
Totally rude attitude absolutely no need especially as as it was clearly for a child.

Would absolutely visit Loch Trool again but forget about the visitor center and their car park. Continue done the road for the free parking and take a picnic!
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Gail M
ワージング, イギリス4件の投稿
Excellent biking
The visitors centre is in a lovely location, with great refreshments and very helpful staff. The bike trails were great, in a beautiful area. They are well marked out, good variety of routes and mixed terrain. Really superb day of biking.
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John S
Good entry point to Loch Trool and beyond
Went for parking- excellent,. Small cafe. Allows access to road down GlenTrool and purpose built mountain bike trials. Also on Southern Uplands way (along Glen through woods)
Centre itself is some way from Loch Trool itself which is very scenic and worth the walk round. The road does carries on (single track) to limited rough parking near Bruce's stone which is central to the Loch area. Need a MT Bike to go further on rough track, we went up to Loch Dee, 25 km round trip. At summit overlooking Loch Dee is the Axe stone with a runic inscription (of an Irish poem (Irish used Ogam, not runes (Viking)) - the axe is "Neolithic" so mixed messages there! - but great location) - that is one of the 7 Stanes that mark the MTB centres in Galloway but its very out of the way if you are walking and left the car at the Centre and if you use the Centre's trials you will wonder where it is!
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