Da Yoopers Innovation Museum
Da Yoopers Innovation Museum


ブラフトン, オハイオ州463件の投稿
Stopped here on a whim, and I literally laughed out loud. If you appreciate kitschy humor and self deprecating humor in an innovative Red Green kind of way, you must stop here. It's free and has a cool rock shop as well.
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Mark P
スワンプスコット, マサチューセッツ州2,214件の投稿
2021年8月 • 友達
The creators of this free outdoor museum-really more of a kitschy sculpture garden-had their tongues firmly in their cheeks. Photo opportunities abound.
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オナラスカ, ウィスコンシン州158件の投稿
Ok, so I stated very good. That is debatable. The place is kind of run down, but there is some humor to it. The gift shops were nicer than I had expected. We all found something to buy. The outside museum was very quirky and sure wouldn't interest all. Though let me end with this...it isn't a New York art museum. It is a YOOPER Tourist trap and I found it worthwhile to drive a few miles from Marquette to check it out.
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Kristina H
2021年6月 • ファミリー
So much to see at this tourist trap. Really neat rocks in the rock shop. Souvenir store well stocked with lots merchandise. Great prices and friendly service.
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Just Passing Through
ハートフォード, コネチカット州1件の投稿
The place looks run down - driveway needs to be paved ; Same old outdoor exhibits that have been there forever . Plenty of touristy merch , yes of course it's overpriced . Store should be expanded , difficult to look at all the crammed in merch plus the aisles are narrow. The two women working at the checkout counter were downright rude . When I approached & l put my purchases on the counter they immediately exchanged smirky glances with each other . They looked at me with feigned shock because I'm different from them . I was nicely dressed & well groomed & yes I have social skills . I've noticed this snotty attitude from a few other local women in the Ishpeming area .
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Mindie D
If you go to the U.P. and have a sense of humor, this is a must do once kind of place. It is free and full of oddities that made my kids laugh. This is a tourist trap and they don't try to hide the fact. Roadside America at it's best. Avoid the rock shop, as the man inside acts like you are inconveniencing him by entering. The gift shop is filled with lots of souvenirs that are sure to make you laugh. This is a tourist trap. It is a good one. If your don't go into this with that mind set you will not enjoy it. It's kitschy, have fun with it!
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メバネ, ノースカロライナ州360件の投稿
Ok folks, first off, even if you aren't a Yooper (a native of the U. P., or, Upper Peninsula), you can still stop in. They WANT you to stop in. Really. They probably have the greatest assemblage of Upper Peninsula knick-knacks on the UP, at pretty reasonable prices. You want shirts, they got shirts. You want stickers? They got stickers. You got a sweet tooth? They got maple syrup. Basically, anything that you could want to take or send home to let folks know you were fortunate enough to spend some time up north on the UP, you can find it here. They also have a neat rock shop, and the world's largest rifle and chain saw, outside along the highway. And the folks are friendly and helpful with direction, even if you have an obvious Southern drawl like I did.
So be sure when you travel thru here on 26 that you hang a right at the ginormous chain saw (Big Gus), and load up you vehicle with shiny souvenirs for the kids and grandkids from Michigan's little piece of Heaven. And as always, Happy Motoring!
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Sally H
グラッドストン, ミシガン州1件の投稿
2019年8月 • ファミリー
While camping at van riper state park we decided to take a trip on a rainy day. Kids loved getting their pictures taken on the many sites and the gift shop was top notch
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The place is bulled and a tourist trap. Lots of unique things to see outside on the grounds. They have mannequins dressed up and old vehicles and parts jazzed up. This is open to see even if the main building is closed. the main building is a huge shop with everything UP from closes to artwork and souvenirs. Worth the stop to see when you are in the area.
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Amanda S
フリント, ミシガン州118件の投稿
This is a really cute little stop that is free and fun. They have a cute little gift shop and rock shop.
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