Revelation Craft Brewing Company

Revelation Craft Brewing Company (レホボト ビーチ)

Revelation Craft Brewing Company
1-2 時間
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Irvin M
カーライル, ペンシルバニア州33件の投稿
Autumn Get Away
Beer selection was outstanding. Location was a bit tricky. Glad I had GPS technology on my phone. Swag inventory was exceptional. I left with a belly full of beer and a couple shifts.
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John D
ゲーサーズバーグ, メリーランド州99件の投稿
Good Beer and good variety!
2021年5月 • カップル・夫婦
Good beer with good variety. The staff are very helpful and friendly. We try to stop by a few times when we are in Rehoboth beach Delaware. I suggest you should do the same.
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リノ, ネバダ州3,734件の投稿
Great experience!!!
We stopped here while visiting Rehoboth, DE. The place is kind of tucked into a residential area off a side street.

They do not have indoor seating but do have a large canopy to provide shade from the sun with several tables and fans gently running around the perimeter to keep the air moving.

We waited in the short line in front of the counter and checked out the beer menu. We were told they also had a food truck and the food was being served by DaNizza Wood Fired Pizza. We were not there for the food but did see a vinyl banner for them and were given a menu to check out.

When we got up to the counter, I decided to try the Mother-in-Law IPA first. We then checked out the swag before having a seat. We both really liked their logo and the beer was pretty tasty too.

We saw multiple food orders being delivered to tables from the side of the building, so the food truck was somewhere but we never saw it.

They have been here about 4 years and all of the employees were friendly and helpful. We were also impressed with their covid related protocols during our visit.

I then tried the Conan the Juiceman IPA next and enjoyed it even more! It was nice to relax and enjoy good beer on a hot afternoon. I picked up a shirt as well which was fairly priced and again featured their cool logo.

If you are traveling in the area be sure to stop in!
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Ashley H
フォールズチャーチ, バージニア州1件の投稿
2020年7月 • カップル・夫婦
My boyfriend and I love craft beer and often visit breweries when we travel and when we're at home. There are VERY few breweries that have more than a few great beers. Well, we had a flight and a few tasters and everything, literally EVERYTHING was one of the best we've had of that type of beer. I can't recommend Revelation enough!
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ロックヘブン, ペンシルバニア州17件の投稿
Off the beaten (bike) path and great beer!!
Great beer. Great food. (Food a little pricey IF you’re used to small town prices.) I’m here during covid and they are very cautious and clean and customers are actually wearing masks which is good. Great beer - did I say that? Haha). Steve, Charity, Jackie, and Rob are doing a great job tonight. I miss this place when I’m far away.
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シカゴ, イリノイ州61件の投稿
Best Delaware brewry experience
Revelation Craft Brewing was nicest brewery experience while in Delaware. Friendly, lively place a little out of the way. I had three good beers, Oktoberfest Marzen, Bistro ESB, SoDel Smash pale ale -- and a crab pretzel.
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アレクサンドリア, バージニア州63件の投稿
2019年10月 • カップル・夫婦
Stopped in to grab a pizza and we were SO surprised. A little pricey for the size but actually pretty good!!!!! We will be back!
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フィラデルフィア, ペンシルバニア州495件の投稿
Good flights, not a destination spot
The beer is good, the service is fine. Unless you live in one of the nearby neighborhoods, it isn't a destination. They now have a pizza truck with decent food but not huge variety. The flights and beer are fun. It just isn't near anything. Kind of industrial and you can't walk to it from town
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レホボト ビーチ, デラウェア州19件の投稿
Love stopping by for a flight with my son
2019年8月 • 友達
Great place to enjoy some nice craft beers and just hang out. Atmosphere is relaxed with seating around the bar and at picnic tables.
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ロンコンコマ, ニューヨーク州967件の投稿
We enjoyed our 1st visit!!!
2019年7月 • カップル・夫婦
This was our first trip to the area and beach and breweries were on the agenda. We decided to stop at Revelation first before heading to the hotel. Despite hearing about parking issues in the area, we were happy to find a dirt lot on the corner where there was free parking for the brewery. It was early afternoon on a weekday and the brewery wasn’t too crowded when we arrived.

This is a small brewery with a bar that seats about 10 people. There are also a bunch of tables underneath a stationary tent, a food truck attached at the end of the tent and a few picnic tables outside. We were able to grab seats at the bar. They have a nice selection of beer and they will give you a small taste to try or you can order a flight. My husband ordered a flight and the woman working the bar explained some of the beers. She was very friendly and also explained that you can order food at the bar and a buzzer will alert you when it is ready to picked up at the food truck. We ordered a pizza (large enough for us to share) and a hot pretzel with dipping sauces. The food was ready by the time we finished the flight. We each chose a sour beer that we liked and enjoyed a pint with our lunch. The beers were good and the food as well. It did get a little busy while we were there, but the woman working the bar remained attentive and kept it running smoothly. We noticed several people ride up on bicycles. Bicycles are a common form of transportation in the area and this seemed like a popular spot for a break.

Overall, this is a nice brewery to try a flight and sample some good beers. The atmosphere was nice and relaxing for a visit in the afternoon. We would definitely return!!!
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