St. Barbara's Church (Kostel sv. Barbory)

St. Barbara's Church (Kostel sv. Barbory) (パコフ)

St. Barbara's Church (Kostel sv. Barbory)

St. Barbara's Church (Kostel sv. Barbory)


michael b
Brandys nad Labem-Stara Boleslav, チェコ共和国381件の投稿
Města a městečka v Čechách a na Moravě - kostel svate Barbory na hřbitově - pacovská farnost.
Kostel svate Barbory na hřbitově farního kostela je raně barokní, postaven roku 1681.
Vycházka byla velmi zajímavá, a shlednuty mnohé krásne.

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サンタ バーバラ, カリフォルニア1,255件の投稿
A cute little historic church situated on the edge of Pacov's cemetery. Not the cathedral in Kutna Hora.
2017年10月 • ファミリー
Readers, I am familiar with St Barbara's church in both Pacov and in Kutna Hora. Some of the reviews in this section are writing about the Gothic architectural wonder of the cathedral in Kutna Hora. It is awesome and you do not want to miss it as it is totally unique in the world.

St Barbara's church in Pacov is not this. Pacov's St Barbara church is an adorable little place on the edge of Pacov's cemetery. Most of my ancestors are buried here so I know what I am talking about.

Ignore the reviews about cathedrals and silver mines. Kutna Hora's St Barbara cathedral is well worth visiting but it is several hours drive north of this little St Barbara church in Pacov.

If you're in Pacov by all means visit this St Barbara's church and the other two churches on the main square.
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James Weaver
アーヴァイン, カリフォルニア2,171件の投稿
What a Silver Mine achieves...
I cannot imagine this large Cathedral, really out in the countryside, being built without the Silver income. The depictions of the miners on the walls, clothed in their white robes, is amazing. The punishment of the work, the conditions of near total darkness, made we wonder if I could have survived it. It was very crowded with school children and their presence delayed the visit as we choose to be where they were not. And also slowed the lines to purchase at the gift shop. I was last in line and our guide was pretty much tried of waiting for me to finish. Enjoyed our time here.
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香港, 中国58件の投稿
A beautiful church ! Stunning !
2015年6月 • 友達
St Barbara’s church is a historical church in Czech. The interior was very beautiful. If you want to visit the church, it is better to buy a ticket that can access to other tourist spots near by. The price of ticket that can access to three spots is around 180 krones for students as I recalled, but you have to show your student pass. The location is not near Prague, it took me around 2 hours to go to there, but it was totally worth it =]
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