Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie (デトロイト)

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie


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Ken K
Escaped from a zombie
2019年1月 • カップル・夫婦
First escape room we ever tried it was great. The actors/zombie were great and the puzzles/clues keep u busy til the very end
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パイオニア, オハイオ州18件の投稿
Killed it!!
2018年11月 • 友達
We had a GREAT time at the zombie escape room! And our group beat the best time by 2 minutes! Highly recommend this escape room
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Jennifer B
デトロイト, ミシガン州5,567件の投稿
Absolutely one of the best times I've had on a date!
2018年11月 • カップル・夫婦
Husband brought me here for our date to celebrate our 15 year being together and 3 yr wedding anniversaries. What a fun time, once we figured out where it was lol. Park on the street if you can, so you can get closer and save money, (we spent $2 which was more than enough), although 2 hours was the max time allowed anyways. It's in the Penobscot Building, up the 2 flights of stairs straight ahead of you, (once you enter on Griswold) then turn left, then the door is on the right side of the hallway. There's a men's bathroom in the hallway across from the escape room, but you need a key. You get to name yourself on a name tag, so make it good! You go through the spiel on rules and tips for 5/10 min depending on if anyone comes in late, or needs anything repeated or answered. Don't touch anything with a green dot, but anything else is fair game to touch, pick up, take off, or turn over. You've got an hour to solve the riddles, or you're zombie food. You can't take phones in with you, but they lock the entrance door so no one can come inside and take them. You get to get pics taken with your phone/camera once you're done though. We'd never done an escape room before, so this was a great place to bust our cherry. Excellent service. Dr. Rudy spoke his mind which was awesome and hilarious. The zombie was great too! I HIGHLY recommend!
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Sara Z
アナーバー, ミシガン州2件の投稿
Zombie Vanquishers!
2018年10月 • 友達
Adrenalin-pumping! A great time with friends. We got out! We are very thankful for our scientist who sometimes subtly nudged us in the right direction. We would be zombie-meat otherwise!
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Trapped With A Zombie
2018年10月 • 友達
Our Group Was On It I Mean We Figured Out Every Clue Together. It Was Soooooo Much Fun We Kept Distracting The Zombie So Our Team Can Get What They Need. I Wanna Try A Different One Tho. Worth Your Money&&Time A Great Experience Too.
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Great time
2018年9月 • カップル・夫婦
I wish i could remember their names but the team on September 15th at 5:30 did an amazing job. We had such a fun time with our friends and with the strangers we met.
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ロチェスター, ミシガン州4件の投稿
We became zombie bait LOL
2018年9月 • ファミリー
This was our fourth experience. Having adult and teen kids, it is hard to find something we can all enjoy as a family. Escape rooms are fun for everyone. The room with a zombie was by far the hardest we’ve done and the most fun. My adult son was terrified every time he heard the chain move LOL. I must admit: this is the first time we were unsuccessful at escaping and it probably was due to the fear we all felt that froze our brains. Knowing that it wasn’t a real zombie was apparently not good enough. That’s how good the actor was. I can’t remember his name but he was excellent. Monica was our assistant and she was a lot of fun too. She surprised us all at the end but I won’t say how so I don’t spoil it. We are still talking about our experience. That’s how good it was! Good job, guys.
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Jessica R
ミッドランド, ミシガン州22件の投稿
We survived!
2018年8月 • 友達
Admittedly my first escape room experience, but our group had a blast! Nate was awesome, and so welcoming. Perhaps would be difficult with a smaller group, but our crew of 7 really enjoyed our experience!
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Jessica R
デトロイト, ミシガン州10件の投稿
Great Escape Room, thorough and challenging
2018年8月 • 友達
This was a great time - we did the Lab Alpha room, not the main Zombie one, and the puzzles were challenging but rewarding. Maria was the actor in the room and she did a great job of nudging us in the right direction without making it too obvious or ruining the puzzle for us. I've done 2 other escape rooms in Michigan and this was the best so far. We're planning on going back for the other room!
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Lillian V
Great Experience! Super Intense!!
2018年5月 • ビジネス
Shane greeted us and prepared us for this insane experience. Dr. Oyx (Maria) scared the beejeezuss outta me!! It was such a great team skills building event. I had the BEST team ever and we escaped with 1:17 left. I highly recommend this activity. Fun for everyone!!!
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